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Ruwee Naberrie
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1.73 meters[1]

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Rise of the Empire era

"We are a very fortunate people, and we know it. That good fortune should not be taken for granted, and so we try to share and try to help. It is our way of saying that we do not think ourselves entitled to that which we have, but rather, that we feel blessed beyond what we deserve. And so we share, and so we work, and in doing so, we become something larger than ourselves, and more fulfilled than one can become from idly enjoying good fortune!"
―Ruwee Naberrie

Ruwee Naberrie was the father of Padmé Amidala and Sola Naberrie, as well as the husband of Jobal Thule Naberrie and the maternal grandfather of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo, and the son of Winama Naberrie.



Ruwee, at dinner with his family.

A former craftsman of buildings, Ruwee was also a volunteer worker in the Refugee Relief Movement as a young man, where his younger daughter Padmé would later follow in his footsteps. He eventually became President of the RRM, and addressed the Galactic Senate from the box of then-Senator Palpatine about refugees of groundquakes on Sev Tok. He became close personal friends with Senator Onaconda Farr, who agreed with his cause.[2]

When his daughters were still young, Ruwee left the mountain village he was born in and took the family to live in Theed, where he hoped there would be more opportunities for Sola and Padmé.

Ruwee, along with his family and thousands of other Naboo, attended his daughter Padmé's funeral, shortly after the Clone Wars had ended. At the time he was a teacher at the Theed University.

Behind the scenes

Ruwee Naberrie was played by Graeme Blundell in deleted scenes of Attack of the Clones as well as a brief scene in Revenge of the Sith.


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