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A player wielding a Sacred Clay Harpoon.
A player fishing with the Sacred Clay Harpoon.

The Sacred Clay Harpoon is obtained from the Morphic tool (costing 20 Stealing Creation points). It is a fishing tool used to harpoon fish. A difference from normal harpoons is that this one can be held in player's weapon slot like a barb-tailed harpoon and gives double experience per fish caught.

It has "charges left" system based upon acquired bonus experience due to the harpoon. The charge decreases as experience for using the harpoon is given. If used from the full charge state, 23,500 total fishing experience is gained by the time it crumbles to dust (that is, after providing 11,750 extra fishing xp).

It can be reverted back to a morphic tool without losing any charge and then changed into any morphic item (unlike from tools derived from the Volatile Tool).
The +100 experience gained from using swordfish or Shark gloves is added after the harpoon doubles the experience. See table below:

Condition Tuna Swordfish Shark
No items 80 100 110
Gloves 80 (no "Tuna gloves") 200 210
Harpoon 160 200 220
Both 160 300 320


  • The harpoon moves through the "dipping" motion twice as fast as a normal harpoon, however a player waits twice as long between harpoon throws.
  • On the day of release there was a glitch that prevented fishing while equipped.
  • There is a glitch which prevents players from fishing swordfish and tuna; they can only fish sharks. This glitch is resolved by logging out and then back in again.
  • While normally untradable, according to the 'Carried Wealth' area of the 'Items kept on Death' interface, the harpoon costs approximately 21337 gp, which stands in 'lite' (aka Leet) speak as "Too Elite".
  • If you are wielding this harpoon and you are fishing and you click to Harpoon, you will stop fishing till you click to Harpoon again.

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