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Cookie Monster talks to a boy about the letter S.

S is the 19th letter of the English alphabet. It was one of the brave, early sponsors of Sesame Street: it sponsored the first episode, along with E, W, 2, and 3. S begins such words as sheep, superheroes, sandwich, and School.

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Special Ability Cost. The number found on weapons that determines, in conjunction with a special's action cost and mind cost, how much of the action and mind pools will be used to perform an attack with the weapon. The lower the SAC, the less action/mind used for each attack.


Super Battle Droid. These can be found mainly on the Corellian Corvette and have a Combat level of 194. It is best to avoid combat since they have been known to have a damage of 6400 per hit. They can be manipulated by running past them and having them follow one player while another player goes into the room that they were in to obtain a quest item or passage into another part of the ship.


Star Wars Galaxies Server.


Special Forces


Star Wars Galaxies Server.


The bug in SWG Beta that spawned a PA and a large group of followers on the Bria server

Silver Elite

Elite MOB / NPC with Silver chevrons next to its name/HAM


A Squad Leader.


The act of sniping, means to attack from far away with a gun or other ranged weapon (in-game). Also refers to a person who waits to bid on an auction until right before the auction time expires in an attempt to "steal" the bid.


Sony Online Entertainment, the developer of Star Wars Galaxies. Lucas Arts is the publisher.

Solo Group

An old mechanic when several players formed a group to get higher payouts from mission terminals, and then did the missions solo to avoid splitting the credits with the rest of the group. Currently each member of the group within range will receive the same, original payout once the mission is complete. This makes it advantageous to group and work together for missions for faster cash.


Meaning Starport or Spaceport


The act of filling the chat windows with a lot of text, or repeating the same message over and over in rapid succession. Also a large amount of hawking wares is considered spam. Spam is considered HIGHLY annoying and should be avoided. You can add spammers to your ignore list to avoid seeing any spatial made by that character. See also AFK Spam


A person who spams: e.g. someone outside the Mos Eisley Starport repeating advertising. This had become an issue with people violating the rules and sellinh in-game credits for real-life cash, so the Developers initiated the Warden Program to allow specially selected players to mute speech abilities temporarily. So far, this seems to have cut spamming back dramatically.


When a NPC loads into the game world. Also a short hand variation of spawn point.

Spawn Point

The location where an NPC spawns into the game world.

Special Forces

Faction setting allowing player to participate in PvP. Special Forces cannot attack or be attacked by Combatants. Both Special Forces and Combatants can attack and take down PvE Bases, but only Special Forces may enter PvP Bases. Sometimes referred to as "Overt" by veteran players, referring to the old PvP system.

Spin Group

A new term used on the Wanderhome server. Named after a melee AoE attack, this group usually consists of several high CL players. The group members station themselves within 5 meters of a lair and do continuous AoE attacks on it, while someone (usually a Medic) does continuous healing on the fighters. This causes the creatures of that lair to not only become aggressive and attack the fighters, but to also causes the lair to spawn more creatures.

This type of grouping can reap great amounts of experience in a short time, but can also be quite deadly if not done correctly.


Exploiter. A term used for someone who willingly uses a game bug exploit to "cheat" the system.


Shock Resitance. Refers to resource stats.


A stacker is someone who focuses on a certain type of skill in order to gain high ability in a specialized area. After the Combat Upgrade, being a stacker is more like focusing on one area in your template. Damage, Defense, Crowd Control, and Healing are the four main areas. Focusing on damage abilities can produce an effective template, but will leave you vulnerable in the other areas.


Star Wars Galaxies Server, famous for its piloting events, also a major roleplaying server.

Static Spawn

MOBs that appear in the same place every time usually at set intervals or when the Place Holder is killed.


Shorthand for "shut the fuck up."


Stronghold cities are NPC cities in the Planetary Control Game which will never change alignment. See also City Patrols and Stronghold Cities .


Star Wars Galaxies Server.


Starsider - A SWG Server


Star Wars Galaxies


Shorthand in-game for Shipwright Profession, or Star Wars in general.


Unofficial nickname of the SWG Wiki authors, and very cool sounding.

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki

S is a letter of the alphabet.

It is also an alias for the /say command.

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