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Dr Who

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Ramón Salamander
Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 21st century
Actor: Patrick Troughton

Ramón Salamander (more usually known simply as Salamander) attempted to take over the planet Earth.


Salamander came from Merida in the Yucatan in Mexico. Both a respected politician and a scientist, Salamander received worldwide acclaim for his invention of Sun Store technology to beam sunlight from Earth orbit in order to help the growth of crops and alleviate global hunger on an overpopulated planet. Secretly, he also committed murders of officials in order to ensure his goal of world domination so he could replace them with other officials that Salamander could trust. With a team of scientists, who he had tricked into working for him, he created "natural" disasters such as volcanos and earthquakes happen at will.

From his palace in the Central European Zone, Salamander attempted the domination of the planet Earth. (During this time, instead of nations, the planet had divided itself into a number of Zones.) Salamander bore an almost exact resemblance to the Doctor, enabling him to impersonate him so as to ensure his downfall.

After he invaded the Doctor's TARDIS disguised as the Doctor, the real Doctor expelled him into the Time Vortex. (DW: The Enemy of the World) The Doctor stated it would be very unpleasant for him floating around in time and space. (DW: The Web of Fear)

Nevertheless, Salamander still survived, helpless in the Vortex. (NA: Christmas on a Rational Planet, BNA: Dead Romance)

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Salamander may refer to:


The Salamander is a real creature, which was given mythical qualities before modern times. Though it was given the general shape of the actual amphibian, it was often depicted as far more lizard-like, and was usually associated with fire. Usually a part of the legendary salamander was said to have fire-resistant properties.

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1. A kitchen tool used to brown the top of foods. It consists of a long iron rod with a cast-iron disk at one end and a wooden handle at the other. The disk is heated over a burner until red-hot before being passed closely over food. In addition to quickly browning foods, salamanders are used for dishes (such as Creme Brulee) that require that a surface layer of sugar be caramelized quickly so that the custard below remains cold. They can be purchased in cookware shops and the kitchenware section of most department stores. 2. A small broiler unit in a professional oven that quickly browns the tops of dishes.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Salamanders are versatile, two handed magic, melee, or ranged weapons that facilitate the training of the Ranged, Magic and/or Strength. Unlike other range and magic weapons they can only attack creatures or players in the next square, but they can attack over fences and similar barriers even in melee mode. Salamanders may be obtained through net trapping and must be fuelled using a variety of herb-tars made with the Herblore skill. They assume the affiliation of the Combat triangle with what the player trains (i.e. If players use mage training then it works well on high level melee, strength training on rangers and range training on mages.) Many people have found Black Salamanders to be very effective at Barrows. Since it uses the 3 attack styles of the combat triangle, it can be used effectively to attack the 6 brothers.

Note that the magic-based attack is not dependable on any magic attack bonuses; a full set of rune armour is just as effective as using a full set of mystic robes.

A player holding a Black salamander
Weapon (creature) Magic, Range and
Attack Level
Slash / Range / Strength / Ranged Strength
Combat Bonuses
Swamp lizardSwamp lizard(hunter) 30 +10 / +20 / +22 / +16 Guam tarGuam tar
Orange salamanderOrange salamander(hunter) 50 +19 / +29 / +31 / +22 Marrentill tarMarrentill tar
Red salamanderRed salamander(hunter) 60 +37 / +47 / +49 / +31 Tarromin tarTarromin tar
Black salamanderBlack salamander(hunter) 70 +59 / +69 / +71 / +49 Harralander tarHarralander tar

Attack styles

Attack style Skill exp
Scorch Strength
Flare Ranged
Blaze Magic


  • While using a salamander, the player goes back to the old idle animation before the update.
  • When moving around, a salamander becomes a one-handed weapon rather than a two-handed one.
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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Salamander was a type of amphibian common throughout the galaxy:

At least one starship was named Salamander:

Salamander was a New Republic frigate

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