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SP42 Cobra
Production information
Product line



Anti-Vehicle/Building System

Technical specifications
  • 1 Driver
  • 1 Gunner

Human-Covenant War


UNSC Marine Corps


The SP42 Cobra is a Human Anti-Vehicle/Fortification system in use by the UNSC Marine Corps.[1]



A pair of Cobra artillery shelling an enemy position

Unlike many vehicles, the Cobra fills two distinct roles, that of a mobile Anti-Vehicle platform, and of a self-propelled artillery piece. It features armored panels that are designed to deflect hardened projectiles and absorb massive amounts of damage from explosive shells. Although it is not fast, the Cobra is still highly maneuverable, and can keep up with combat groups.

The SP42 Cobra is equipped with a pair of 16 MJ LRG Rail Guns on its turret that fire a high-density ferrous slug designed to penetrate enemy armor using sheer kinetic energy. It has a slow rate of fire, however. It also fires a projectile twice the size of an M68 Gauss Cannon slug. The rail guns fire intermittently, not in a single burst, as the energy required to accelerate the slug to the speeds required to pierce the heaviest armor can only be managed for one of the cannons at a time. Synchronized fire from both Gauss Cannons will destroy even the most heavily armored tank, with penetration that easily out-guns the standard 90mm gun of the M808B "Scorpion" MBT.

In addition to the Cobra's anti-vehicle role, the Marine tank crews can stabilize the vehicle into the ground, "locking it down", and deploy an arcing-trajectory 8 MJ LRG Rail Gun which fires a conventional explosive shell at supersonic velocities. Both the explosive and kinetic force of the shell complement each other to increase the damage inflicted.[1] When fully upgraded with the 'Piercing Shot' upgrade, one shot on the Normal difficulty has enough power to penetrate the shield mounted on a Locust and destroy it, while one shot can disable the shield on an upgraded Wraith and deal minor damage. In addition, the Cobra, when commandeered by Spartans and after acquiring about 15 stars, is capable of destroying a Scarab in just two shots. It sacrifices mobility for the range that elevating the heavy weapon can offer. The shells used are multipurpose, and can be adapted to eliminate anything from a formation of Covenant Wraiths to an enemy fortification or firebase, though its use against groups of infantry may be less effective if they are spread apart due to its small blast radius. Cobras can attack only ground units and are specifically designed to engage vehicles, so they are mostly vulnerable to Hunters and Banshees.



  • Deflection Plating: gives the Cobra extra protection. Cost 400 resources.
  • Piercing Shot: upgrades to railgun that can penetrate multiple targets, damaging each. Cost 900 resources.

Tips for using the Cobra

  • Lock them down, they are much stronger when in a stationary position.
  • Don't use one, multiple Cobras near each other can prove an impassible area.
  • On larger maps, lock them down near the teammate's base closest to the enemy, they can protect your ally while he/she builds up their army.
  • On Terminal Moraine, lock down a pair of cobras with some infantry in a sniper tower to have a well protected base.
  • Have two or three cobras flank an enemy, then lock them down close enough to hit their base, but far enough to be unseen.
  • Cobras and Cyclopses make a good couple, have one Cyclops upgraded for repairs near a Cobra, it can repair the Cobra while it takes a shot
  • Place them in a semi circle or a line at a choke point to provide you with an easily defended route.
  • On the level Glacial Ravine, put infantry in the two shield walls in the middle of the map, then make a line of locked-down Cobras, along with some wolverines to back them up, then you have an impassible route. Getting over them? Simple. Just build air units, or transport your infantry over the walls via Pelicans.


A formation of Cobra's in artillery mode, protecting a UNSC Firebase on Labyrinth.
  • A light tank in Halogen, a fan-made mod of Command and Conquer: Generals, also an RTS which was shut down by Microsoft, was also called the Cobra.
  • The vehicle was earlier described as being similar to a Russian 'Katyusha' Rocket artillery vehicle, which was spurred on by the appearance of vehicles similar to the Wolverine but possessing a different ordnance rack. This was a case of mistaken identity, as the vehicle sighted was an actual Wolverine, but with an upgrade adding a second missile pod, creating confusion.
  • The Cobra's artillery mode has an uncanny resemblance to the Terran siege tank from Starcraft, which could transform from Tank Mode to Siege Mode, with a sacrifice to mobility for longer range and greater firepower.
  • The Cobra is best used like a turret to hold key areas.
  • The Cobra is more akin to a Tank Destroyer, as it's intended role is to knock out enemy armored vehicles at long range with a large caliber or high velocity cannon; but is lightly armored compared to the main battle tanks it is designed to destroy and is vulnerable to heavily-armed infantry as it lacks any anti-infantry weapons.


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