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Real Name
Bro'Dee Walker
Current Alias

Saint Walker, Blue Lantern





Base Of Operations
Odym, Pacredo, Sector 1



Unusual Features
Tail extending from his head

Saint Walker is the first member of the Blue Lantern Corps

Place of Birth

First appearance

Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns # 1
(October, 2008)
Image:Quote1.png You are within direct range of my emotional aura, Green Lantern. I am charging your band of will. It is at full capacity and will remain so as long as I hope for your well being. And I will always hope. Until my last dying breath. Image:Quote2.png
-- Saint Walker



The being given the title of "Saint" Bro'Dee Walker on his home world located in space Sector 0001, is the very first being to be initiated into the Blue Lantern Corps. He is sought out by Ganthet and Sayd, the Guardians of Hope, and brought back to the Blue Lantern Corps home world of Odym. While on Odym Bro'Dee Walker spent several days with the Guardians to be evaluated so they can truly judge whether he is worthy of becoming a member of their Blue Lantern Corps or not. They explained to him what it truly means to be a Blue Lantern wielding the power of hope and to join their cause. Each Blue Lantern is responsible for choosing the next Blue Lantern from the next sector where upon they are brought to Odym to be evaluated by Ganthet and Sayd. After his acceptance into the Blue Lantern Corps Saint Walker then brought Warth of Sector 0002 to Odym.

In order to become a Blue Lantern one must be willing to give of themselves completely to the universe. Saint Walker is able to inspire hope in others, and will hope until the day he dies. Unlike other corps, their blue ring does not need to be charged and doesn't run out of power. It is fueled directly by the hope of the people they seek out to help and save.

During the Green Lantern prison transport of Sinestro to his home world of Korugar for execution the Green Lanterns were ambushed by a group of Sinestro Corps members attempting to free Sinestro. While Sinestro's Corps attempted to free him, Atrocitus and his Red Lanterns attacked kidnapping Sinestro and taking him back to their base planet of Ysmault. During the Red Lantern's assault on the Green Lanterns, their liquid red flame was able to burn through their aura shield and infect them with their rage. Only Saint Walker's blue light of hope was able to wash over the Green Lanterns and extinguish the lingering red flame infecting them.

Unlike the Green Lantern's construct a Blue Lantern's construct takes its form based on the psychosis of the Lantern they are attempting to heal.

Powers and Abilities



Hope: Saint Walker has the ability to give hope for the future to others.



Blue Power Ring

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