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Saba Sebatyne
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Barab I[1]

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"The Jedi are few and the Yuuzhan Vong many, yet look at the forcez they direct against us: voxyn, blockades, whole hunting fleetz. We are doing something they fear, and the Force tellz this one she must continue."
―Saba Sebatyne to Luke Skywalker

Saba Sebatyne was a Barabel Jedi Master of the New Jedi Order, who served as the sole Jedi Knight of the Galactic Alliance High Council. Later she served on the Jedi High Council as a Jedi Master. Saba was originally discovered by Jedi Master Eelysa, who after recognizing her powerful Force-sensitivity took the Barabel as her Jedi apprentice. Saba was trained to the level of Jedi Knight by her Master on the Barabel home planet of Barab I, before training several apprentices herself, including her son, and forming them into the Wild Knights squadron.

During the Yuuzhan Vong War, Saba was involved in several important campaigns against the invaders. Indeed, the Barabel Jedi found herself responsible for the accidental death of thousands of her species, however, she managed to overcome her guilt and aid the Skywalker family in their search for the sentient planet Zonama Sekot. It was at the conclusion of the war that Saba was promoted to Jedi Master.

Master Sebatyne played a large role during the Dark Nest Crisis, during which she took Leia Organa Solo as her apprentice. During the crisis, Saba dueled the Night Herald of the Gorog, Welk, who was unbeknownst to her a Sith, and observed Leia's fighting prowess while she battled Dark Jedi Alema Rar, recognizing that she had successfully trained her to the rank of Jedi Knight.

Saba continued to sit on the Jedi Council during the Second Galactic Civil War, taking part in several operations including the Battle of Kuat and the Battle of Kashyyyk, before which she was forced to read the eulogy at the funeral of her dear friend Mara Jade Skywalker. Saba was later involved on an assault on the Anakin Solo, during which she was injured by Darth Caedus, but subsequently survived, to be involved in several other engagements of the war, which ended following Caedus's death.




Early life

Saba Sebatyne was discovered by the Jedi Master Eelysa on Barab I. Despite Luke Skywalker's resistance to the training of aggressive species such as Barabel, Eelysa took it upon herself to train Saba in the ways of the Force, until she was run off Barab I by the Diversity Alliance.

Between the two Jedi, they also trained a number of other Force-sensitives to become Jedi Knights, including Saba's son, Tesar Sebatyne, and his hatchmates Bela and Krasov Hara; who, while one of them shared a father with Tesar, were not her children. Most of her apprentices were Barabel Jedi Knights, including Drif Lij; but she also trained the Brubb Jedi, Wonetun. Saba formed her apprentices into the Wild Knights squadron, all the while being isolated from the New Jedi Order.[6]

Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY29 ABY)

"I should have known that any Jedi of hers would be full of surprises."
―Luke Skywalker

After the onset of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Saba felt the time was right to integrate herself and her apprentices into the Jedi Order proper, so as to help them combat the invaders. That same year, Saba sensed the death of her former Master, Eelysa, through the Force; she having been killed by one of the Yuuzhan Vong's voxyn. The voxyn proved to be a great menace to the Jedi Order, as they were created for the purpose of hunting and killing its members. The Jedi soon learned that the voxyn were clones of a single source, the voxyn queen, and as such Anakin Solo masterminded the daring mission to Myrkr in the hopes of destroying the voxyn queen and hence eliminate the threat of the voxyn; Saba's own son Tesar, and his hatchmates Bela and Krasov Hara accompanied the Myrkr strike team. Saba and the remainder of her Wild Knights joined scientist Danni Quee in defending Arkania against the Yuuzhan Vong, mere days before sensing the deaths of Bela and Krasov through the Force.[2]

The Second Battle of Borleias, in which Saba participated.

After sensing the deaths of her two apprentices, Saba, Danni and the Wild Knights attempted to aid in the defense of Coruscant; there they successfully destroyed the Yuuzhan Vong yammosk, but ultimately the capital was lost. After the fall of Coruscant, Tesar and a remnant of the Myrkr strike team returned, having successfully destroyed the voxyn queen, though at the price of half of the lives of the Jedi who participated in the mission; including Anakin Solo. The Myrkr mission in particular prompted Saba to suggest that the Jedi begin using Force melds, so as to join their minds together using the Force, so as to combine their might when battling the Yuuzhan Vong.[2]

During the Second Battle of Borleias Saba led the Wild Knights as a vanguard to Wedge Antilles, who hoped to retake the planet. However, despite the efforts of the New Republic forces, including the temporary recapture of Borleias, the offensive was ultimately a failure; with the Vong retaking the planet.[8]

Saba was later granted a seat on the Galactic Alliance High Council; making her one of six Jedi, and six politicians who collectively directed the war effort, on behalf of the newly formed Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.[4]

Pain of loss

"For this one's home. For this one's people"
―Saba Sebatyne after witnessing the death of Barab I

After the victory at Ebaq Nine, Saba traveled to Barab I, to visit her hatchmate Reswa, where she discovered her homeworld to have been ravaged by the Yuuzhan Vong. Noticing that a Yuuzhan Vong ship remained in the system, and thinking that the entirety of her people had been murdered, Saba attacked; unbeknownst to her, it was a slave ship, that held the remnants of the Barabel population. Saba was forced to watch in horror as the breach she inflicted on the Yuuzhan Vong slave ship spewed out Barabel bodies into the cold vacuum of space.[1]

Later, after returning to Master Skywalker, Saba was forced to admit that death was probably better for her people than slavery. Nevertheless, Saba felt responsible for the death of her people, and due to her terrible guilt fought against the Yuuzhan Vong viciously, in the hopes of avenging them. Saba's ferocity was somewhat quenched when Master Skywalker asked her to accompany him on a mission to locate Zonama Sekot. Saba took the offer as Master Skywalker intended it, as a way to take the hunt back to the enemy, though she originally objected to accompanying him.[1]

An unexpected outcome of Saba's loss at Barab I was a heightened Force sense for life. Saba found that she could sense life around her in greater detail, to such an extent that she could even sense when another being was ill. Saba used this heightened power on many occasions to help her fellow Jedi; being that it was akin to a healer's skill. Indeed, Saba's life-sensitivity was a major factor behind Master Skywalker's decision to invite Saba on the expedition, as he foresaw that her power would be important in detecting Zonama Sekot's Force-signature.[1]

Search for Zonama Sekot

"Hunt the moment…"
―Saba Sebatyne

Despite her earlier objections, Saba, along with Luke, his wife Mara Jade Skywalker, their nephew Jacen Solo, Danni Quee, and the Jedi healer, Tekli, began to search for the living world of Zonama Sekot. During the search, Saba and her comrades traveled to Bastion, the Imperial capital, to find it under attack by the Yuuzhan Vong.Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon advised the Jedi to flee the battle and convene with the Imperial fleet at Yaga Minor.[1]

At Yaga Minor, the Jedi found an ally in Imperial Captain Arien Yage, a supporter of Admiral Pellaeon's, who had in fact failed to appear at Yaga Minor after he made a last ditch assault against the Yuuzhan Vong at Bastion. Yage soon received word that Pellaeon had survived the battle, though he was grievously wounded. The Jedi persuaded the Admiral to relocate the fleet to Borosk, a heavily fortified Imperial world, with greater defenses than Yaga Minor.[1]

Scientist Danni Quee, with whom Saba often worked during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

The Jedi helped Pellaeon and the Imperials at the battle of Borosk, where Saba and Danni infiltrated a Yuuzhan Vong slave ship. The pair successfully destroyed the ship and rescued many Imperials, who had been captured at Bastion, in the process. After the defeat of the Yuuzhan Vong at Borosk, Saba and the others proceeded to travel to the Unknown Regions, with Captain Yage joining the mission on Pellaeon's orders, in return for the Jedi's assistance at Borosk, where they met with the Chiss. On Csilla, the Chiss homeworld, the Chiss reluctantly allowed the Jedi to search their library for the location of Zonama Sekot; though they were given a two day deadline.[9]

While searching for possible references to Zonama Sekot, Saba was pleased to make the acquaintance of Syal Antilles Fel and her youngest daughter Wyn. Syal became hostile as she began to fear that the Galactic Alliance would force her husband to march to war, though Saba eased her fears. Later, while accompanying Syal, her husband, Danni and the Masters Skywalker on a trip to move the Jade Shadow to a more convenient position, the group was targeted for assassination by Soontir's political rivals, however, together the Jedi thwarted the attack.[9]

Following the attack, Jacen Solo successfully discovered the whereabouts of Zonama Sekot, and the Jedi quickly left Csilla so as to complete their mission.[9] The group soon encountered a disturbance in the hyperspace route used to enter the system where Zonama Sekot had taken up residence, and while the group considered a way around the problem, Saba along with the other Jedi, detected a large disturbance in the Force, coming from the direction they assumed Zonama Sekot to be. Acting on the hunch, the group successfully encountered the planet, only to find it under siege by Yuuzhan Vong. Though the planet successfully repelled the attack it lashed out with the Force at the presence of the Jedi, knocking them unconscious.[10]

The planet awoke Solo first due to his affinity to the Living Force, followed by Mara, as she was the only person capable of successfully landing the ship on its surface. After the landing, Master Skywalker awoke Saba through the Force and she quickly felt herself drawn into the planet's immense life force. Feeling more at home on the sentient planet than on her own homeworld helped Saba to see that in locating the planet and proving that the Jedi were looking for a peaceful resolution to the war, she had acquitted herself of the loss of Barab I.[10]

Sekot's test

Saba and fellow Jedi Tekli.

While on the planet, a dissident group of the native Ferroans attacked the Jedi's camp and successfully captured Danni Quee. Saba aided Jacen in tracking down the group and followed his lead as he surrendered to them in the hopes of diffusing the dangerous situation. When the Saba and Jacen were taken to the dissidents leader Senshi, they were soon met by another group of dissidents who had used the attack on the Jedi as a diversion to capture Zonama's Magister, Jabitha.[10]

Saba proceeded to defend her companions against boras, and later was confronted by the conscious mind of Zonama Sekot, who took the form of Vergere. Sekot, under the advice of Jabitha, had chosen to test the Jedi so as to discern whether they could be trusted, and after witnessing Saba's heroism in defending her companions and the Jedi's refusal to leave Jabitha at Senshi's mercy, soon decided they were worthy of trust.[10]


When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked Zonama Sekot with the life killing disease called Alpha Red, Saba joined her fellow Jedi to defend the planet, while the remaining Galactic Alliance forces attacked Coruscant. Saba and the Jedi succeeded in defending Zonama Sekot, while the Galactic Alliance reclaimed the galactic capital; the Yuuzhan Vong surrendered, effectively ending the Yuuzhan Vong War.[11]

After the costly war, in which half the Jedi Order perished, Saba became a Jedi Master and was granted a seat on the Masters' Council that was formed by Luke Skywalker.[7]

The Dark Nest Crisis (35 ABY36 ABY)

Search for the missing Jedi

In 35 ABY, Saba's son Tesar, as well as the other surviving members of the mission to Myrkr, disappeared into the Unknown Regions. Saba accompanied Masters Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, along with their son, Ben, who was afraid of the Barabel since he could not read her, to track down and recover the missing Jedi Knights. The Jedi reached the Unknown Regions, where they discovered the insectoid creatures, the Killiks. On the Killik world Lizil, they encountered Han and Leia Organa Solo, whose children were among the missing Jedi.[7]

On the Killik planet Yoggoy, Saba and the others discovered the Killik Prime Unu, Raynar Thul. Raynar had once been a Jedi Knight who had been kidnapped by the Dark Jedi Lomi Plo and Welk during the mission to Myrkr, but upon he and the Dark Jedi crashing their ship on Yoggoy, they had been absorbed into the Killik hive mind and became Killik Joiners. Raynar believed that the Dark Jedi were killed in the crash, but Saba and the others believed this to be untrue. Saba, the Skywalkers, and the Solos traveled to the crash site, where they were attacked by large Killiks; Raynar did not believe them when told about the attack, and Saba and the others left the planet.[7]

The small group soon found Tesar and the other missing Jedi on the planet Qoribu, where they learnt that the Jedi had been receiving calls for help from Raynar, and chose not to resist his calls. Raynar had called for help because ever since the Killik population had begun to increase, the Chiss had begun attacking their colonies. The Killik expansion had moved ever closer to the Chiss Ascendancy and the Chiss felt threatened by it. The Jedi had traveled to Qoribu, where they aided them in their fight against the Chiss; and while staying with the Killiks, they became Joiners. During one of their dogfights, the Jedi Knight Lowbacca had been captured by the Chiss. While Luke and the others brought most of the Jedi back to the Jedi academy on Ossus, Saba and the Solos stayed behind with Jedi Knights Jaina Solo, Zekk, and Alema Rar to rescue Lowbacca.[7]

Duel with Welk

"…a hunt to remember."
―Saba Sebatyne

After many failed attempts to rescue Lowbacca, Saba came face to face with the Dark Jedi, Welk, on Jwlio. Welk, unbeknownst to her, was a Sith, and who Raynar Thul claimed had died in the shuttle crash. Welk had been sent to breed assassin bugs in order to remove the threat of the Jedi Masters, including Master Sebatyne, who were now encroaching on Lomi Plo's designs. Welk was tracked to an underground cave by the Barabel Jedi Master, and there the two engaged in a vicious lightsaber duel.[7]

Saba was surprised by Welk's mastery of the dark side of the Force, being unaware that he was a member of the New Sith Order, or indeed that it even existed.[5] The Jedi Master fought valiantly against the Sith, despite him having the advantage of surprise and being hidden from her Force senses. Using her natural Barabel edge, to augment her considerable skills in the Force and with a lightsaber, Saba successfully wounded her enemy.[7]

Indeed, Master Sebatyne proved herself more than a worthy opponent; severing Welk's Killik arm and removing one of his eyes, as well as wounding his neck. Welk fled the battle, though Saba herself was gravely injured, hoping that his Killik assassins would remove her as a threat. His Killiks failed, however, and news of Welk's survival, consistently denied by Raynar, was broadcast to the New Jedi Order.[7]

Hunting Alema and revealing the Gorog

Alema Rar, whom Saba helped track to Kr.

Following Saba's duel with Welk, Leia and Han decided that she should receive treatment on Ossus for her injuries. Jaina and Zekk refused to return to Ossus without Lowbacca, however, Alema Rar accompanied them. While aboard the Falcon, Saba slipped into a Jedi healing trance, to slow the poisons inflicted by Welk's Killik assassins and heal her head injuries. However, en route, Alema revealed that she had turned to the dark side and engaged Leia in a duel; though the older woman successfully knocked her unconscious, and subsequently confined her.[7]

On Ossus, Saba received treatment from Master Cilghal, before they discovered that Alema Rar had been absorbed into the Gorog nest. They assumed that the Gorog had hidden itself from Raynar's Colony, by unknown means. The Jedi learned that the Gorog had been trying to start a war with the Chiss and later, after Alema Rar escaped, Saba went after her with Luke, Mara, Han, and Leia. They tracked the rogue Dark Jedi to Qoribu's moon, Kr. There, they discovered the Gorog nest, with Saba and the others managing to kill many of its corrupted Killiks, along with its Night Herald, Welk, but they failed to wipe out the nest. Raynar Thul, who they believed to be manipulated by Lomi Plo, still did not believe that the Gorog existed.[7]

After the attack on Kr, Leia asked Saba to train her to be a Jedi and Saba accepted her as her apprentice.[7]

Training Organa Solo

One year after the border dispute, Saba traveled to the Killik world of Woteba, along with her apprentice, Leia Organa Solo, and Masters Luke and Mara Skywalker. The planet was part of the Utegetu Nebula, which was given to the Killiks so that their expansion would not reach Chiss space. On Woteba, Raynar told the Jedi and Han that a disease known as "the Fizz" had been killing many Killiks; he blamed them for the disease. Saba, Leia, and Mara left the planet while Han and Luke stayed to discover the origin of the disease.[12]

Later Saba, Leia, Mara, and several other Jedi tried to return to Woteba in order to recover Luke and Han from the planet, but were cut off by the Galactic Alliance Fifth Fleet. The Fifth Fleet had blockaded the nebula in the hopes of keeping the Killiks contained. Influenced by the Gorog Nest, under its Unseen Queen Lomi Plo, the Killiks and their Joiners had recently been pirating membrosia, an addictive drug, and were attempting to start another war. The Galactic Alliance set out to put a stop to the war before it could start. Saba and Leia, who were in the Falcon, attempted to run the blockade, but were eventually captured. Saba and Leia met with Bothan Admiral Nek Bwua'tu, who ordered them detained in detention cells. Through the Force, Leia made contact with Luke, who told her that fifteen Killik nest ships were aiming themselves in the blockade's direction. The Killiks, under Gorog's influence, where attempting to escape from the nebula and travel to the Unknown Regions; however, Leia and Saba managed to break out of their detention cells and warn the admiral of the Killiks' attack.[12]

Saba's most important student, Leia Organa Solo.

Nek Bwua'tu believed the Jedi and prepared for the impending attack. When the Killik nest ships arrived, Bwua'tu's forces opened fire. The busts on Bwua'tu's Star Destroyer, the Admiral Ackbar, revealed their true purpose when hundreds of small Killiks burst out of them and attacked the Galactic Alliance forces on board. While the Killik Nest ships attacked the Fifth Fleet, Raynar Thul and the Dark Nest boarded the Admiral Ackbar. Saba and Leia aided the evacuation process as hundreds of Killiks boarded the ship; though Raynar and the Killiks commandeered the ship shortly after Saba and Leia escaped aboard the Falcon. The Admiral Ackbar, along with four other nest ships, escaped the blockade. Once on the Star Destroyer Mon Mothma, Saba witnessed Bwua'tu order the remaining nest ships to be fired upon; the Swarm War had begun.[12]

Some weeks later, Saba accompanied Leia and Han to the Killik world of Tenupe. The Solos were hoping to reclaim their daughter Jaina, who was aiding the Killiks in their fight against the Chiss, however, Saba, Han, and Leia were captured by the Chiss and taken captive. The three soon escaped captivity and Leia, during her interrogation, learned that the Chiss were planning to destroy the Killiks by infesting them with parasites. Saba and the others located the two Chiss bombers that were going to unleash the parasites on the planet and, along with Jaina, Zekk and the traitorous Alema Rar, destroyed the bombers. One of the wings containing the parasites broke off the bomber and plummeted into the forest. Saba and Leia chased after it on foot, but were separated. While searching for the wing, Leia encountered Alema Rar, and the two engaged in a fierce lightsaber duel. Saba looked on, confident of her apprentice's skills; Leia managed to knock Alema into the waiting jaws of a Tenupian spider sloth, supposedly ending the Twi'lek's life, though this would prove not to be the case.[13]

Some hours later, Luke Skywalker killed Lomi Plo and brought Raynar back to the light, ending the Killik conflict. After Raynar was returned to the Jedi Temple, he was placed in a rehabilitation room, where he underwent harsh treatments to overcome the Killiks' influence. When the Swarm War ended, Saba granted Leia the rank of Jedi Knight and suggested that she would benefit from constructing her own lightsaber.[13]

Second Galactic Civil War (40 ABY41 ABY)

Early events

In 40 ABY, Saba aided in Luke's search for Lumiya following the death of Master Tresina Lobi on Coruscant[3] and later, as the Second Galactic Civil War progressed, Saba expressed worry to her fellow Council members that the Galactic Alliance had been involved in the assassination of Corellian Five Worlds Prime Minister and Confederation leader Dur Gejjen.[14]

Saba giving the eulogy at Mara Jade Skywalker's funeral.

Following the death of Mara Jade Skywalker, Saba read the eulogy at her funeral, as her former apprentice Leia, was forced to flee the Jedi Temple, due to the arrival of Galactic Alliance Guard operatives who attempted to arrest her and her husband. When Jacen Solo arrived late to his aunt's funeral, Saba used her eulogy as a message to Jacen; to renounce his newfound dark ways and return to the light as Mara had some years before. However, unbeknown to Master Sebatyne, Jacen was responsible for Mara's death, and had become the Sith Lord, Darth Caedus. At the conclusion of the memorial service, Saba and Solo exchanged barely civil remarks, before the Jedi Master turned her attention to Master Skywalker.[5]

Saba and her fellow Council members had worried about the Jedi Grand Master's state of mind, following the death of his wife and had taken measures to spare him distress, by avoiding involving him in the business of the Jedi Order and hence allow him time to grieve. However, immediately after Mara's funeral the Council discussed Jacen Solo's recent actions; including an illegal coup against Chief of State Cal Omas. Saba expressed her distrust of Solo, as did the other Masters, while Master Skywalker hoped to return him to the fold.[5]

To accomplish this, Master Skywalker convinced Saba and the other Council Masters to agree to support Jacen and the Alliance in the upcoming Battle of Kuat. A large number of the Jedi, including Saba, then joined together in a mass battle meld that allowed greater co-ordination between them as they entered the Battle of Balmorra on the side of Jacen and the Alliance, helping to deplete the victorious Confederation's fleet.[5]

While the Jedi waited aboard the Anakin Solo at the battle of Kuat, for the call to their StealthXs, Saba sat at the head of the Night Blades table and discussed the battle plan with the other Council members. Master Sebatyne expressed her disapproval of Jacen, and of Kyp Durron's boldness in questioning Luke Skywalker; planting her support firmly behind the Grand Master. However, the Council soon learnt of Cal Omas's death, and Ben Skywalker's involvement in it; the Council immediately suspected Jacen of provoking Ben to assassinate Omas, and after a confrontation with Solo, Luke withdrew Jedi support from the Alliance, a move Saba supported.[5]

The Jedi journeyed to Kashyyyk, where Master Sebatyne would be briefly reunited with her former apprentice Leia Organa Solo, before leading the Night Blades squadron against Jacen's fleet, in the Battle of Kashyyyk.[5] Following the battle, Saba and the rest of the Jedi Order relocated to a long abandoned Imperial base on Endor; the academy on Ossus and the New Jedi Temple having been captured by the GA. The Barabel would be involved in a training session between the Council Masters, dueling Master Corran Horn, while utilizing Master Octa Ramis's lightsaber in addition to her own. Saba was also present during Tenel Ka's visit to the makeshift Jedi headquarters; agreeing to be involved in a mission to rescue the Hapan Princess Allana.[15]

Rescue mission on Anakin Solo

During the Galactic Alliance attack to capture Centerpoint Station, the Jedi staged a diversionary attack on the Anakin Solo to rescue Allana from the hands of Darth Caedus. Master Sebatyne accompanied Luke and Ben Skywalker in infiltrating the ship.[15]

En route, the Jedi encountered several YVH droids that Caedus had hoped would remove the threat of either Master Sebatyne or Skywalker, as he knew he faced impossible odds were he to be confronted by the pair together. Fortunately for the Jedi, the droids proved no match for them. The Jedi then made their way to the bridge of the Solo so as to confront the Sith Lord.[15]

Unbeknownst to Caedus, the Jedi confronted the Sith Lord, so as to distract him while Leia, Han and Iella Antilles rescued Allana. The Barabel Master was severely injured in the attack after Darth Caedus used a Force push to trap her in an officer command pit aboard the bridge with an exploding YVH droid. Though she attempted to leap to safety, the blast still managed to injure her. Insisting that she stay and help Luke and Ben Skywalker she got back up to fight, but Luke quickly sent her back to the ship so she would not succumb to her wounds. The pair soon caught up with the injured Master, and together they successfully escaped the Sith Lord's command ship, along with the remainder of their team and the rescued Allana.[15]

Battle of Nickel One

Following the Second Battle of Fondor, Saba was one of the first Jedi Masters to agree with Jaina Solo's idea of eliminating Darth Caedus. Master Sebatyne, like the other members of the Jedi Council, had taken to calling Jacen Solo by his adopted title, as she believed that the being who was Jacen Solo had died sometime during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Master Sebatyne argued in favor of Jaina's plan, stating all diplomatic attempts to control Caedus had failed because he had no qualms about killing his rivals, as evidenced by his murder of Mara Jade Skywalker.[16]

Saba accompanied the Grand Master and the Solo family to Nickel One where intelligence provided by Lon Shevu indicated Caedus would be. During the battle Saba manned the laser cannons of the groups blastboat and proved eager at the chance to destroy Imperial Starhunters. Though it appeared to Caedus' forces that the Jedi Coalition had launched an attack on Nickel One, it was merely a diversion so that Jaina Solo could surprise him during the chaos and eliminate him.[16]

Whilst the Jedi continued the diversion, Saba became frustrated that the Mandalorians under the leadership of Boba Fett were stealing a large portion of her kills. Ultimately, the Jedi managed to escape the battle with Jaina, though she failed to kill Caedus.[16]

Battle of Shedu Maad

During the Jedi Order's defense of their base on Shedu Maad, Saba appeared to be accepted as first among equals on the Council, while Master Skywalker focused so intently upon the Force that he was unresponsive. Later she acted as a commando, and boarded the Millennium Falcon during the later stages of the fighting. Han and Leia Solo piloted the ship past the defenses of the Anakin Solo, allowing Saba and the other Jedi Masters to board the Star Destroyer and eliminate any resistance; indeed, with a small exertion through the Force, the Jedi Master slammed a squad of sharpshooters to the ground head first.[16]

During this conflict Caedus was killed in a duel with Jaina, which ended the Second Galactic Civil War. However, Saba and the other Masters were still required to remove the resistance created by the Council of Moffs and were instrumental in ensuring Jagged Fel was accepted as the new High Moff.[16]

Rising tensions (43 ABY—)

Following Caedus' death, Natasi Daala ascended to the position of Chief of State. Chief Daala was quick to foster a widespread anti-Jedi sentiment, which culminated in the arrest of Grand Master Luke Skywalker for 'dereliction of duty' in allowing Jacen Solo to transform into Darth Caedus. Skywalker was able to negotiate with Daala, and while he gained his freedom, he was forced into exile from Coruscant and the Jedi Order. In addition, Skywalker was forced to appoint Jedi Master Kenth Hamner as the acting Master of the Order.[17]

Saba was among those who sadly farewelled Luke and Ben Skywalker from Coruscant the day after the trial that sealed the Grand Masters' fate. She was also among a meeting of Jedi Masters, as well as several influential Jedi Knights, who gathered to discuss the state of the Order with Kenth Hamner. When Hamner, who was attempting to humanize the Order in the eyes of the public, asked for a volunteer Master to star in a documentary about the Order, Saba noted that she would appear far too ferocious to children watching. As a senior Jedi Master, it is likely that Saba was among the first Jedi to have a Galactic Alliance observer assigned to her; Hamner having said that observers would be assigned to Masters first, followed by Knights and apprentices. A short while after observers were assigned to Jedi, Saba was asked to report to Hamner during one of his morning addresses in the Great Hall to receive a new assignment.[17]

Later, the Jedi won a court case against the government overturning the requirment that all Jedi be shadowed by Galactic Alliance observers.[17] Master Sebatyne later stood with her former apprentice Leia Organa Solo and several others at the steps of the Jedi Temple before negotiations began between Master of the Order Kenth Hamner, Organa Solo and Chief of State Daala regarding the Orders deception of the government. Ultimately, the Order were allowed to retain custody of the rogue Jedi Seff Hellin and Natua Wan who had succumbed to a strange psychosis, so that Jedi healers could study them. Unfortunately, the similarly afflicted Valin and Jysella Horn remained in the hands of the government.[18]

Personality and traits

Similar to the Jedi of the old Jedi Order, Saba found it difficult to understand the concept of grieving one's loss.[5] However, in contrast to the Jedi's ideals concerning attachments, her reasonings were attributed to an idiosyncrasy of the Barabel species, as Saba seemed to consider grief a purely human emotion.[5] At the same time, Saba suffered noticeable pain at the destruction of her homeworld and her accidental killing of thousands of Barabel, perhaps proving that the Jedi Master was not beyond feeling grief after all.[1]

Saba was notable for believing that Jedi should live in the moment, and heed the will of the Force, and found it taxing to deal with her apprentice Leia Organa Solo's need to plan matters to the smallest detail.[12] Master Sebatyne's Barabel instincts gave her a natural edge in combat and tracking; the Barabel being notorious for their love of the "hunt". Along with her son and the Hara sisters, Saba displayed a strange sense of humor that only other Barabel tended to understand.[2]

Powers and abilities

"Saba, her sword work brilliant…"
―Ben Skywalker, admiring Saba's skill with a lightsaber

As a member of the Jedi Council, Saba was naturally a Jedi Master with an extremely strong attunement to the Force.[15] Saba was skilled in the use of Force Sense, a power which heightened after the Yuuzhan Vong devastation of Barab I; she was able to detect a disturbance at the funeral of Mara Jade Skywalker, and sense the apparent death of Luke Skywalker during the battle of Kashyyyk.[5] Master Sebatyne also detected Ben Skywalker's periodical disappearance and subsequent reappearance in the Force, during his torture at the hands of Jacen Solo.[5] Indeed, Jacen regarded Saba's Force sense so highly that he feared she had penetrated his "public face" at his aunt's funeral; recognizing that he had become a Sith Lord.[5] Jacen also regarded Master Sebatyne as a threat to him, feeling that her power in the Force and skill with a lightsaber would be difficult for him to overcome.[15]

Master Sebatyne was a master of telekinesis, being capable of directing objects with her mind as demonstrated aboard the Anakin Solo at the end of the Second Galactic Civil War.[16] It is possible that Master Sebatyne was capable of utilizing the power of Force Valor, to overcome the pain of her injuries, as evidenced by her seemingly impossible ability to remain upright after being wounded by an exploding YVH droid.[15] Saba was also particularly skilled in the use of Force Meld; being one of the original proponents of the technique, and one of its fore most coordinators, during the Yuuzhan Vong War.[2] Following her duel with Welk and injuries sustained by Killik assassins, Saba demonstrated an affinity for the Jedi healing trance, being able to survive otherwise fatal wounds.[7]

Despite her large size, Saba was capable of using the Force to enhance her mobility, harnessing powers such as Force Jump with surprising grace.[15] Saba's natural Barabel physical strength lent her an advantage in combat, allowing her to place extreme power behind her lightsaber blows.[15] Master Sebatyne was an accomplished duelist, who fought the Sith, Welk, to a stalemate, before being interrupted by Killiks,[7] and was capable of sparring Jedi Master Corran Horn, who utilized a three-meter-long lightsaber blade, to a stand still. During this sparring session with Master Horn, Saba made use of dual lightsabers indicating she had considerable skill with the use of Jar'Kai.[15]

Behind the scenes

Saba Sebatyne first appeared in the eleventh installment of The New Jedi Order series, Star by Star, though chronologically she was first mentioned in the e-book novella Recovery.[19] Both novels were written by author Troy Denning, with Recovery acting as a prelude to Star by Star and hence informing the reader of Saba's background as the first apprentice of Jedi Master Eelysa and the Master of the Force-sensitive squadron known as the Wild Knights.[6]



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