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Saalo Morn
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Old Republic era

"Welcome to the home of Saalo Morn—the Dark Lord of the Sith. What offering have you brought me?"
―Saalo Morn

Saalo Morn was, in truth, a self-obsessed Near-Human male Dark Jedi during the days of the Old Republic. However, he wished to think of himself as much more.


The crypt of Saalo Morn.

In 2,996 BBY, Saalo Morn failed his training as a Jedi Knight. He decided to embrace the dark side and fled to an unidentified primitive planet with his Master's Force-imbued helmet. Like the renegade Jedi that harnessed the original Sith four millennia earlier, Morn assumed power over the native tribes. They would bring him the spoils of the outlanders that lay foot upon the desolate world.

However, Morn never encountered a suitable Force-sensitive to endow the honor of becoming his apprentice, thus beginning the great Sith Empire anew. He brought this failure to his grave. As a dark spirit, he patiently yet deathlessly awaited the arrival of a Force adept who he could possess or train as a Sith apprentice.


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