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Male Sadida Sadida symbol Female Sadida
The class of Sadida's Shoes is composed of curious creatures. They sleep 23 hours a day and are in complete harmony with nature. These creatures live from day to day in not precise and rarely hospitable places. They are tree people, who prefer the company of nature rather than each other.

The Sadida or Sadida's Shoes are a curious and peaceful tribe of nature-loving creatures native to the world of Dofus.

Though peaceful in nature; in battle, the Sadida can be a powerful ally. Through numerous nature-based attacks, used in conjunction with the summoning of a variety of Dolls, the Sadida can make a significant impact on a battle either alone or in a group. The Sadidas have access to a number of Doll-summoning spells. The Sadida Dolls (unlike many summons) do not generally deal Direct damage. Instead, they serve as strategic pawns in battle. Though a single Doll may be less than efficient, they can be used to overwhelm some of the best opponents. The Dolls are mainly used as distractions, and many Dolls can cripple opponents with MP, AP, and AP loss resistance removal spells. This can effectively render an opponent helpless with no movement or usable actions.

The lack of offensive summons often leaves the Sadida to cause damage by other means; while the dolls only serve to distract, disable and tease. This isn't a problem since the Sadida can deal gratuitous damage. Besides the Sadida's natural tendency to attack with great strength, it also has numerous viney "brambles" at its disposal to dole out some quite substantial damage. These brambles sprout forth from the earth to subdue and damage the Sadida's enemies. Many a creature has tasted the vine-lash of the Sadida Boots and most cannot palate the flavor.



Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vit 1~∞ - - - -
Wis - - 1~∞ - -
Str 1~50 51~250 251~300 301~400 401~∞
Int 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~400 401~∞
Cha 1~100 101~200 201~300 301~400 401~∞
Agi 1~20 21~40 41~60 61~80 81~∞

Strength: In general, Strength is a Sadida's core characteristic. The majority of Sadida's attacks are Earth based attacks. However, despite being their primary characteristic, strength has its first soft cap at only 50, so Sadida progress slightly slower than many other Strength based classes.

Vitality: Not recommended for most classes to raise.

Intelligence: Sadidas do have some Fire based attacks so Intelligence can be an option for your characteristic points. There are some very strong PvP builds using Intelligence as a core.

Chance: Sadidas have only two Water based attacks so Chance is not normally a primary statistic for Sadidas. The one spell (Tear) is learned at a fairly low level and can be very powerful. Note: Since Tear does more consistent damage than almost all of the Sadida's other attacks, and since Chance has a higher soft cap than Strength some unorthodox builds use it as a major attack.

Agility: Sadidas also only have one spell linked to the Agility stat, which only damages summons, and therefore is not normally a core characteristic.

Wisdom: Like all of the classes, Sadida use an increased Wisdom for more experience point gains. Since Wisdom maintains a softcap of 3:1 from level 1 it is rarely increased with characteristic points.

Class spell

Name Level Element Description
The Tree of Life Exchange for Doploons Summons a tree which returns HP to both allies and enemies when the tree is attacked.
Image:The-Block-Icon.jpg The Block 1 N/A This spell summons a larger, higher HP doll. This doll then attempts to block and distract enemies.
Image:Bramble-Icon.jpg Bramble 1 Image:Earth.png
This spell conjures a viney plant from the ground that deals Earth type damage to a single target.
Image:Paralyzing-Poison-Icon.jpg Paralyzing Poison 1 Image:Fire.png
This spell deals damage to the target when it uses AP during this spells duration.
Image:Sadida-Dolly_Sacrifice.jpg Dolly Sacrifice 3 Image:Air.png
Drains HP (Air damage) from summons.
Image:Tear.png Tear 6 Image:Water.png
This spell deals substantial Water type damage to a single target within the spells short range.
Image:The-Madoll-Icon.jpg The Madoll 9 N/A This spell summons a small doll that annoys enemies by stealing their AP or MP.
Image:Soothing-Bramble-Icon.jpg Soothing Bramble 13 Image:Fire.png
This spell reduces a single target's MP by 4 (during the spell's duration) and slightly heals the target.
Image:Silvan.jpg Sylvan Power 17 N/A This spell can be used to transform either the caster or an ally into a tree. The affected player loses all MP and AP and gains a copious amount of damage Reductions for the spells duration. When used on an ally, they can then be used as a temporary shield, useful for blocking movement and Line of sight.
Image:sacrificial_doll.gif The Sacrificial Doll 21 Image:Air.png
Summon does Air damage.
Summons The Sacrificed Doll, which self destructs on an enemy, killing itself and inflicting quite extensive Air damage.
Image:Earthquake-Icon.jpg Earthquake 26 Image:Fire.png
This spell deals Fire type damage to all characters in the spells range during its duration.
Image:Sadida-The_Knowledge_of_Dolls.jpg Knowledge of Dolls 31 N/A Gives the target +Summons.
Image:Sadida-Manifold_Bramble.jpg Manifold Bramble 36 Image:Earth.png
Deals earth damage in a mid-sized Area of effect.
Image:Sadida-Tree.jpg Tree 42 N/A Summons an inanimate Tree, which can be used for blocking movement and Line of sight.
Image:Sadida-Poisoned_Wind.jpg Poisoned Wind 48 Image:Neutral.png
Deals Neutral damage, in an AoE, at the start of each players turn, also reduces intelligence of affected characters.
Image:Sadida-The_Inflatable.jpg The Inflatable 54 N/A Summons The Inflatable, which increase an allies MP and may heal them.
Image:Sadida-Aggressive_Brambles.jpg Aggressive Brambles 60 Image:Earth.png
Deals erratic amounts of earth damage.
Image:Sadida-Wild_Grasses.jpg Wild Grass 70 Image:Fire.png
Deals moderate fire damage and takes MP, in an AoE.
Image:Sadida-Bush_Fire.jpg Bush Fire 80 Image:Fire.png Image:Water.png
Fire & Water
Deals moderate Water and Fire damage to a single target.
Image:Sadida-Insolent_Bramble.jpg Insolent Bramble 90 N/A Unbewitches the target.
Image:Sadida-The_Ultra-Powerful.jpg The Ultra-Powerful 100 N/A Summons The Ultra Powerful, which in turn summons The Swindlings, which reduce the target's MP and MP loss resistance.
Image:Summoning of Dopple.png Summoning of Sadida Dopple 200 Summons a Sadida Dopple.




Weapon Axe Bow Dagger Hammer Pickaxe Scythe Shovel Staff Sword Wand
Sadida -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% -10% 0% -10% -5%

See Damage: Class modifiers for more details.

Class Set

The Sadida Class Set is the Wild Set.


°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Element(s) Rating Notes
Pure elemental builds
Strength-based +++ Brambles build. Very common. Moderate-range heavy damage dealer. Great Area of Effect damage, but can harm teammates.
Chance-based ++ Waterfall build. Also known as Enudida. Very powerful in early levels, but has restricted range and limited offensive spell options. Focuses on MP manipulation spells and may depend on dolls. Can be very supportive.
Hybrid elemental builds
Strength + Intelligence +++ Earthquake build. Also known as Damage Sadida. Very versatile and is powerful in higher levels. Combines Earthquake, Poisoned Wind and Sylvan Power into a lethal move that inflicts high damage in a wide Area of Effect, while providing temporary invulnerability. Misuse can easily send all teammates to oblivion, frequently restricting the combo to solo battles.
Strength + Chance ++ Unorthodox build. Pairs Bramble with Tear at very high levels for great ranged damage, but may be inferior to other builds until then. Also focuses on weapons.
Intelligence + Chance ++ Powerful variant of the Chance-based build. Uses Tear until Bush Fire becomes available. Strong at very high levels.
Other builds
Vitality + Pure summoner. Only focuses on increasing summoning capacity. Uses The Sacrificial Doll to deal damage.

A general leveling guide may be found here.


At (-1,9) is the The Temple of Sadida, where you can get info about Sadidas and fight the Sadida Dopple.


Sadida spelt backwards is "Adidas", a major sports equipment manufacturer. Amongst other things they produce sports footware, which refers to the class name, Sadida's shoes.

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