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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

In Guild Wars, Running is traveling quickly to a target location. This is accomplished by avoiding or moving through mobs rather than engaging them in combat. A foreign character to a continent wanting to unlock lower level towns may choose to run as fighting is viewed as a waste of time. Running another player, usually for a fee, is the most common use of the term. The runner plays through the map while the other party members usually remain idle. A run differs from a ferry in that runs take players to locations that can be reached physically, rather than through special access areas.

When runners enter the portal to a new area (i.e. zone), all party members (whether dead or alive) are moved to the next area. The same thing happens at the end of a cinematic. If the goal is to resurrect the other party members, the runner can activate a resurrection shrine and then die within its range to have all party members resurrect at that location.

The general MMORPG term "run" can also mean what most people refer to in Guild Wars as farming, (i.e., killing certain monsters for items or clearing certain areas repeatedly to gain experience or other bonuses).

Note: The availability of runs between outposts is largely restricted to Tyria, as in Elona and Cantha most outposts are closed until you have completed the primary quests or missions to reach them.



Players want runs for different reasons. Some of the more common are gaining access to end game towns/outpost, crafters and skill trainers, capping elite skills, and power leveling.

Potential benefits for low-level charaters include having maximum armor in a low-level area, capturing elites early on, or skipping ahead in the storyline. However, these players usually end up in a higher-level area, making it difficult for them to participate in a group.

Players can also run to complete certain quests or missions (e.g. deliver an item or perform infusion) without fighting monsters along the way. This can be a quicker alternative to fighting through a zone.

Common Runs


Many runners require payment for their services. The payment amount and timing varies depending on the run. The runner may request that the money be shown (i.e. in the trade window without actually giving the money) before the run is made to prevent scamming. Whether hiring another player to run you, or running a group of players yourself, you should watch out for scams.

Keep the following points in mind when you decide to charge/pay for a run:



  • Asking players to pay "on arrival" is inviting the opportunity to be scammed. Insist that players pay at an early zone prior to the destination or, on longer runs, halfway. Once you have reached an outpost, there is no incentive for the player to pay besides honesty and good will. (If the one being run refuses you pay, you can report the matter to ANet for dishonest trade, but this is unlikely to result in any gain for you.)

Players seeking runs

  • Do not pay up front for a run. If you pay up front, the runner has no incentive to run you to your destination. Insist that payment be made in the explorable area prior to the destination, or if possible, at the destination. At most, offer to pay half at a half-way point.
  • Familiarize yourself with the going rates for a run to your destination. If you've regularly seen a run priced at 1000 gold, do not pay 3000 for it. Sometimes simply looking at the other runners advertising at that time might not tell you a normal price.
  • "Guaranteed arrival" and "pro-runner" are subjective terms that shouldn't be taken literally. A runner may be very skilled at making a particular run, but do not pay more just because arrival is purportedly "guaranteed." At the same time, just because a runner is giving a "test-run" doesn't mean that they aren't skilled and won't get you where you want to be.
  • Beware of claims that a particular run now costs more because the running build was nerfed. Check the game updates to see if a build has been rendered less effective. If the runner is unwilling to run for what you're willing to pay, wait for another runner.
  • It is often a good idea to inform your runner if you are working towards the Survivor title. Some runs, such as the popular "Droks" run, require special measures to ensure that the players being run do not die en route.

Tip: Dying while others run you offers a convenient way to watch the runners and see how they do what they do. Simply click on the surviving runner's name in the Party List and observe. You can see what skills they're using if you watch the bar at the center of the top of the screen. Be sure to check with your runner prior to dying, as some runs, particularly in missions, require payment shortly before completion.

Additional notes

  • "Run" is occasionally used in a broader sense to refer to a single trip through a mission, explorable area, or quest, such as a "farming run".
  • "Run" is also used to describe the build that you are using (i.e. "I'm running (this build)").

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Up to date as of February 07, 2010

From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Running can refer to:

  • Run - A player's ability to run rather than walk.
  • Rune running - Interactions between two players in Runecrafting for exchange for XP from runes, and vice-versa.
  • Crop running - The act of going through rounds of farming patches in order to level up Farming effectively.
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From TibiaWiki



One type of Running is just what you do to get around Tibia, it's sometimes also called walking.

Another type of Running in tibia is a style of fighting some vocations may use so they do not take damage. I will also explain this below.

Mouse (game window)

Most people use this way when they first start Tibia, you click in the game wherever you want to go and you go there. This is good if you want to get to an exact square. When using the mouse to move, you will reach your destination slightly faster than using the keyboard because of the relay time while the server waits to receive another command from your keyboard.

Mouse (minimap)

To use this travel method, simply click on your mini map (Top right of game) and your character will walk to wherever you clicked. This is a great way to travel between cities because it requires little interaction while you are walking.

When using the minimap, Tibia will try to find the quickest route (not necessarily shortest). If you do not have much of the map revealed, or if there are obstacles in your way, this may cause you to walk in the wrong direction, or to take very long routes. Reveal most of your map to make this method of walking more efficient.

Arrow Keys

One simple way of running is using your arrow keys to get around, The up key goes North (^), down key goes South (v), right key goes East (>), and left key goes West (<). This is the easiest way to walk in some peoples opinions, and is usually used when fighting monsters to avoid their wave/beam attacks, or to position yourself to aim and attack them with spells.

Num Pad Running

This way isn't used as often, but you can walk using the Number Pad (right of keyboard). This is the only way you can walk diagonally without items being in your way. If you have NumLock on, you have to hold the Shift key (usually displayed as an arrow pointing up), then when you press the NumKeys: the 1 runs Southwest, 2 runs South, 3 runs Southeast, 4 runs West, 5 cancels all actions, 6 runs East, 7 runs Northwest, 8 runs North, and 9 runs Northeast. If NumLock is off, you can do this method of running without holding the Shift key.

Running Monsters

This type of running can be used by any vocation besides Knights (can be used by knights, but is not most of the time because they are a strongly melee based vocation.) This type of running can keep most vocations from taking very much damage.

What you do is if you have any distance weapon or rune, you can run away from a monster with it following you, keeping far enough away so that it cannot attack you, and close enough so that you can still attack it. Some monsters are very fast, so they are harder to run unless you have a higher level.

You can run straight in a line away from the monster, or if there is a cluster of bushes or rocks, you can run around the cluster and shoot at the monster. Same as before, be within distance of shooting and far enough so you aren't hit. If you run around a cluster, sometimes the monster will turn around as it is a shorter distance for the monster to walk the other way to hit you. This isn't a major problem, but it can be if the monster is very strong, so be aware not to go too far away if running around a cluster.

Here is an example of what I was showing above.


This is an example of a famous way to run Giant Spiders in one area of the Plains of Havoc. X is the cluster, M is the monster and Y is you. (you are walking south (down), and the monster is walking north (up)). Nothing else really to explain here, this is just a diagram of what running around a cluster may look like.

Be aware if you are running, some people may get in your way in attempt to kill you if you run monsters, so keep that in mind.

Also, not all monsters can be run. Mainly ones that have distance attacks. 2 examples of good monsters to run are Cyclops and Giant Spiders (GS are fast, so higher levels are the ones who can run these.)

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