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This article is about the daughter of Darth Wyyrlok (III). You may be looking for Saarai, the teachings of Nikkos Tyris, or the Saarai-kaar, the leader of the Jensaarai order of Force-users.
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Legacy era

"My line continues with a daughter in training on Korriban. She will be a fine Wyyrlok in her time."
Darth Wyyrlok (III)

Saarai was a female Chagrian Sith apprentice in the One Sith, destined to take on the title of Darth Wyyrlok IV. Her name meant "truth" in the ancient Sith language


"Saarai is my daughter and will, some day, be the next Darth Wyyrlok."
―Darth Wyyrlok III

Saarai was destined to become the Dark Lord Darth Krayt's next Voice and protector. She was the daughter of the third Wyyrlok, granddaughter of the second Darth Wyyrlok, and great-granddaughter of the first Darth Wyyrlok. In 137 ABY, she was undergoing training in the Sith academy on Korriban.

After Wyyrlok secretly killed Darth Krayt, Saarai was placed in charge of guarding Krayt's tomb within XoXaan's Temple while her father prepared it.

When a recently revived Darth Stryfe demanded entrance to the tomb, she refused to allow him to enter. Stryfe attacked her, and after a protracted unarmed fight, Saarai overpowered the experienced Sith Lord. Using her considerable Force talents, she literally had his body bending to her will. However, her father came out and ordered her to cease before she could kill Stryfe. Then, he had Saarai return to her duty and let Stryfe enter the Status Room so they could discuss Krayt's "serious condition."

Powers and abilities

Saarai fighting Darth Stryfe with telekinesis.
"I have your heart in my hand."
―Saarai to Darth Stryfe

Even though she was merely an "unmarked" Sith apprentice, Saarai was highly proficient in the dark side of the Force. She was highly skilled with telekinesis, being capable of overpowering a Sith Lord as powerful as Darth Stryfe, who had served as both the Fist and a Hand, and employing the Force to exert pressure on Lord Stryfe's heart, and then use the Force to twist his muscular body.


  • Star Wars Legacy 14: Claws of the Dragon, Part 1 (First mentioned)
  • Star Wars Legacy 34: Storms, Part 1 (First appearance) (First identified as Saarai)

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