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Male Sacrier Sacrier symbol Female Sacrier
The Sacrier have a perfect knowledge of pain. Their techniques to fight are based on will and stamina. During fight, the Sacriers don't care about themselves and always attempt to save their allies.

The Sacrier or Sacrier's Blood are the beserkers of the Dofus world.

Sacriers have a unique group of spells, known as Punishments. When cast these Punishments cause the Sacrier to gain stats when damaged, meaning the more the Sacrier is hit, the stronger they become. Because of these Punishments, Sacriers' stat boosts can become massive, allowing them to deal impressive damage when fully buffed.

They also have several field manipulation spells (Attraction, Transposition, Cooperation, and Swap) which give the Sacrier some battlefield manipulation as well as extra health: each skill point put into vitality gives two vitality instead of one.



Rate 1:2 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vit 1~∞ - - - - -
Wis - - - 1~∞ - -
Str - - - 1~100 101~150 151~∞
Int - - - 1~100 101~150 151~∞
Cha - - - 1~100 101~150 151~∞
Agi - - - 1~100 101~150 151~∞

The characteristics most closely associated with this class is:

  • Vitality - Vitality is absolutely vital to a Sacrier. This class is defined by its ability to take huge amounts of damage — from both monsters and teammates — and benefit from it. The importance of high vitality for a Sacrier cannot be stressed strongly enough.

Other characteristics: Diverting any points away from Vitality is not recommended because, once again, Vitality is so important to a Sacrier. Most players will put all characteristic points into Vitality and then adjust other characteristics via equipment or scrolls. Because Sacriers suffer from a -10% penality when using a weapon, players will often equip a weapon only for the stat bonus it gives. (When buying equipment for your Sacrier, keep an eye on the conditions to determine if your Sacrier can equip it. Remember, you can sometimes meet the conditions of one piece of equipment by equipping other items first.)

Class spells

The class spells available to members of the Sacrier class are:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Pain Shared Exchange for Doploons This spell allows allies to increase their %dmg each time they are attacked. Can be cast every 5 turns
Image:Attraction.jpg Attraction 1
This spell allows the caster to force enemies to approach him when they are too far away.
Image:Forced_Punishment.jpg Forced Punishment 1
This punishment allows the caster to increase his strength each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 5 turns.
File:Sacrier's Foot.jpg Sacrier's Foot 1 image:earth.png
This attack spell inflicts Earth-type damages and -agility in close combat.
Image:Evasion.jpg Evasion 3
This spell allows the caster to dodge any close combat attacks for 1 turn.
Image:Coagulation.jpg Swap 6
Swaps the places of the characters at close range.
Image:Assault.jpg Assault 9 image:air.png
Assault allows the caster to hit an enemy from a distance with Air-type damage.
Image:Nimble_Punishment.jpg Nimble Punishment 13
This spell allows the caster to increase his agility each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 5 turns.
Image:Dancing_Sword.jpg Dissolution 17 image:water.png
Steal life from adjacent enemies and/or allies.
Image:Bold_Punishment.jpg Bold Punishment 21
This spell allows the caster to increase his chance each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 5 turns.
Image:Sacred_Punishment.jpg Spiritual Punishment 26
This spell allows the caster to increase his intelligence each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 5 turns.
Image:Sacrifice.jpg Sacrifice 31
This spell allows the Sacrier to take damage for a team mate.
Image:Absorption.jpg Absorption 36 image:fire.png
This spell allows its caster to steal the life from an enemy by inflicting him Fire-type damages.
Image:Wise_Punishment.jpg Vital Punishment 42
This spell allows the caster to increase his vitality each time he is attacked. Can be cast every 4 turns.
Image:Cooperation.jpg Cooperation 48
This spell allows the caster to exchange his place with an enemy on the map.
Image:Transposition.jpg Transposition 54
The caster exchanges his position on the map with an ally's one.
Image:Punishment.jpg Punishment 60 image:neutral.png
The punishment inflicts Neutral-type damages to an enemy. The injuries depend on the max life of the caster and deals most damage at 50% hp.
Image:Fury.jpg Fury 70 image:water.png
This attack spell inflicts Water-type damage to a small group of enemies, and allows the caster to increase his damages, as well as the damage he receives.
Image:Flying_Sword.jpg Flying Sword 80
The sacrier summons a magic sword which will straight charge at the enemy to run him through.
Image:Life_transfer.jpg Life transfer 90
This spell allows the caster to transfer a part of his HP to his allies.
Image:Bloodthirsty_Madness.jpg Bloodthirsty Madness 100
The sacrier absorbs an ally blood to recover strength. But it may kill your ally...
Image:Summoning of Dopple.png Summoning of Sacrier Dopple 200
Summons a Sacrier Dopple


Sacriers have the flexibility of choosing any weapon. However, it is important to note that sacriers have a -10% penalty applied to all standard weapons (Axe, Sword, Bow, Staff, Shovel, Dagger, Hammer, and Wand). In addition, penalties are not applied to tools such as fishing rods, scythes, and needles.


As a general rule, sacriers should only raise Vitality. Other characteristics should be raised with equipment, bonus, scrolls and/or punishments. A list of non-standard builds can be found on the Experimental Builds page.

°=Not recommended, +=Longshot build (require high investment), ++=Fun but challenging build, +++=Proven, solid build

Element(s) Rating Notes
Pure elemental builds
Strength-based +++ Melee meatshield. Lacks range, but can reduce the enemy's Agility which may also help in preventing dodge rolls from the enemy. Reliable close combat damage.
Intelligence-based +++ Bloodsucker meatshield. The life stealing effect of Absorption pairs well with Life Transfer. Consistent healing for allies.
Chance-based +++ Masochist meatshield. Specializes in stealing life in an Area of Effect.
Agility-based +++ Mobile meatshield. Most popular. Preventing dodge rolls leads to better tanking. Assault provides a reliable ranged attack.
  • The Sacrier's natural flexibility also allows for hybrid builds and even spell specialization (Chance-Intelligence, Strength-Agility, Fury-Damage, and Punishment-attack based builds just to name a few)


See the general Leveling guide or the specific build pages.

Class Set

The Sacrier Class Set is the Bloodless Set


At (-2,-8) is the The Temple of Sacrier, where you can get info about Sacriers. In additition, you can fight the Sacrier Dopple and exchange doploons for unlearning class spells, characteristic scrolls*, resetting stats**, and learning the class special spell.


Sacrier - from "Sacrifice", which is what Sacriers must do to use most of their powers, and "crier", as in someone who shouts. Their French name is Sacrieur, which is a combination of "sacrifice" and "crieur", which means "a person that shouts"--the same definition. They shout in pain, and this pain brings them their strength. "Crier" can also mean "one who laughs", Sacriers laugh at pain. The meaning about laughing doesn't exist in the original french word and intention though. Easy to see when you look at their face.


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