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The sabre-toothed tiger (Genus: Smilodon) was a species of cat from Earth's prehistory. About the size of a modern lion, it had a powerful build, a tawny-coloured coat and long 17 centimetre long sabre-teeth (giving it its name). They were ambush predators, and were therefore incapable of long runs. They died out around 9000 BC due to climate change when most of its prey species died out and the forests they lived in died out.

The last sabre-toothed tiger was saved and kept in the Museum of the Last Ones. This specimen was cloned by Eve in order to distract people while the cloned Dodos planted bombs. The sabre-toothed tiger was worth 500 points in the I-Spyder Book of Earth Creatures. (NSA: The Last Dodo)

Sabre-toothed tigers were also among the native species on Tiermann's World. (NSA: Sick Building)

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