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Dialogue file
This is the transcript of a dialogue file, a file which contains ingame messages related to scripts and items or the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game.
{100}{}{You see Sinthia, the seductive sellbaby.}
{101}{}{You see a pouty, shapely woman.}
{102}{}{Hey, darling, how you doing?}
{103}{}{Okay. Bye.}
{104}{}{Just fine, but I could be better.}
{106}{}{Oh, baby, I understand. You gotta run home to momma.
 Well, come back here when you need some luvin'!}
{107}{}{Yeah, sweets, same to you.}
{108}{}{You'll find whatever, or whoever, you're looking for,
 honey, and that'll make you all better, I'm sure.}
{109}{}{Maybe I can help you with that.}
{110}{}{Maybe you can. How much to you charge?}
{111}{}{I wouldn't let my dog touch you.}
{112}{}{Oh, baby, if you got to ask . . . more than you can afford.
 Maybe next time, sugar. See you around.}
{113}{}{Oh, sugar, that's just plain disgusting.}
{114}{}{Oh, gawd, please help me.}
{115}{}{Please don't let him kill me.}
{116}{}{I'm too young to die.}
{117}{}{Oh, gawd, I'm too pretty to die.}
{118}{}{Thank you for what you did. No one ever took care of me like
 that before.}
{119}{}{I can really take care of you later.}
{120}{}{You're welcome.}
{122}{}{Thanks again.}
{123}{}{Is that all you can think about? Geez. Some people.}
{124}{}{I mean, my boss didn't even send some of his goons to help.
 You'd think for all the cash I make for that loser, he
 would at least live up to his part of the bargain.}
{125}{}{Who's your boss?}
{126}{}{What bargain?}
{127}{}{Gizmo, of course. He runs all the sin in this town.
 Killian sure as hell wouldn't put up with me or my kind.
 If it wasn't for the fact that I make Giz a whole hell of
 a lot of money, I'd have to do other things to him.}
{128}{}{And, honey, those thoughts just don't do my stomach a whole
 lot of good.}
{129}{}{What else does Gizmo control?}
{130}{}{You should just hang it up and move on with your life.}
{131}{}{You're telling me. But what else can I do? It seems like
 my life has been designed by someone else. Oh, well. A
 girl has to make a living.}
{132}{}{But sugar, this one's for free.}
{133}{}{Thanks again, honey. We women gotta stick together.}
{134}{}{Just about every bad thing a person could do in this town.
 He owns the Casino. He runs me and some of the other
 gals, even some little kids. I hear he is trying to take
 over the bar.}
{135}{}{You stay away from him, okay? Take it from me, he is not
 the kind of patron he wants to make you think he is.
 Stay away.}
{136}{}{Giz wants to take care of Killian, if you get my meaning.}
{137}{}{Why, honey, I take care of men, and they take care of me in
 return. Gizmo gets 25% and I supposedly get his protection.
 You saw how well that went, huh?"}
{138}{}{What else does Gizmo control?}
{139}{}{You feel like paying another visit to Sinthia.}
{140}{}{Maybe Sinthia would like some company . . .}
{141}{}{You shit! You killed him! Why did you have to kill him?
 You bastard! I can't believe you killed him. All he wanted was someone to
 talk to. You don't care about human life, do you?}
{142}{}{You shit! You killed him! Why did you have to kill him?
 You bitch! I can't believe you killed him. All he wanted was someone to
 talk to. You don't care about human life, do you?}
{143}{}{Just get the hell out of my room!}
{144}{}{You killed him! I can't believe you killed him. All he
 wanted was someone to talk to . . .}
{145}{}{He ain't dead. He's just gonna have a hurt head when he
 wakes up.}
{147}{}{Yeah, whatever. Get the hell out of my room!}
{148}{}{Oh, sorry. I though he was dead. I though you killed him.
 He's not such a bad guy, after all. Just a little lonely.}
{149}{}{No problem.}
{150}{}{You again. What can I help you with this time?}
{151}{}{Just stopping by to see how you are doing.}
{152}{}{I've got $40, if you got ten minutes.}
{153}{}{I need some more info on your boss.}
{154}{}{Ah, honey, I don't think so. Imagine how the children
 would turn out.}
{155}{}{Doing fine, thanks to you, sugar.}
{156}{}{What do you want to know, but make it short, honey, I'm on
 the clock.}
{157}{}{How many guards does he have?}
{158}{}{Where does he stash the money?}
{159}{}{Does he have any weaknesses?}
{160}{}{Thanks, doll, but I don't need to know anything else.}
{161}{}{Hmm. I know about eight, personally, if you get my meaning.
 I think he has another ten or so.}
{162}{}{Money? How would I know? He only takes my money, he doesn't
 show me his. I would guess that it's in his bedroom,
 but for all I know, he could keep it where the sun doesn't
 shine. And for Giz, that's a big place.}
{163}{}{Only that he thinks he doesn't have any. Well, that and
 he's a fat slob, who can't move for a damn. He's got to
 have his guards help him move around. Even then, they gotta
 use a little tricycle. Heh heh.}
{164}{}{Sugar, you got a date.}
{165}{}{Sure, honey, for you.}
{166}{}{I'll show you a good time.}
{167}{}{Honey, you need some more money. I like you and all,
 but a girl has to make a living.}
{168}{}{I reserve the right to refuse admittance, and honey,
 you ain't getting nowhere near me!}
{169}{}{Sinthia is asleep.}
{170}{}{Sinthia is busy.}
{171}{}{Sinthia refuses to speak with you.}
{172}{}{Sorry, honey, I don't do freaks.}
{173}{}{Take your cash, your attitude, and your small prick somewhere else!}
{174}{}{Oh, gawd, somebody help me!}
{175}{}{You gain }
{176}{}{ experience for successfully rescuing Sinthia.}
{177}{}{The guards remove the raider while he is unconscious.}

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