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The Sacred Clay Hatchet is obtained from the Morphic tool (costing 20 Stealing Creation points). It gives double experience while used. It has a x% charge. The charge decreases as experience for using it is given. At 0% charge, it disappears. It can be reverted back to a morphic tool without losing any charge and then changed into any morphic item (losing no charges).

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A player wielding a Sacred clay hatchet
A player wielding a Sacred clay hatchet
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
-2 +4 +2 +0 +0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+0 +1 +0 +0 +0 +0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+5 0 +0 ?

The sacred clay hatchet cuts as if it was a rune hatchet as seen in a glitch when you use the pick axe form of it on a rock. In the new update regular hatchets cut trees faster, but the Sacred Clay Hatchet cuts in the older style way. Anything other than a regular woodcutting tree that requires a hatchet (Ent, Woodcutting stump, etc.) does not accept the Sacred clay Hatchet. A new update now allows players to use the Sacred Clay Hatchet to make Canoes. This hatchet cannot be used in F2P worlds.

Many players tend to prefer the Dragon hatchet over the sacred clay hatchet because the dragon hatchet doesn't need to be recharged constantly and provides a faster chop. The need to constantly upgrade this hatchet especially when chopping higher trees such as yew trees is one of the main reasons it is not more widely used, although it is commonly used to cut the Evil Tree because of its double experience. It has been calculated that if you average 50-60k in a game of Stealing Creation, then if you account for the time spent for transportation and for waiting on additional games to start (on a crowded world), then at Level 74 Woodcutting with the entire Lumberjack set, you will end up with a net ~952.245 experience per minute using the Sacred Clay Hatchet on Choking Ivy, whereas with the Dragon Hatchet you will get a consistent ~1153.5 experience per minute at the same level while cutting ivy with full Lumberjack. If you don't account for the time spent obtaining the Sacred Clay Hatchet, you will be getting ~1869.222 experience per minute at this level with full Lumberjack using this item on Choking Ivy.

Logs Regular XP Sacred Clay XP Total XP per hatchet
Regular 25 50 25,000
Oak 37.5 75 27,675
Willow 67.5 135 33,294
Teak 85 170 40,000
Maple 100 200 32,800
Mahogany 125 250 32,750
Eucalyptus 165 330 33,169
Yew 175 350 33,124
Ivy 332.5 665 34,000
Magic 250 500 33,419


  • The sacred clay hatchet is very commonly used to chop willow trees as it gives more bonus experience than cutting yew and nearly magic trees from a 100% charge to a 0% charge.
  • Many people still cut normal trees with the hatchet because they can transform it into fletching knife and cut them into arrows.
  • Before the random event update, if you attempted to chop an ent, it would give you a message telling you that you don't have an axe that you can use. This is because a normal hatchet would have been broken, thus making this message accurate.
  • The sacred clay hatchet can be used in conjunction with the lumberjack outfit which gives an experience bonus to woodcutting. The lumberjack bonus is applied before the bonus of the hatchet, which allows for a greater amount of experience to be earned.
  • The glitch where the sacred clay hatchet was able to be used in F2P worlds has been fixed. If you chop a tree with only the hatchet in your inventory, it will say "You do not have an axe which you have the woodcutting level to use."
  • The hatchet does not have the same equip stats as a rune hatchet. Instead, it has the stats more of a bronze hatchet, except with -2 stab attack bonus.
  • In the minigame the Class 5 sacred clay hatchet is the highest level hatchet in the game.  It requires 80 Woodcutting to use.

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