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Star Trek: Swiftfire is a Star Trek-based fan fiction series set in the 24th century during the TNG era, centred around the adventures of the USS Swiftfire-A.



The series was born in 1999 with the writing of "The Darkness Within", set prior to the beginning of the series. That story along with another pre-series story were first made available online in 2000. The series proper would start in 2001, when the first season became available online. Set during the Dominion War the series naturally has a heavy Star Trek: Deep Space Nine influence.

The series is organised into numbered seasons, each with 10 episodes. Currently the series is into its third season. There are also a number of "special" episodes, which are set in the same continuity but are not included within the seasons.

Canon and continuity

Star Trek: Swiftfire continuity includes:

Certain elements from non-canon works (eg Andorian gender, Hazard suits, etc) are included however no non-canon work has yet to be included in its entirety into the series' continuity.

The series has also been heavily influenced by the unofficial RPG works by Steven Long, particularly The Dominion War Sourcebook: The Fires of Armageddon. His Ship Recognition Manuals have also become the source for many ship classes and statistics used in the series.

Main characters

As with many other fan fictions and RPGs Swiftfire makes use of photomanipulations of celebrities to represent characters. This information is available in the individual character articles.

Episode guide


Pre-season one

The following two stories were the first two stories written for this series. They are reasonably important due to them introducing characters and certain plot points.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
"The Darkness Within" Unknown (2372) Set before the beginning of season 1, Jonathan Masters is still a commander and serving as first officer of the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125), which is dispatched to reinforce Deep Space 9 during the First Battle of Deep Space 9. Masters faces off against the renewed Klingon threat unaware of a much more dangerous threat from within Starfleet.
"Vengeance" 50762.2 (2373) Captain Jonathan Masters and the just commissioned USS Swiftfire-A are tasked with their first mission, hunt down a rogue Starfleet officer attacking the re-allied Klingons.

Season one

Season One of Star Trek: Swiftfire is set during a roughly six month period from late 2373 (Stardate 50980.8) to the middle of 2374. The episodes cover the USS Swiftfire-A's service with the Starfleet Fifth Fleet from the Battle of Sector 432 to Operation Return.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
1.01 "Deployment" 50980.8 (2373) The Federation is now at war with the Dominion and the USS Swiftfire-A has been sent to reinforce the Starfleet forces on the front lines. But the crew are still edgy and rivalries erupt and it is up to Captain Jonathan Masters to bring the crew together before they can face the challenges ahead.
1.02 "The Front" Unknown The Swiftfire is now on the front with the Fifth Fleet but when a Dominion attack force damage the fleets important repair facility, the fleet is left with no way to do major repairs to their vessels. The Dominion launch non-stop attacks to dislodge the fleet putting every ship and crew in a precarious position.
1.03 "Regression" Unknown With the loss of Sector 432 the Fifth Fleet along with the Swiftfire have fallen back to the Guyra system where they are joined by the Klingon Third Battlegroup. When the Klingons go into battle and all contact is lost they fear the worse. The Swiftfire is part of the search group sent to find the fleet and find that the Klingons are not going anywhere soon.
1.04 "Over the Horizon" Unknown The Dominion continue their push to Sol. In the Guyra system Starfleet unlock the power to the mysterious moon base, which has more firepower then an entire fleet. The Fifth and the Third Battlegroup set a trap for the Dominion fleet. Unknown to the fleets a Changeling has infiltrated the base and is planning the destruction of the Federation and Klingon fleets.
1.05 "Moral Actions" Unknown The Fifth and Third Battlegroup get a visit from the USS Enterprise-E. Her captain, Jean-Luc Picard, has special orders from Starfleet Command. The Enterprise is to form a task force to attack a secret Cardassian weapons convoy and the Swiftfire is chosen to be part of this task force.
1.06 "Pressure Points" Unknown Command sends the Klingon Ninth Battlegroup, the most successful battlegroup in the entire Klingon fleet to join the Fifth Fleet. The Klingon commander proposes a dangerous plan to strike at the Fifth's old home, Sector 432.  This operation is to tie in with the Seventh Fleet's attack in the Tyra system and if successful will halt the Dominion's advance.
1.07 "Rode the 600" Unknown Captain Benjamin Sisko plans an operation to take back Deep Space 9 and the Fifth is to take part. The fleet is forced to launch earlier then expected and with only half of the ships. The fleet is intercepted by a Dominion fleet twice their size in a battle with the fate of the Alpha Quadrant at stake.
1.08 "Unfinished Business" Unknown As Captain Masters goes over the records for a ship's counsellor he stumbles on a reference to an old flame. As the captain relives the past he learns the shocking truth and consequences of his actions. What if the person you loved the most is the person you hurt the most? 
1.09 "Task Force 59" Unknown The Swiftfire goes to the support of a Starfleet Peregrine fighter group that is taking on several Jem'Hadar ships. The fighters belong to a forward attack group operating on the front and in Dominion territory, called Task Force 59. The Swiftfire is recruited to takes part in an operation with the task force to destroy a high priority Dominion target.
1.10 "The Founder Ploy" Unknown A squadron from the Swiftfire is on patrol when they are apprehended by Special Operations Command to assist in a mission. The mission is to head deep into Cardassian space and kidnap the Founder leading the Dominion, a mission that could bring a swift and favourable end to the war.

Season two

Season Two of Star Trek: Swiftfire is set during a roughly six month period from mid-2374 (Stardate 51480.8) to early 2375. The Swiftfire is no longer assigned to the Fifth Fleet and joins Starfleet Task Force 59 to continue the fight against the Dominion. Aimee Wessling becomes a main character in this season.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
2.01 "No Rest for the Wicked" 51480.8 (2374) The USS Swiftfire-A returns to Earth for repairs giving the crew a much needed break from the front.
2.02 "Q, Time and Again" Unknown The Swiftfire is trapped in a time loop and only Captain Jonathan Masters is aware of it. He is forced to experience the destruction of the Swiftfire over and over again. As he endeavours to break the cycle he is visited by the most unwelcome of guests, Q.
2.03 "A Rough Time" Unknown Acts of piracy in Federation space have increased rapidly since the outset of the war.  One group, the Rough Necks, has been a particular problem.  In an attempt to destroy their operation Masters goes under cover to bust their operation while the Swiftfire along with Starfleet Task Force 59 hunt down the pirates.
2.04 "Change in Command" Unknown In an attack on a Dominion facility the Swiftfire ends up trapped behind Dominion lines.  Heavily damaged and with the captain seriously injured it is up to Commander Susan Core to somehow get the ship and its crew back to Federation space.
2.05 "For the Federation" 51728.7 Betazed has fallen and the Dominion is closer to Earth then ever, but with this comes good news - the Romulans have entered the war on the Federation's side.  The inclusion of the Romulans brings Lieutenant Karak face to face with an enemy from his past, while it gives Wing Commander Maxine Benton a chance to strike out at the Dominion for the fall of her homeworld.
2.06 "A Dreadful Operation" Unknown Special Operations Command takes command a platoon of Starfleet Marines and a squadron of fighters from the Swiftfire for a special operation.  They are to head deep into Dominion space, infiltrate a secret Dominion shipyards and get information on the Dominion's newest warship.
2.07 "Into the Fire" Unknown The Federation and its Allies are ready to go on the offensive.  The target: the Chin'toka system, a stepping stone to Cardassia itself.  Task Force 59 joins the fleet for battle but when they get to the system a new weapon is brought online, risking the success of the mission.
2.08 "Semper Fidelis" Unknown Colonel David Tiki and his Marines take part in the invasion of Chin'toka.  Things go wrong and the Marines are soon on the run from the Jem'Hadar.  While trying to escape the Marines will make an amazing discovery but at the same time someone close to the colonel will give their life to save him and the rest of the Marines.
2.09 "Waiting for the Sun" 51973.67 When a shuttle carrying Captain Masters crashes on a planet there are only two survivors, Captain Masters and Captain Rachel Daley. The two officers find themselves in a predicament when a severe weather system moves in and Masters is injured. Meanwhile the Swiftfire finds an unusual ship near the front.
2.10 "Section 214C" Unknown (Part 1 of 2) Captain Masters learns some new information about the attempt on his life on Deep Space 9 two years ago (see: "The Darkness Within").  He leaves the Swiftfire to find out more information and is shown an insight into the secretive Section 214C.

Season three

Season Three of Star Trek: Swiftfire is set during a roughly year long period from early 2375 to the end of that year and finishing off the Dominion War. As of 2009, the season was ongoing.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
3.01 "Crossfire" 52042.37 (2375) (Part 2 of 2) The crew of the USS Swiftfire-A find out that their captain has been reported killed. It soon becomes apparent that the evidence is not all it seems to be and the crew searches for the truth. Meanwhile, Captain Jonathan Masters is stranded on a pre-warp planet with his captor pursued by forces with orders to stop them escaping at any cost.
3.02 "Always on My Mind" 52094.15 and 68592.1 Lieutenant Terri Letac wakes to find herself in the future. A future where the Dominion War is over and the Federation Alliance reigns victorious. There is one mystery left from the war, the fate of Task Force 59 and Starfleet wants answers. Answers that Letac realises she does not have.
3.03 "The Only Thing Necessary" 52250.66 The Swiftfire is tasked with initiating first contact with a species that has just discovered warp travel.
3.04 "To Delight in the Inhuman Word" 52296.18 The Swiftfire is boarded and the bulk of the crew are disabled. The boarders are led by a Vorta who has come looking for revenge on Captain Masters for the death of her predecessor.
3.05 "Bodyguard of Lies"
(in production)
Unknown The Swiftfire is rotated off the front back to Earth. On the way a JAG officer boards the vessel to conduct an investigation into the crew's conduct during the war.


Star Trek: Unity (crossover)

Star Trek: Swiftfire participated in the Star Trek: Unity project to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Star Trek. A crossover that involved several other fan fics, Swiftfire contributed two stories to the project.

Episode Name Stardate Synopsis
"The True" Unknown (2374) While on a mission inside the Badlands the USS Swiftfire-A is attacked by three Vendoth warships. Outnumbered, outgunned and on the run the Swiftfire's situation looks grim but unknown to the crew there are two other beings that are on their side and willing to help.
"United We Stand" Unknown (2376) The USS Swiftfire-A joins the Federation forces in the Sol system as the Vendoth armada approaches for the final and crucial battle of the conflict.


Title Stardate Synopsis
"The Verdict of History" Various The "Verdict of History" is a collection of eight short stories (the first and last been one story split into separate parts) based within the Swiftfire continuity focusing on various characters. Included are stories on Maxine Benton, Jase Collins, Jasis, Hadris, Terri Letac, Jonathan Masters and Yel'tar.
"There's No Angels Here" Unknown (2373) Set in the Pendragon universe, Jonathan Masters has left Starfleet to join the Maquis as they battle to protect their homes from the rampaging Klingon Empire.

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