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Sage's Miter as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Sage's Mitre, also known as Priest's Miter, Holy Miter, and Celebrant's Miter is a recurring hat in the series. It is usually used by mage-type classes, and usually grants magic bonuses. It is usually a mid to high-ranked hat.




Final Fantasy

Sage's Mitre is only usable by White Mage, Black Mage, and their upgrades. It can only be found in the Advance version, in Whisperwind Cove, Hellfire Chasm, and Lifespring Grotto. It grants +5 Defense, +1 Weight, +5 Intelligence, and +10% Max HP.

Final Fantasy IV

Sage's Miter is usable only by mages, and is Fusoya's starting helmet. Additional others can be bought in the Dwarven Castle. It provides +5 Defense, +7 Magic Defense, -2 Evasion, +7 Magic Evasion, and +3 Spirit.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Sage's Mitre retains all of its bonuses, except providing +5 Spirit as well as reducing damage done by undeads.

Final Fantasy V

Sage's Miter can be used by all magic-based Jobs, and is bought in Moore. It provides +6 Defense, +2 Magic Defense, +5 Magic Evasion, and +2 Magic.

Final Fantasy VI

Priest's Miter is a mid-ranked hat that is usable by everyone except Umaro. It can be bought in various areas in the game, and provides +19 Defense, +21 Magic Defense, +10% Magic Evasion, and +12.5% Max MP.

Final Fantasy IX

Holy Miter is a high-ranked hat that can be used by the magic-users. It provides +39 Magic Defense, +1 Magic, and +2 Spirit, and teaches the abilities Body Temp and Insomniac.

Final Fantasy XII

Celebrant's Miter is a high-ranking Mystic Armor hat. It requires the Mystic Armor 9 License. It provies +50 Magick Resist, +6 Magick Power, and +5 Speed. It can be purchased in Balfonheim and stolen from Chimera Brains.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Celebrant's Miter, called Holy Miter in the original release, is a hat that provides +64 HP, +20 MP, and +1 MA.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Sage's Hat is a mid-ranked headgear that provides 23 Defense, 6 Magic, 15 Magic Resistance, and +10 resistance to Dark attacks. It takes 1 slot, can be used by all races, and cannot be bought.

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