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Celes using Runic

Runic is Celes Chere's ability in Final Fantasy VI. This ability allows Celes to absorb spells with her sword. When she uses Runic, the next spell cast by an ally or an enemy is absorbed by Celes's sword, and she recovers an amount of MP equal to the casting cost of the spell. If the spell is of an element Celes is weak to, the MP recovery doubles. If Celes resists that element, the MP recovery is halved. If Celes is immune to that element, she does not recover MP. If she absorbs the element, she loses MP. Runic can only be used when a weapon compatible with the ability is equipped, but the only weapons Celes can equip that are not Runic compatible are the Flail, the Morning Star, and the Ultima Weapon. All runic weapons are swords, because of its original name "seal sword".

The creation materials state that Runic's power comes directly from Esper Magic channeled through her sword.

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