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See also: Sage.
Nu Mou Sage
"Learned users of sagacious magic."
—In-game description

Sage is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Only Nu Mou can become Sages after mastering two Beastmaster skills and three White Mage skills. Sages are similar to Alchemists in that they have some status ailment magic and wield maces in battle. While their Weapon Attack and Magic Power stats are above average, and they are the kings of MP, they have one critical flaw: they are the slowest class in the game. For this reason, it is to a Nu Mou's advantage to learn the Sagacity Skill ability set, especially the powerful spells Ultima Blow and Giga Flare, and then switch to a quicker Job while equipping Sagacity Skill as a subjob.




Sagacity Skill

Sage command. Use new and different magic.

Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master MP Use
Drain Energy Mace Recovers HP equal to damage dealt. 100 12
Blind Druid Mace Inflicts Blind. 100 12
Water Battle Mace Water damage. 200 12
Aero Battle Mace Wind damage. 200 12
Raise Life Crosier Heals HP and revive KO'd units. 300 22
Giga Flare Lotus Mace Heavy area damage. 300 40
Bio Mandragora Damage and may inflict Poison. 300 12
Ultima Blow Zeus Mace Triple damage attack. 999 60


Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Reflex Mirage Vest Avoid all standard Fight attacks. 300


Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Weapon Def+ Dark Gear Increases Weapon Defense. 300
Shieldbearer Round Shield Allows shieldwielding, regardless of Job. 300


Skill Weapon Learned From Effect AP To Master
Wise Combo Mythril Mace Allows unit to join in a combo or start one of their own. 100
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