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Twi'leki, Rylothean, or Ryl was the native spoken language of the Twi'leks.



Ryl incorporated subtle body language, including movement of the lekku, and so was difficult for non-Twi'leks to fully understand.

The accent of native speakers who also speak Basic is similar to the Israeli accent.


In addition to Ryl, Twi'leks were also fluent in Lekku language, a silent form of communication using gestures made purely with the lekku. Only Twi'leks could express themselves this way, and few other species could understand them readily. Lekku was ideal for private conversation between Twi'leks in crowded areas. Jedi Master Kit Fisto was one of the few non-Twi'leks to fully master Lekku.

Twi'leks were usually trilingual (in Ryl, Lekku and Basic) and biliterate (in Ryl and Basic - Lekku had no written form). Many Twi'leks also learned to speak Huttese.

As of the Jedi Civil War, an older form of the language, known simply as Twi'lek, was the dominant interstellar commerce language outside of the Republic. It was claimed to be nearly as widespread as Basic.


Nawarra (Speaker or tongue)

Nawara'ven (Tarnished silver)

Nerra (Brother) Listen 

Ven (Silver)

Watchanel (Follow me)

Wedgan'tilles (Slayer of stars)

Notable non-native speakers of Ryl

Notable non-native speakers of Lekku

Behind the Scenes

In Living Force Campaign Guide, this language is misspelled Ryu.

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