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The Sacred Clay Hammer can be obtained as one of the possible transformations from a Morphic tool (costing 20 Stealing Creation points). This hammer gives double experience bonus in both the Smithing and the Construction skills.



It has x% charge. The charge decreases as experience for using it is given. At 0% charge, it disappears. It can be reverted back to a morphic tool without losing any charge and then changed into any morphic item (this loses no charge). From 100%, the hammer will earn the user 32K bonus experience on top of the original 32K experience (63750 total experience) before using up all its charge. The quantities of what a player can make can be found in the table below; some values may not be accurate but it is a rough guideline. Please update table as required.

Bar Type XP/Bar 1 Bar 2 Bars 3 Bars 5 Bars
Bronze 12.5xp 2560 1283 854 512
Iron 25xp 1283 640 427 256
Steel 37.5xp 854 427 285 171
Mithril 50xp 640 320 214 129
Adamantite 62.5xp 513 256 171 102
Runite 75xp 427 214 143 86


Originally the double experience in construction was only given for directly building items (i.e. in build mode) and NOT at the Workshop for flatpack items, but as of 13 January 2009 flatpack items also receive double experience.

The experience received in construction is constant, regardless of plank type. Each Sacred Clay Hammer will give 50,750 experience (25,375 bonus) before crumbling to dust. The Sacred Clay Hammer will NOT give extra experience for the portion of experience that exceeds the 50,750 experience limit, but it will give the bonus experience up to that point. The Hammer is well worth getting as it will halve the cost of training construction.

Using the Sacred Clay Hammer on something that requires nails will give you a better chance of not bending the nails.


The Sacred clay hammer cannot be used to repair gates in Pest Control, nor for opening the doors to Bandos's Stronghold or anything other than the above stated.

It will not give bonus experience in the Shades of Mort'ton minigame.


  • The sacred clay hammer had the normal hammer animation for Smithing until the Stealing Creation update in December 2008. The animation for Construction was updated in February 2009.
  • When used with Varrock armour 3 to speed up the smithing process, it used to show the normal hammer instead of the sacred clay hammer, but this has since been updated.
  • If the sacred clay hammer and a regular hammer are both in the player's inventory, while smithing a number of items, it will switch back and forth between the two hammers.
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