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Full Name: Saavik
Species: Half-Romulan/Half-Vulcan
Gender: Female
Born: 2264
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Parents: Adoptive Father: Sarek
Adoptive Mother: Amanda Grayson
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Spock
Previous Assignment: Commanding Officer, unknown Starfleet science vessel
Assignment: Commanding Officer, USS Alliance
Rank: Captain
Insignia: Image:2370s cmd capt.png

Saavik was a half-Romulan/half-Vulcan who overcame her difficult childhood to become a successful Starfleet officer and wife to Ambassador Spock.


Early Years

Saavik was born on the planet Hellguard in 2264. Saavik had a harsh childhood living on Hellguard, a planet which bordered the Romulan Neutral Zone. In either the Vulcan or Romulan language, her name means "little cat." Her life changed in 2274 when the Vulcan vessel Symmetry arrived and she was rescued by Commander Spock. Spock took a leave of absence and began to teach Saavik the Vulcan way of life, but had great difficulty with her. After a year of living on Dantria IV, Spock decided to take Saavik to Vulcan where he would care for her with the help of Sarek and Amanda. (TOS novel: The Pandora Principle; and UV comic: "Worlds Collide").

In accordance with Vulcan traditions, Sarek arranged for Saavik to be bonded to a young Vulcan boy named Xon, whose original bond-mate had tragically died in an accident. (TOS comic #7: "The Origin of Saavik, Chapter One: Pon-Farr!")

Saavik was given an excellent upbringing on Vulcan and soon embraced the Vulcan way of life, but decided that she wanted to follow Spock into Starfleet and entered Starfleet Academy in 2281, assigned to live in Residence Complex Three. Her time at the Academy was not the easiest, and many of her classmates viewed her as an enemy, but she became a valuable resource for Starfleet in interpreting intelligence data and putting many myths to rest about Romulan psychology. She also forged a friendship with Cadet Peter Preston, whom she tutored in Advanced Theoretical Mathematics. (TOS novels: The Pandora Principle, The Captain's Daughter, novelization: The Wrath of Khan).

Starfleet Career

Saavik was granted her commission while still studying at Starfleet Academy. In 2285, as a Lieutenant, junior grade, she served as navigator of the USS Enterprise under Admiral James T. Kirk on their mission to recover the Genesis Device. (TOS movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

Soon after, Saavik began to feel the effects of pon farr, the Vulcan mating urge. She sought out Xon, who was working undercover for Starfleet Intelligence with the Romulan Star Empire, to the galactic barrier where the Romulans were trying to duplicate the experiment that gave Gary Mitchell his god-like powers. With the assistance of the Enterprise, Saavik and Xon defeated the Romulan plot. With the needs of their Pon-Farr sated, Saavik and Xon returned to their respective assignments. (DC Comics first series issue #8)

Xon's ultimate fate is unknown, but as Saavik married elsewhere, it can be assumed that his fate wasn't a pleasant one.

That same year, she transfered to the USS Grissom, along with Doctor David Marcus. The two discovered the reborn and rapidly maturing Spock on the surface of the Genesis Planet, where they were stranded after the destruction of the Grissom by Klingons. Saavik helped guide the young Spock through the pon farr, and accompanied him, and the former crew of the Enterprise, back to Vulcan to be rejoined with his katra. (TOS movie: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

In the novelisations of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Saavik had started a romantic relationship with Dr Marcus which led to her transferring to the USS Grissom.
The Strange New Worlds story "The First Law of Metaphysics" has Saavik remaining on Vulcan from 2285 until at least 2293, teaching at the Institute for the Transmission of Vulcan Culture. This is contradicted by several other stories which have her as part of the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A).

In 2288, following the promotion of Hikaru Sulu to Captain of the USS Excelsior, Saavik rejoined the Enterprise Crew, this time serving on the Enterprise-A. (DC Comics second series: Tests of Courage)

On stardate 8625.2, Lieutenant Saavik and Captain Spock were part of a diplomatic mission to Mardelva. During an attempted coup on the planet, their shuttle was caught in the crossfire and crashed on the planet's surface. (DC Comics second series: Deceptions)

On stardate 8748.4, Saavik was assigned an undercover mission into Romulan space to retrieve Professor David Erikson, who was attempting to defect from the Federation. (DC Comics second series: Renegade)

She was present when the Enterprise-A was sent to the planet Mestiko to retrive a weapon stolen by a local terrorist group called the Torye. (TOS eBook Mere Anarchy: The Blood-Dimmed Tide)

She served on the Enterprise-A for two years before a disagreement with Spock about his new protégé, Valeris, prompted her to request a transfer. (DC Comics second series: Special #2, A Question of Loyalty)

According to the novelization of The Undiscovered Country, Saavik met Valeris at a governmental office in shi'Kahr, and was responsible for her sponsorship with Spock.

In 2293, Saavik attended James T. Kirk's memorial service in the grounds of Starfleet Academy, along with many other former Enterprise crewmembers. (TOS novel: Crucible: The Fire and the Rose).

After The Enterprise

Saavik was an eye witness to the events of the Tomed Incident in 2311. During that time, a child ran from her in terror at the sight of her "Romulan" features.

Saavik made her way up through the ranks, and by the year 2339, Saavik had become the First Officer of the USS Armstrong. She held that post until at least 2344.

She and Spock had remained close over the years, and their relationship eventually grew beyond cameraderie into something more. In 2339, the couple became betrothed in a formal ceremony on planet Vulcan that was attended by Admiral Leonard McCoy and Lieutenant Jean-Luc Picard.

In 2344, she was sent to the Romulan Star Empire on an unofficial assignment by Captain Uhura of Starfleet Intelligence to retrieve Spock, who had answered a mysterious summons from the Romulan commander Charvanek. When Saavik arrived on Romulus, she found the Romulan capital in a state of turmoil.

The mad Praetor Draleth was planning on launching an unprovoked attack on the Klingon colony at Narendra III in order to starrt a quadrant-wide war. Spock instructed Saavik to leave Romulus and raise the alarm for Narendra while Spock (who was suffering from the beginning stages of Pon-Farr) and his ally Ruanek took care of Draleth.

Saavik managed to reach the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C), who went on to defend Narendra, while sending Saavik back to Vulcan, where she was soon reunited with Spock. Soon after, the couple were officially married in another ceremony, this one attended by both McCoy and Uhura. (TOS novel Vulcan's Heart)

The Alliance

Saavik eventually rose to the rank of Captain, and was content for a time to command science vessels while the Federation was at peace. When the war with the Dominion broke out in 2373, she requested command of a combat-worthy vessel, and was given command of the USS Alliance.

At some point during the war in 2374 she was injured in ship-to-ship combat and transferred to home duty on Vulcan. Her former first officer, Captain Howe, sent her a "get well cactus". (ST short story: "Blood Sacrifice")

In early 2377, she led a diverse convoy of vessels into the space of the mysterious Watraii, who had announced plans for a genocidal war against the Romulan Star Empire. In this first encounter, Admiral Pavel Chekov was believed to have been killed in a transporter accident. (Vulcan's Soul: Exodus)

After it was discovered by Uhura that Chekov had not been killed, but was instead languishing in a Waatri prison cell, Saavik took the Alliance back into Waatri space for a rescue operation. The effort was successful, but Saavik had to deal with the immediate consequences of the rescue operation. (Vulcan's Soul: Exiles, Epiphany)

Saavik remained in command of the Alliance until at least the year 2379. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)


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Saavik was a Vulcan Starfleet officer in the late 23rd century.


Early life

Saavik was born on Hellguard, a failed Romulan colony. She is half Vulcan and half Romulan. Abandoned shortly after birth, she lived as a street child until age 10, when she was rescued by a Vulcan exploration party at the behest of Spock. Spock attended to her education personally, and sponsored her admission to Starfleet Academy. (TOS novels The Wrath of Khan and The Search for Spock)

A line of dialogue that would have revealed this in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was edited out prior to the film's release.

Starfleet career

Saavik was a Starfleet cadet with rank Lieutenant junior grade in early 2285, and served aboard the USS Enterprise as navigator under Admiral Kirk during the Genesis crisis. At this stage in her career, she often quoted Starfleet regulations, and was surprised by the way Kirk occasionally bent those rules. Despite her Vulcan stoicism, Saavik was seen to cry at Spock's funeral. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

Later that year, Saavik was transferred to the USS Grissom, where she further studied the Genesis Planet along with Kirk's son David Marcus. There, they found the body of Captain Spock, who was believed lost. When Saavik and Marcus found him, Spock's regenerated body was physiologically that of a child, but he aged rapidly. Saavik helped Spock through the agonies of the pon farr. She travelled to Vulcan with the Enterprise crew to reintegrate Spock's katra into his body in 2285. This was her first visit to Vulcan. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

In 2286, she remained on Vulcan when the Enterprise crew, together with Captain Spock, left for Earth. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

The film's writers intended that this was because she was pregnant with Spock's child as a result of the pon farr, but no references to her pregnancy made it into the finished movie. There was no pregnancy in the novelization.

Later she transferred to USS Lexington, serving as Science Officer with rank lieutenant commander. (Star Trek: Lexington)

By 2381, Saavik had worked her way up to the rank of Admiral, as mentioned to Captain Kirk by Klingon Commander Kruge, following his research of the events in galactic history following the Genesis Incident of 2285. (Harry Potter and the Fountain of Possibilities: "All Hell Breaks Loose")

Personal life

Saavik does not know which of her parents as Vulcan and which Romulan. She has intentionally not performed genetic tests to find her Vulcan family. She does have a Romulan family mark branded on to her shoulder. (TOS novel Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

Spock was Saavik's mentor from her rescue from Hellguard at age 10 to his death in 2285. After his restoration on Vulcan, he failed to recognize Saavik. (TOS novel Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

Saavik taught mathematics to Scott's nephew Peter Preston as a cadet until his death during the Khan incident. (TOS novel The Wrath of Khan)

Saavik met Kirk's son David Marcus during the Genesis crisis. By the time of her assignment to USS Grissom, they had become lovers. Their relationship ended when Marcus was killed at the orders of Kruge. (TOS novel Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)


  • Saavik was played by Kirstie Alley in Star Trek II and by Robin Curtis in Star Trek III and IV. There are, however, a few inconsistencies present with this change of actress. Alley's eyebrows were not characteristically slanted like all other Vulcans seen to that point. Her hair also changed from straight to curled when picked up by Curtis, although her eyebrows took on a familiar Vulcan slant. Additionally, Alley's eyes were green while Curtis had brown eyes.
  • Alley also played Saavik in The Machiavellian Principle a play written by Walter Koenig for the "Ultimate Fantasy" convention. The script, as published by Creation Conventions in a 1987 booklet called "Through the Looking Glass", misspells the name as "Savik".
  • Marie Cano portrayed Saavik (with the rank of lieutenant commander) in Star Trek: Lexington fan film series (set soon after Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home). She was later replaced by Renda Carr. [1]


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