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The S.S. Liki

The S.S. Liki is a large ship in Final Fantasy X. It is primarily used as a ferry between the islands of Besaid and Kilika. After Yuna completed the trials and became a Summoner, the following morning she and various others from Besaid boarded the S.S. Liki. Other than Yuna and her Guardians, aboard the ship were the Besaid Aurochs (heading to the Blitzball tournament in Luca; the Crusaders (bound for Operation Mi'ihen); and other residents of Besaid who were most likely going to attend the tournament. O'aka XXIII is also aboard the ship and Tidus can invest in his merchant business if he wants.

On the deck of the ship, Tidus and Yuna were able to have a real conversation for the first time and she lets him know she believes his story about being from Zanarkand. When asked why, she reveals that Jecht was her father's Guardian ten years ago and told her all about Zanarkand.

Approximately half-way through their short journey, Sin appeared in the waters and the Crusaders were fearful it was heading toward Kilika. They fought as best they could but Sin broke free and attacked Kilika, reducing much of the port and village to ruins.

After visiting Macalania for the first time, Tidus can re-board the ship from either Besaid or Kilika and pick up the Jecht Sphere needed for Auron's Overdrive on the Bridge.

Enemy formations

NOTE: The sinscale in both these encounters return until the main boss is defeated.


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