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This article is about the Runeseeker class. For more information on the storyline character, see Babus Swain.
Babus Swain Artwork

Runeseeker is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and is available only to Babus Swain. Runeseekers follow the same stat growth as Sages and wield maces in combat. Babus cannot learn any new skills by wielding maces and, by default, can only have Item as his second A-Ability.




Skill Effect MP Use
Explode Heavy Fire Damage. Deals Enormous Damage. 24
Stillness Inflicts Stop in an area; cannot be reflected. 24
Demi Deals damage equal to one-half of target's current HP. 24
Quarter Deals damage equal to one-quarter of target's current HP. 10


Skill Effect
Counter Follow up an enemy attack against you with an attack of your own.


Skill Effect
Weapon Def+ Increases Weapon Defense


  • None

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