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The Sagittarius is a recurring bow in the Ivalice Alliance compilation of the Final Fantasy series. It is the strongest weapon of its kind on all of its appearances.




Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XII

The Sagittarius is the the strongest bow available in Final Fantasy XII. Its license can be found in mid-bottom of a license board, it costs 120 License points, and has 93 Attack power. It is named "Silver Bow" in the Bazaar price list, and costs 60,000 gil.

Similar to other powerful weapons, the Sagittarius requires several rare loots to synthesize, the loot contains as the following:

Loot Quantity Enemy
Beastlord Horn 3 Humbaba; an 8% of dropping rate should Knight's Monograph is acquired. High Reaver.
Moon Ring 3 Ash Wyrm; a 10% of dropping rate should Dragoon's Monograph is acquired.
Sagittarius Gem 4 Foobar; a 30% of stealing rate should Thief's Cuffs is equipped. Shemhazai also holds them. Or you can try the Oiling which can be found in the Stilshrine of Miriam. It is weaker than Foobar and Shemhazai at level 27 and can be spawned easily. But its a rarer steal, so the other two methods are quicker.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Sagittarius is Fran's strongest weapon.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Sagittarius is the strongest bow in the game, and was added in the War of the Lions remake. It can only be obtained via Multiplayer mode.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Sagittarius Bow is a high-ranked bow that any race can use, and cannot be bought. It provides 113 Attack, +25 Stun, and takes 1 slot.

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