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Transfusion in Final Fantasy V.

Sacrifice, also known as Pep Up and Transfusion, is an ability that lets one party member die to help the party, by donating their remaining HP and MP. It is commonly found in the Flan-type monsters.




Final Fantasy IV

In the Nintendo DS version, the Phoenix augment functions similarly. It activates upon the user dying, and restores any other dead allies back to life, with their health depending on the user's MP at time of death. It can only be obtained at the Crystal Palace if Fusoya is given two or more Augments.

Final Fantasy V

It appears as the Blue Magic spell Fusion, Transfusion, or Pep Up. When cast, the user dies and the chosen target fully recovers his/her HP and MP.

Final Fantasy VI

Strago can learn Pep Up, also known as Transfusion. Sabin's Spiraler, also known as Soul Spiral, Blitz acts similarly.

Final Fantasy IX

Zidane can use the ability Sacrifice. It distributes his remaining HP and MP to the remainder of the party, meaning every member gets one third of his current HP and MP. It is learned from the Masamune and Exploda, costs 32 MP to use, and takes 55 AP to master.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Dark Knight Dressphere ability Charon acts in a similar fashion, sacrificing the user to inflict unblockable special damage to one target, though the user is unable to be used for the remainder of the battle. It requires 20 AP to learn.

Final Fantasy XII

Appears as the Technicks Infuse and Revive. Infuse fully consumes the casters MP to heal any ally by 10 times that amount. Revive has the user sacrificing themself to restore a fallen ally to full health.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Wild Boars can use Bequeath Bacon command, as long as someone has the Monster Skill nearby. In this case though, the target gains a level.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Flans can use Sacrifice to fully heal the HP of a target at the cost of being KOed.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Flans can Merge to fully heal the HP of a target at the cost of being KOed.


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