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The Sage was the leader of a subterranean civilization on an unnamed planet, which had become dependent on the power of the crashed wreckage of a Borg cube. The Sage was connected to the ship through an Borg alcove, allowing her to control the power output, and also apparently giving her access to some limited Borg knowledge.

When this civilization was first discovered by the crew of the USS da Vinci in 2377, the Sage was an elderly woman. During the crew's visit, the Sage died, and Commander Sonya Gomez was unwillingly attached to the alcove in a manner akin to assimilation, becoming the new Sage. Fortunately, the S.C.E. team was able to free her, and another native, named Tey'sa, took her place as Sage. (CoE eBook: The Light)

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

For a categorical listing of all articles related to sages, see Category:Sage

Sages create Spell Scrolls for Mages and Priests. The term Sage can also refer to a prefix title for a Warlock or Wizard following their AA Wisdom line to completion


Generic Recipes

All Spell Scrolls (Apprentice II through Apprentice IV) have the same basic recipe. The only difference for an Adept III spell is the substitution of a Rare Gem or Rare Soft Metal for the Gem or Soft Metal.

NOTE: All crafting uses Fuel. Fuel for Sages is Incense. The amount of fuel increases for tiers 1-6 until it reaches 10. Tier 7 increases the Roots & Wood, but the fuel cost remains at 10.

Generic Materials, Formula, and Location of Materials


A chart showing the materials, based on name, tier, level of recipe, and harvesting skill for the Sage crafting class. The chart shows the spell formulas for both Priest classes, and Mage Classes. Whether its Apprentice 1-4, 4 being the highest, or Adept III. This chart also shows the location of where to farm materials based on harvesting skill level. The zone names are listed corresponding to the harvesting skill level.


Sages use the Scribing Tradeskills

Sage-specific Quests and Items

See also: Artisan Quests and Items and Scholar Quests and Items

Fallen Dynasty Adventure Pack

Special Recipes

Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack

The following spells may only be purchased at Apprentice II spell quality from the merchants in the 2 camps, and only after completing a series of quests.

The recipes for the Apprentice IV and Adept III versions of these spells may also be purchased and are tradeable. All of these spells are level 35, and usually sell very well on the broker.

Class Subclasses Spell Name
Cleric Inquisitor & Templar Symbol of Corruption
Druid Fury & Warden Spirit of the Bat
Enchanter Coercer & Illusionist Mana Cloak
Shaman Defiler & Mystic Umbral Trap
Sorcerer Warlock & Wizard Ice Flame
Summoner Conjuror & Necromancer Swarm of Bats

Desert of Flames Expansion

The following spells can be found as drops in Adept I and Master I quality, but the Adept III versions may only be crafted by Sages who have scribed the appropriate Ancient Teachings recipe book. Each adventurer subclass has one of these spells at levels 52, 55, and 58. As the Master I spells are very rare, the Adept III's are much sought after and the Sage who has them all will never be out of work. Note that all of the Ancient Teachings scrolls for T6 can be purchased for ~10g each if you have Warmly faction (+30,000) with one of the courts in Maj'Dul.

Subclass Level 52 Level 55 Level 58
Coercer Mindbend Amnesia Channel
Conjuror Call of the Hero Frigid Winds Elemental Vestment
Defiler Forced Cannibalize Voice of the Ancestors Spiritual Circle
Fury Back into the Fray Ring of Fire Hibernation
Illusionist Savante Illusory Allies Spellshield
Inquisitor Heresy Fervent Focus Convert
Mystic Torpor Slothful Spirit Ancient Balm
Necromancer Drawing of Souls Control Undeath Consumption
Templar Reverence Sanctuary Divine Arbitration
Warden Tunare's Watch Nature's Ally Protecting Grove
Warlock Dark Infestation Null Caress Netherous Realm
Wizard Numbing Cold Forge of Ro Surging Tempest

Kingdom of Sky Expansion

Sage Essentials, volumes 60-69, are sold by Merchant Thryst on Whisperwind Isle in The Barren Sky.

Echoes of Faydwer Expansion

The following spells can only be crafted by Sages who have scribed the appropriate rare recipe book which drops in The Emerald Halls. This is a raid drop, and NO-TRADE, so you will never find the recipe books on the broker.

Subclass Spell Name
Coercer [[|]]
Conjuror [[|]]
Defiler [[|]]
Fury [[|]]
Illusionist [[|]]
Inquisitor [[|]]
Mystic Scroll of Fire Seeds
Necromancer [[|]]
Templar [[|]]
Warden [[|]]
Warlock [[|]]
Wizard [[|]]

Rise of Kunark Expansion

The Shadow Odyssey Expansion

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Tellah from Final Fantasy IV is a Sage.

The Sage (賢者 Kenja or セージ Sēji) is a job class that has appeared in a number of games in the Final Fantasy series. The sage could be considered the ultimate Red Mage, being able to cast both Black and White Magic. However, the sage is physically very weak with virtually no prowess with weapons. They also have very low MP and speed, and weak defenses as most mage-type classes do.



Final Fantasy III

Main article: Sage (Final Fantasy III)

The Sage job is granted to the party by the Earth Crystal. The class is able to use Black Magic, White Magic, and Summoning all at once. However, they have limited MP to use them.

Final Fantasy IV

Tellah is a Sage and is able to cast limited White and Black Magic when he joins the party, as he has forgotten much of his spells in his old age. He later remembers the spells he has forgotten, giving him the ability to cast all but a select few spells. Fusoya is classified as a Lunarian, but also has the ability to use White and Black Magic. Unlike Tellah though, he has all the spells in the game. Both Tellah and Fusoya have very low MP, however.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Leonora is officially classified as an Epopt, but is able to learn all White Magic and most Black Magic eventually.

Final Fantasy X

Though the game does not have an official job system, Seymour Guado is able to use both White and Black Magic when he is a temporary party member, and has the ability to Summon. However, Seymour has maxed out MP at 999 points, and Sages typically have low MP. It should be noted though, that as a temporary party member Seymour's abilities in general are much stronger than the other party members.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main article: Sage (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)

The Sage is a class exclusive to Nu Mou. The Sage is able to use numerous status-inflicting magic attacks, as well as the extremely powerful moves Giga Flare and Ultima Blow.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: Sage (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

The Sage returns as a Nu Mou job. It still possesses the powerful Giga Flare and Ultima Blow attacks, but no longer can use Raise to revive party members and Drain now belongs to the Arcanist. However they have gained Scathe and is the only class able to use Esunaga.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Sage is one of Onion Knight's EX Modes. While a Sage, his magic attacks do more damage and fire more projectiles.


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From Grand Theft Wiki

Sage is an "alternative" DJ who hosts the alternative radio station Radio X in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Sage is a very self-obsessed woman and self-confessed rebel who seems to always be worked up about something, making her a stereotypical Gen X-er. Sage has a "lazy" outlook on life and most her apparent obsession is the sound of her own voice, along with sex as she admits to have slept with the entire Danzig line-up, along with a man she "did behind the Cluckin' Bell", and pleads "could somebody please have sex with me!" during the outro to Soundgarden's song "Rusty Cage", amongst at least two other references. Sage and has strong dislike towards people over the age of 29 (declaring herself to be a part of a revolution to overthrow everyone over the age of 30), and admits to having huffed paint and ether.

In addition to not wearing any underwear, Sage also complains about San Andreas' health system and the excessive cheerfulness of cartoons. Like Mary-Beth Maybell, Sage is considered to be a radio-only role within the general scheme of things. Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith of K-DST radio has a vendetta against her even though her radio station plays "Welcome to the Jungle", in which Tommy's voice-over actor, W. Axl Rose, had a part in creating.

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database


Alternate Reality Versions


Alternate Reality Versions



friend of Paul Jennings
Henry Sage, vampire

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About Sage

Wikipedia Article About Sage on Wikipedia

Common sage (Salvia officinalis) is a small evergreen subshrub, with woody stems, grayish leaves, and blue to purplish flowers native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region.

It is much cultivated as a kitchen and medicinal herb, and is also called Garden sage, Kitchen sage, and Dalmatian sage. In southern Europe related species are sometimes cultivated for the same purpose, and may be confused with the common sage. Although this plant was the one originally called by this name sage, a number of related species are now also called by it, and are described in more detail in the article on sage.

Production of Sage

Buying Sage

Sage Variations

Preparing Sage

Cooking Sage

Storing Sage

Sage Nutrition

  • Sage Nutrient Charts

Sage Nutritional Research

Sage Recipes

Add a Sage Recipe to Cookbookwiki:

Name of Sage Recipe or Article Add to Category

Sage Related Recipes

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Lumbridge Sage
The Lumbridge Guide.
Release date 6 June 2005 (Update)
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Yes- Recipe for Disaster
Location Lumbridge
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Unstable Foundations
Gender Male
Examine He provides new players with useful information.
Notable features Talks to players about Lumbridge.

The Lumbridge Sage (real name Phileas, previous title Lumbridge Guide) is a non-player character who can tell players about the history and politics of Lumbridge. He can be found just east of Lumbridge Castle.

Phileas is rescued in a subquest of Recipe for Disaster, after being attacked by the Culinaromancer and frozen in time for his own protection by Gypsy Aris, by the player making him a Cake of Guidance.

He used to be more of a general advice giver for new players, telling players not to tell anyone their password, what to kill, how to make money, and more. He did not specialise in tutoring any specific skill.

The Lumbridge Sage's stall.

The RuneScape Game Guide describes Phileas as "the oldest and wisest citizen of Lumbridge"[1].

Terrova, the Magic Instructor on the old Tutorial Island, also mentioned that the Lumbridge Sage is a friend of his, indicating the two have known each other well at some point in their lives. Terrova also advised new players to go to him for advice and guidance.

According to Postbag from the Hedge 39, he had several professions before becoming the Lumbridge Sage. One of them involved keeping owls but most of them were scholarly in nature. He has been a history teacher, a travelling dictionary salesman and an encyclopaedist (he wrote the 'G' section of Encyclopaedia Gigantica). His most recent job was at the Varrock Library but he left after a disagreement with Reldo.


  • A Saradomin owl and a Broodoo shield can be seen at his stall.
  • Around 25 June 2009, there was a leak in the knowledge base that the Lumbridge Guide would be receiving a makeover, and be renamed the Lumbridge Sage.[2][3]
  • The Lumbridge Guide was renamed the Lumbridge Sage on 17 September 2009, along with the release of the new tutorial and several other changes to the Lumbridge area.
  • His location has been changed twice, the most recent move giving him his current prominent position where new players will more easily notice him. This is ironic considering that he was subsequently updated to no longer play as important a role for new players.
  • For a short while after his title was changed certain things, like his Recipe For Disaster subquest in the quest journal, still referred to him as the "Lumbridge Guide." This was soon changed in the update on the 13th of October.
  • The owl will occasionally fly from his post upon a stool with books covering it to the ground, where he will look behind the Broodoo shield and inside a cup, possibly for valuables or food.
  • He gives player moderators the ability to teleport to the player moderator room.
  • You can see Phileas' old chathead (before the Advisor system update) to the right.
Must have visited the Make-over Mage...


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