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The Others constructed a runway or landing strip on Hydra Island by clearing a straight path of vegetation and rocks.

In 2004, Kate and Sawyer were captured by the Others and forced to remove large rocks and debris from the field as hard labor.

Juliet previously claimed she did not know the purpose of the runway, but offered one (probably tongue-in-cheek) possibility: ("Through the Looking Glass")

SAWYER: So, when you pulled us out of those polar bear cages and put us on the chain gang, what the hell you have us breaking all those rocks for anyway?
JULIET: We were building a runway.
SAWYER: Runway, for what?
JULIET: [Turns to him] The aliens.
[She smirks]
JULIET: I don't know what for, do you think they told me everything?

According to the Official Lost Podcast of March 19, 2009, Jacob ordered the runway to be built. It seems highly probable that Jacob was expecting the arrival of Flight 316.

2004 construction

Overhead shot of the runway taken from the "deleted scenes" on the Season 3 DVD

Sawyer and Kate were abruptly taken from their cages by a group of Others, under the leadership of Danny and Tom. They were assigned different tasks by Danny, who appeared to be the site's supervisor. Kate was forced to break apart rocks while Sawyer wheeled them away. There appeared to be a number of other people performing similar jobs. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Danny also employed a very strict system of rules and punishments at the runway; he used a taser, previously employed by Juliet, to help keep Sawyer and Kate quiet and obedient. Juliet appeared to hold equal, if not greater, authority than Danny, as freely she offered Sawyer a drink from her canteen without any objection from Danny. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Alexandra Rousseau sneaked into the work site in order to ask Kate about Karl. ("The Glass Ballerina")

Alex sneaked into the runway site a second time, attempting to free Kate and Sawyer. She inadvertently set off an alarm and was quickly captured by Danny. Before being taken away, she managed to tell Kate, "Don't believe a word they say. They'll kill your boyfriend just like they did mine." ("I Do")

An enhanced image of Ajira 316 beside the runway

Later that day, Kate was brought to Jack in an attempt to convince him to perform a surgery on Ben. During their meeting, Jack asked her what they were doing at the work site. Kate responded that she did not know, "But it's something big". ("I Do")

After a deal was made that allowed Sawyer and Kate to escape, the Others evacuated Hydra Island and ceased work at the runway.

2008 Off-Island/2007 On-Island Use

The runway spotted on approach ("Namaste")

Ajira Airways Flight 316 used the runway to land after the co-pilot spotted the strip. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")  ("Namaste") It proved not to be long enough to accommodate the landing of Ajira Airways Flight 316 at such a high landing speed, and the plane veered slightly off the strip into the jungle near the end of the strip. The runway seems considerably more complete than it was in 2004, suggesting the Others have been working on it in the interim.


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Runway is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
I love it when a plan comes together.

Runway is the de facto leader of the Air Defense Mini-Con Team, and also the most talkative of the three. Though reluctant to enter battle, he's an incredibly skilled commander, quick-witted and given time, can come up with some truly bizarrely-genius ploys that look suicidal at first, but really work out. Even though he's the brains and mouth of the Team, Runway trusts his teammates implicitly, and always looks to them before acting.

Japanese name: Jetter



Armada animated series

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Dreamwave Armada comics



  • Air Defense Team (Mini-Con Team, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-02
Runway transforms into a Boeing Sonic Cruiser concept jet plane. He also forms the tip to the Star Saber sword, which can be held by any other Transformer that has 5mm fist-holes. This version came with his partners Jetstorm and Sonar.
This mold was also used to make Armada Jack. It was later retooled to make Energon Wreckage, Beacon, and Cybertron Sunstorm.
  • Hot Rod and Jolt with Air Defense Micron (Multi-pack. 2003)
Japanese ID number: MS-01
For the Team's Takara release, they were available both as an individual set, and in a multi-pack with Hot Shot.
  • Air Defense Micron X-Dimension (Mini-Con Team, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-07
A redeco of the Air Defense Team was available in a shorter run in Japan. The X-Dimension Air Defense Team changed the opaque plastics to orange and red, and the paint trim to match. Though fans have dubbed the combined form the "Fire Saber", this name does not appear to be official.
  • Jetter (Change Micron, 2003)
Available only in individual boxes each with a small bag of sugar-pellet candy, the Kabaya candy toy versions of the Team replaced the clear plastics with opaque white. This version is actually a completely new mold-set, with various small differences from the Hasbro/Takara releases.
  • Jetter (Micron Booster, 2003)
Booster ID number: 3
Part of the first Micron Booster set, sold only in individual blind-packed boxes, this version of the Air Defense Team is almost wholly identical to the normal retail release. The only difference is that this version is cast in slightly-sparkly plastic and uses slightly-sparkly paint. The difference is almost unnoticeable unless you look at the two versions side-by-side.
  • Air Assault Team (Mini-Con Team, 2003)
A "tainted by evil" redeco of the Team released by Hasbro, this version of the trio replaces the transparent plastic with opaque off-white, the other colors turning predominantly black and purple.
This coloration was altered for the Takara Air Assault Mini-Con Team, who are separate characters from the Air Defense Team.
  • Air Defense Micron Anime Color (Mini-Con Team, 2003)
Cast entirely in blue and clear-blue plastics, this incarnation of the Air Defense Team is supposed to represent the Star Saber as it appears in the cartoon, with a glowing blue "energy blade". It was only available as a pack-in with the CD single of the Micron Legend cartoon ending theme, "Never Ending Road", by Psychic Lover.


  • The Air Defense Team is the only one of the three "legendary Mini-Con weapons" Teams to appear in either of Armada's sequel-series.
  • Runway and Jetstorm's names are reversed in the original Air Defense Team's instructions. Their names are also reversed in several licensed Armada print material, like the coloring and activity books put out by Bendon Publishing, as well as in the DK Readers book "The Quest". Finally, it also happened on several occasions in the actual Armada television show.

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