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SS Botany Bay was a Terran DY-100 class sleeper ship. The ship was used by Khan Noonien Singh and his followers to escape Earth at the conclusion of the Eugenics Wars in 1996.

The ship was developed under top secret conditions by the United States of America in the 1990s. The technology was taken in part from the Ferengi shuttle that belonged to Quark after it had traveled back in time and crashed on Earth in 1947. Some technology, such as the specifications for the impulse engines, were provided by Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln. (TOS novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)

The launch of the Botany Bay

In 1996 Shannon O'Donnell and Roberta Lincoln launched the Botany Bay from its secret launch facility into Earth orbit. Roberta instructed O'Donnell to maintain that she was under Ferengi mind control when questioned, and then tranquilized her. Afterwards Khan and his folowers were taken on board the ship from an orbiting facility. After Khan named the ship, Khan and 84 of his followers were put into stasis while Gary Seven put the ship on course for a class M world approximately 100 light years from Earth. (TOS novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)

The ship was found adrift, 20 light years from Earth, by the USS Enterprise in 2267. (ST reference: Star Charts) Khan was the first to be revived when the Botany Bay detected the landing party from the Enterprise. Further examinations revealed that 12 of the stasis pods had malfunctioned during the ship's long journey, leaving 42 men and 30 women alive. Khan revived the remainder of the crew in an attempt to commandeer the Enterprise, but he ultimately failed. (TOS episode: "Space Seed") The personal effects of Khan's people which were aboard the Botany Bay were then transferred to Starfleet cargo containers on Ceti Alpha V, the planet where Khan and his followers were sent into exile. (TOS movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan). The Botany Bay itself was left adrift in space after Khan commandeered the Enterprise, and its final fate is unknown.

Alternate Reality

In an alternate reality where Khan was victorious in the Eugenics Wars, Shaun Geoffrey Christopher, Shannon O'Donnell, Rain Robinson and about 100 of Earth's top scientistic minds launched the Botany Bay sometime around 2009 or 2010. Their intention was to escape the horrors of Khan's conquests and to settle a habitable planet in the Eta Cassiopeiae star system. Unfortunately, the ship went off course and was eventually discovered in the late 24th century by Princeps Julian Bashir of the starship Defiance. The crew of the Botany Bay would learn that Khan had forced Earth's entire population to undergo genetic engineering and had gone on to create a brutal and despotic interstellar empire known as the Khanate of Earth. (Myriad Universes novel: Seeds of Dissent)



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