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The Saladin class was a type of Federation starship in service in the 23rd century, and is classified as a destroyer, escort or frigate.


Development History

The Saladin-class destroyer was designed as a smaller and less expensive stablemate to the Constitution-class, but was less successful. It lacks the engine power of the cruiser and has been found lacking in maneuverability.

The Saladin-class was expected, during peacetime, to carry out essentially the same research and exploration duties as the Constitution-class. For this reason, it has the same laboratory facilites.

(From the instruction manual for the video game: Starfleet Command, itself taken from the original Star Fleet Battles source material)

Existing ships of the class were uprated beginning in 2271 to make use of new technology and capabilities that were developed for the uprated Constitution-class. This greaty increased the performance longetivity of the class, carrying them into the 2300's.

The class was retired in the early part of the 24th century, but a handful of the vessels were uprated once again to face the threats of the Dominion and Borg in 2373 in a desperate move by the Federation to field numbers against the twin threats.

(From the storyboards and novelization of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and from artist notes on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Ships commissioned

USS Saladin (NX/NCC-500) | USS Pompeii (NCC-424) | USS Jenghiz (NCC-501) | USS Darius (NCC-502) | USS Alaric (NCC-503) | USS Sargon (NCC-504) | USS Xerxes (NCC-505) | USS Pompey (NCC-506) | USS Kublai (NCC-507) | USS Suleiman (NCC-508) | USS Etzel (NCC-509) | USS Tamerlane (NCC-510) | USS Alexander (NCC-511) | USS Hannibal (NCC-512) | USS Ahriman (NCC-513) | USS Rahman (NCC-514) | USS Adad (NCC-515) | USS Hashishiyun (NCC-516) | USS Azrael (NCC-517) | USS Hamilcar (NCC-518) | USS Shaitan (NCC-519)
USS Siva (NCC-520) | USS Lucifer (NCC-521) | USS Molock (NCC-522) | USS Hathor (NCC-523) | USS Ares (NCC-524) | USS Mars (NCC-525) | USS Tyr (NCC-526) | USS Jugurtha (NCC-527) | USS Iblis (NCC-528) | USS Loki (NCC-529)
USS Cochise (NCC-530) | USS Alva (NCC-531) | USS Pontiac (NCC-532) | USS Ney (NCC-533) | USS El Cid (NCC-534) | USS Geronimo (NCC-535) | USS Cortez (NCC-536) | USS Alvarado (NCC-537) | USS De Ruyter (NCC-538) | USS Hektor (NCC-539) | USS Lysander (NCC-540) | USS Drake (NCC-541) | USS Appollyon (NCC-542) | USS Samson (NCC-543) | USS Perseus (NCC-544) | USS Al Mahdi (NCC-545) | USS Nelson (NCC-546) | USS Ajax (NCC-547) | USS Akbar (NCC-548) | USS Abu Bekr (NCC-549) | USS Ivan (NCC-550) | USS Achilles (NCC-551) | USS Theseus (NCC-552) | USS Scipio (NCC-553) | USS Martel (NCC-554) | USS Cimon (NCC-555)


The Saladin class was designed by Franz Joseph for the Star Fleet Technical Manual. It was one of four 'new' designs of starships in that manual, and represents one of the oldest official Star Fleet designs. Unlike the other ships portrayed in the manual, the Saladin, at least in uprated configuration, did make it onto the screen in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as part of the 'wreck-bashed fleet'.

In Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the Saladin is used for displays on the Enterprise bridge. The artwork was taken directly from the Star Fleet Technical Manual.

The Last Unicorn Games version of the Star Trek role-playing game included the Saladin officially into its 'Ships of the Original Series' guide, though with numerous errors in its text. It also lists the ship as a frigate and states the destroyer nomenclature was too militaristic for Star Trek in the original series era. However, this does formally bring the class back into the 'offical' Trek lore.


Star Fleet Battles

The Saladin class is one of the most recognizable ships found within the Star Fleet Universe series of games (such as Star Fleet Battles), and is one of a handful of ship designs which cross over from 'official' Star Trek literature into the Star Fleet Universe lore. In that game series, the Saladin continues to serve as a destroyer and has spawned a number of variants.

In recent products, however, the Saladin has been phased out by the triple-engined Ortega class.

Known Vessels

The Star Fleet Battles universe features a somewhat different fleet listing to the Star Trek one (only those with a Star Trek universe counterpart are linked):

Saladin (DD) Sub-Type

USS Saladin (NCC-500) | USS Darius (NCC-502) | USS Sargon (NCC-504) | USS Xerxes (NCC-505) | USS Pompey (NCC-506) | USS Hannibal (NCC-512) | USS Charlemagne (NCC-530) | USS Eisenhower (NCC-534)

Genghis (DDL) Sub-Type

USS Genghis (NCC-501) | USS Kublai (NCC-507) | USS Zoroaster (NCC-524) | USS Lysander (NCC-532) | USS Leonidas (NCC-538) | USS Marius (NCC-539) | USS Nebuchadnezzar (NCC-541)

Shaitan (DDG) Sub-Type

USS Shaitan (NCC-519) | USS Sadat (NCC-527) | USS Czar Alexander IV (NCC-528) | USS Suvarov (NCC-535) | USS King David (NCC-540)

Halsey (DE) Sub-Type

USS Halsey (NCC-565) | USS Nagumo (NCC-566) | USS Collingwood (NCC-567) | USS Chernavin (NCC-568) | USS Donitz (NCC-569) | USS Bernadotte (NCC-570) | USS Murat (NCC-571) | USS Kenney (NCC-572) | USS Kincaid (NCC-573) | USS Rokosovsky (NCC-574) | USS Timoshenko (NCC-575) | USS Ptolomy (NCC-576) | USS Aggripa (NCC-577) | USS Von Steuben (NCC-578) | USS Hamilton (NCC-579) | USS Old Dessauer (NCC-580) | USS Schwerin (NCC-581) | USS Travis (NCC-582) | USS Joan D’Arc (NCC-583)


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The Saladin class was a class of Federation starship in operation during the 23rd century. (Tamerlane)



The Saladin consisted of a saucer section and nacelle, each similar in exterior design to that of a Constitution-class vessel of the 2260s. Its internal configuration was significantly different, however, with reactors, warp core, shuttlebays, and other features of the engineering hull split between the saucer and its single nacelle.

Single-nacelle cruisers use a Doppelganger warp drive to maintain a stable warp field with only one nacelle. (Tamerlane)

Saladin Upgrade Project logo

In the late 23rd century, like the Constitution class, these old workhorses received major overhauls in hull and warp designs.


Ships commissioned

Saladin-class starships

Notable ships: Adad - Ahriman - Alaric - Alexander - Azrael - Darius - Etzel - Hamilcar - Hannibal - Hashishiyun - Jenghiz - Kelvin - Kublai - Pompey - Rahman - Saladin - Sargon - Shaitan - Suleiman - Tamerlane - Xerxes
Siva subclass: Ares - Hathor - Iblis - Jugurtha - Loki - Lucifer - Mars - Moloch - Siva - Tyr
Cochise subclass: Abu Bekr - Achilles - Ajax - Akbar - Al Mahdi - Alva - Alvarado - Appollyon - Cimon - Cochise - Cortez - De Ruyter - Drake - El Cid - Geronimo - Hektor - Hercules - Ivan - Justice - Lysander - Martel - Nelson - Ney - Perseus - Pontiac - Samson - Scipio - Theseus
Starfleet International: Alaric - Alexander - Darius - Justice - Lucifer - Mars - Tamerlane
Similar designs: Catchon - Halsey - Jenghiz - Saladin

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