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This article is about runes used on armor. For the rune used on bags, see Rune of Holding.



A rune is a kind of upgrade item that is applied to a character's armor. Runes differ from insignia - the other kind of armor upgrade - in that runes add a suffix modifier to the armor, whereas insignia add a prefix modifier. Each piece of armor can be upgraded with one insignia and one rune.



Most runes are available in three levels of potency: minor, major, and superior. A rune's potency is easily distinguishable by its appearance: a minor rune is a small scrap of parchment; a major rune is a large parchment square; a superior rune is a large scroll. Once identified, a rune's potency will be noted in its name; for example, "Rune of Major Vigor." Some runes are available only as a single level of potency; see the notes on these runes below under Types.


Some runes are usable by all professions while others are profession-specific. A rune's linked profession is easily identified by its appearance; see the table at the right for the symbol that matches each profession. Profession-specific runes also note the linked profession in their name, even before being identified.


Prof. Minor Major Superior
All Image:Rune_Vigor_Minor.png Image:Rune_Vigor_Major.png Image:Rune_Vigor_Sup.png
Image:warrior-icon.png Image:Rune_Warrior_Minor.png Image:Rune_Warrior_Major.png Image:Rune_Warrior_Sup.png
Image:ranger-icon.png Image:Rune_Ranger_Minor.png Image:Rune_Ranger_Major.png Image:Rune_Ranger_Sup.png
Image:monk-icon.png Image:Rune_Monk_Minor.png Image:Rune_Monk_Major.png Image:Rune_Monk_Sup.png
Image:necromancer-icon.png Image:Rune_Necro_Minor.png Image:Rune_Necro_Major.png Image:Rune_Necro_Sup.png
Image:mesmer-icon.png Image:Rune_Mesmer_Minor.png Image:Rune_Mesmer_Major.png Image:Rune_Mesmer_Sup.png
Image:elementalist-icon.png Image:Rune_Elementalist_Minor.png Image:Rune_Elementalist_Major.png Image:Rune_Elementalist_Sup.png
Image:assassin-icon.png Image:Rune_Assassin_Minor.png Image:Rune_Assassin_Major.png Image:Rune_Assassin_Sup.png
Image:ritualist-icon.png Image:Rune_Ritualist_Minor.png Image:Rune_Ritualist_Major.png Image:Rune_Ritualist_Sup.png
Image:paragon-icon.png Image:Rune_Paragon_Minor.png Image:Rune_Paragon_Major.png Image:Rune_Paragon_Superior.png
Image:dervish-icon.png Image:Rune_Dervish_Minor.png Image:Rune_Dervish_Major.png Image:Rune_Dervish_Superior.png

There are four distinct types of runes, each providing a different kind of inherent effect.

Attribute Runes
These runes provide a bonus to a single attribute such as Fire Magic or Strength. Major and superior attribute runes also lower your maximum health.
NOTE: Health penalties on these runes do stack. Using multiple runes of the same attribute will only benefit you with the highest bonus but will penalize you with the combined health penalties of all. See the section on stacking below.
  • Usability: Profession-specific - can only use attribute runes for attributes of your primary profession (e.g. a N/R can use Curses runes but not Marksmanship runes)
  • Campaign: Same as profession (e.g. Ranger runes are Core items; Dervish runes are Nightfall items)
  • Effects:
Potency Minor Major Superior
Attribute +1 +2 +3
Health no change -35 -75
Absorption Runes
These runes provide damage reduction against physical damage. See the Absorption article for details on damage reduction.
  • Usable by: Warrior only
  • Campaign: Core
  • Effects:
Potency Minor Major Superior
Reduces physical damage by: 1 2 3
Stat Bonus Runes
These runes provide a bonus to either a player's health or energy.
NOTE: Runes of Vitae and Attunement are single-potency runes and are equivalent to minor runes in appearance and acquisition. The benefits from these runes will stack, unlike other runes.
  • Usable by: All professions
  • Campaign: Core
  • Effects:
Rune Minor Major Superior
Vigor Health +30 Health +41 Health +50
Vitae Health +10 n/a n/a
Attunement Energy +2 n/a n/a
Condition Reducing Runes
These runes grant a 20% reduction in the duration of certain conditions suffered by your character.
NOTE: All of these runes are single-potency and are equivalent to major runes in appearance and acquisition for PvE, but they only cost 1,000 faction to unlock in PvP.
  • Usable by: All professions
  • Campaign: Core
  • Effects:
Rune Conditions reduced
Clarity Blind, Weakness
Purity Disease, Poison
Recovery Dazed, Deep Wound
Restoration Bleeding, Crippled
Image:Bug.png Bug! All condition-reduction runes reduce the length of Bleeding.


Runes are found as components of salvage armor obtained as loot. The rarity of the item indicates what type of rune and/or insignia the armor holds:

  • White armor contains no special components.
  • Blue armor contains a minor rune, an insignia, or one of each.
  • Purple armor is guaranteed to contain a major rune (and may also contain an insignia).
  • Gold armor is guaranteed to contain a superior rune (and may also contain an insignia).

You have the choice of either identifying or salvaging the armor first; both methods have their advantages.

  • Identify first: By identifying the armor first, you guarantee that whatever components are contained in the armor will be unlocked for your account. Identifying first also allows you to choose which component to salvage (or to salvage to crafting materials). Because there is a chance of destroying the armor when you salvage a component from it, this assures you can get the component you want.
  • Salvage first: If you salvage before identifying, you will not be able to choose which component to salvage - thus, there is a chance to destroy the armor and salvage a component you don't want. However, salvaging first allows you to obtain an unidentified rune. As mentioned above, you can identify a rune's potency and profession by its appearance alone. If you already have all runes of that potency and profession unlocked, you can trade the unidentified rune to other players who still require those unlocks.

Whether you salvage first or second, you must use an Expert Salvage Kit or Superior Salvage Kit to extract the armor components. If you identified first, a dialog window will allow you to select which component you want to salvage, as well as inform you of the % chance that the rest of the armor will be destroyed. If the armor survives, you can then salvage the second component from it (if it bears one) or salvage it into crafting materials.

In PvE, runes can be sold to and purchased from Rune Traders in cities. Traders only sell runes that other players have sold to them, so runes in high demand may not always be in stock. Also, traders do not deal in unidentified runes, so you will not be able to unlock runes by buying them from the rune trader.

In PvP, runes can be unlocked by trading in Balthazar Faction at a Priest of Balthazar. A minor rune costs 1,000 faction, a major 1,500, and a superior 2,000. Runes must be unlocked in sequence from lowest to highest potency: minor -> major -> superior. Note that this only unlocks the rune for your account; you will not receive an actual rune in your inventory. You can then use the PvP Equipment interface to craft PvP armor using your unlocked runes.

If a rune is unlocked "out of order" through PvE (e.g. identifying a major rune before the minor one), you will still be able to use the higher-potency version in PvP, but the Priests of Balthazar will continue to show the lower-potency version until you unlock it.


To use a rune, double-click it and then click on the piece of armor you wish to apply it to. Each armor piece can only hold a single rune. You can replace a rune with a different one by applying the new rune to the piece of armor that already has one - a dialog will ask you to confirm the replacement.

You can expert-salvage armor that you have attached a rune to in order to recover the rune, in a process identical to that for obtaining runes from salvage armor. However, the % chance of retaining the armor after salvaging the rune will be lower than that for salvage armor.

Note: As with all other items obtained from character creation, starter armor and PvP armor cannot be salvaged, so runes applied to them cannot be recovered. However, collector's armor can be salvaged, so runes applied to collector's pieces can be recovered.


Runes of Vitae and Attunement are stackable, meaning you receive cumulative effects from wearing more than one at a time. All other runes are non-stackable within their own type; you can only receive the benefit of the highest-potency rune equipped. However, health penalties from all equipped runes will stack.

Stacking Example: If you attach a Rune of Vitae (+10 health) to your chest armor and another to your head armor, you will receive +20 health. If you then attach another to your hand armor, the bonus will increase to +30 health. If you then attach a Rune of Major Vigor (+41 health) to your leg armor, the total bonus will be +71 health. (Adding a second Major Vigor will not increase your health further because Vigor runes are non-stacking.)

Non-Stacking Example: If you attach a Rune of Minor Curses (+1 Curses) to your chest armor and another to your head armor, you will only gain a bonus of +1 Curses. If you then attach a Rune of Major Curses to your hand armor, you will only gain a bonus of +2 Curses; the two minor runes will effectively be overridden by the higher-potency rune. If you replace one of the Minor runes with a Rune of Superior Curses, it will override the Major rune to give you +3 Curses. However, you will take the health penalties from both the major and superior runes, for a total of -110 health.

Runes stack with most bonuses from other sources, including inherent armor bonuses, armor insignia, weapon upgrades and inscriptions, Blessings, and skill effects.

  • Wearing a Rune of Purity (reduces Disease and Poison durations by 20%) and wielding a weapon with a "Cast Out the Unclean" inscription (reduces Disease duration by 20%) will give an overall reduction of 36% in Disease duration.
  • A Necromancer wearing a Wicked Scar Pattern (+1 Curses) with a Rune of Superior Curses applied to it would have total of +4 Curses. Using Awaken the Blood would boost this to a total bonus of +6 Curses.
  • A full set of Survivor Insignia (Health +40), a Rune of Superior Vigor (Health +50), four Runes of Vitae (Health +10 each), and a Hale staff of Fortitude (max. Health +60) will give a total bonus of +190 health.

Historical Notes

Prior to the April 26th, 2006, game update, purple and gold dropped salvage armor did not indicate the magnitude of the rune (minor/major/superior) they contained. Because of this, be aware that purple and gold salvage armor created before this date does not necessarily contain a major or superior rune. To protect yourself from this when trading, insist that the person salvage the rune from the armor and only trade for the rune itself.

From around March 12, 2006 - March 15, 2006 in Mineral Springs, Superior Healing Prayers runes dropped as blue, although they should have been gold. This is believed to be an anomaly.

Prior to the June 01st, 2006, game update, major attribute runes had a -50 health penalty. Runes that existed before this date keep the higher penalty and cannot be sold to Rune Traders.

Prior to the Nov. 02nd, 2006, game update, the condition-reducing runes used the icon for a minor rune, even though they were only found on purple salvage armor. Runes that existed before this date keep the minor rune icon and cannot be sold to Rune Traders.

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Item Template Item Template
The Runes

Official Name
The Runes

First appearance




The Runes were aquired by Odin and latter Thor to give the knowledge. It is implied that what a person lives through will depend on what the runes allow them to know. In Odin's case becasue he was god he became all-knowing of the ways of the gods but Thor from his time as a god and human allow him to gain even more knowledge than Odin giving the all the knowledge of the gods but also of humans descibe as knowing everthing animal and mineral, effetivly making him omnipotent. The Runes also give him many magic spells while only a few shown the Runes can apprently grant the owner the abilty to will ofther being into nothingness. When used in with the Odin-Force thay grant the user outstanding power to limits that have yet to be shown, However some feets included severing Loki's head and keeping him alive destroying the Asgardian universe and defating if not killing Those Who Sit Above in The Shadows.


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This article is about the stones used for casting Magic spells. For the metal used to make weapons and armour, see Runite (metal).
Guthix creating runes with the Stone of Jas

Runes are small, weightless stones that allow users to cast spells using the Magic skill. Runes can either be bought from the various Rune shops found across RuneScape, traded with other players, purchased on the Grand Exchange, created from rune essence or pure essence through the Runecrafting skill, obtained from the Runecrafting Guild, procured from drops by killing monsters, or picked up from spawns on the ground.

The elemental runes (air, water, earth and fire, named after the Greek classical elements) can be substituted for by wielding a respective elemental staff, battlestaff or mystic staff. The only time an elemental staff cannot be used to substitute for runes is when setting up a portal in the Portal Chamber of a player-owned house.

Runes come in a number of different types, but they can be categorised according to themes based on their names. For example, mind, body, blood and soul are all constituent parts of a human; cosmic and astral pertain to outer space; nature is in Guthix, law is in Saradomin, and chaos is in Zamorak; and life and death occur in time. The six combinations runes (mud, mist, lava, smoke, steam and dust) cover all possible pairs of the four elemental runes.



This section is a stub. Please help expand it.
Guthix created runes when he first visited Gielinor. For awhile, the knowledge of how to create them remained a secret, until a few mages learned how to craft runes. By creating the runes, they angered the Fremenniks, who went on Runecrafting Crusades in an attempt to stop Mages from creating runes. It wasn't until year 169 that an adventurer helped the wizards of the Wizard's tower uncover the secrets of Runecrafting. There are very few people who know of the ancient art today.

Non-members runes

A player teleporting using Ancient Magicks.

All players can use the runes listed below. There are two categories of runes referenced in the game: elemental runes and non-elemental runes. Elemental runes include air rune, fire rune, water rune, and earth runes. Non-elemental include all others, which are: mind rune, body rune, chaos rune, death rune, blood rune, soul rune, cosmic rune, law rune, nature runes, and astral runes.

However, free players can only craft runes up to body runes (using the Runecrafting skill). Also free players are limited in the runes they can find in stores and that can be bought on the Grand Exchange. The two magic stores (in Varrock and Port Sarim) only sell the basic elemental runes, chaos runes, and death runes. The other types of runes can be traded with other players or bought on the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

Rune Use
File:Fire Rune.PNG Fire rune One of the four elemental runes. Used to cast fire missiles and one of the four basic elemental runes. Also used in Ancient Magicks. Can be runecrafted.
File:Water Rune.PNG Water rune One of the four elemental runes. Used to cast water missiles and one of the four basic elemental runes. Also used in Ancient Magicks. Can be runecrafted.
File:Air Rune.PNG Air rune One of the four elemental runes. Used to cast air missiles and one of the four basic elemental runes. Also used in Ancient Magicks. Can be runecrafted.
File:Earth Rune.PNG Earth rune One of the four elemental runes. Used to cast earth missiles and one of the four basic elemental runes. Also used in Ancient Magicks. Can be runecrafted.
File:Mind Rune.PNG Mind rune Used to cast basic missile spells (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire Strike). Can be runecrafted. Also used in magic dart.
File:Body Rune.PNG Body rune Used to cast low level curse spells. Can be runecrafted.
File:Chaos Rune.PNG Chaos rune Used to cast low level missile spells (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire Bolt) as well as Crumble Undead. Can be runecrafted, but only by members. Also used in Ancient Magicks.
File:Death Rune.PNG Death rune Used to cast medium level missile spells (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire Blast). Can be runecrafted, but only by members after completing Mourning's Ends Part II. Also used in Ancient Magicks and in magic dart
File:Cosmic Rune.PNG Cosmic rune Used for item enchanting spells (jewellery, crossbow bolts, and orbs). Can be runecrafted, but only after completing the Lost City quest, which is members only.
File:Law Rune.PNG Law rune Used to cast teleportation spells. Can be runecrafted, but only by members.
File:Nature Rune.PNG Nature rune Used in transmutation spells. For example, low level and high level alchemy, superheat and binding. Can be runecrafted, but only by members.

Minigame runes

The following runes, Elemental Runes and Catalytic Runes are given to players who are participating in the Fist of Guthix minigame or Stealing Creation Minigame. They are substitute for other runes. However they can only be used in combat spells. If a player tries to cast a non-combat spell, he or she will receive one of the messages:

You did not come here to do that!

Rune Substitute for
File:Elemental runes.png Elemental runes Can be used instead of elemental runes (air, water, earth, and fire)
File:Catalytic rune.png Catalytic runes Can be used instead of non-elemental runes (mind, chaos, death, blood, body, nature)

The members-only Lunar spell Stat Spy can be cast in Fist of Guthix, despite not directly affecting combat. These runes cannot be dropped. If they are dropped in the Fist of Guthix waiting room, they will be lost immediately. You will have to exit the waiting room and enter again to get them back.

Members runes

A player casting a spell using astral runes

The Wizards' Guild in Yanille has the cheapest rune shop available to members. Located on the guild's upper floor, it sells every rune in the game except for astral, cosmic, and combination runes.

Only members can use the runes listed below.

Rune Use
File:Astral Rune.PNG Astral rune Used to cast the Lunar Spells. Must complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest first. Can be made using the Runecrafting skill.
File:Blood Rune.PNG Blood rune Used to cast high level missile spells (Wind, Water, Earth and Fire Wave). Can be made using the Runecrafting skill after completion of the Legacy of Seergaze quest.
File:Soul Rune.PNG Soul rune Used to cast high level curse spells and in teleother spells. Can only be player made at the ZMI Ouranian altar but only randomly. The image of Soul talisman and Soul tiara were discovered in the Knowledge Base at one time, but these images have been removed by Jagex.
File:Liferune.png Life rune Never released. It was designed for the never released 'summoning spells' in RuneScape Classic. Years later, Summoning was introduced as a separate skill.

Combination runes

These runes are members only, and act as one of each of their composite runes. To make them, take the appropriate talisman to the respective altar. For example, if one wanted to make dust runes: one would bring air runes, and earth runes, and the earth and air talismans to either the air altar or earth altar.


  • Crafting combination runes uses one of the talismans, so it is recommended that one only crafts combination runes of the talismans one has the most of. The Lunar Magicks spell Magic Imbue allows a player to craft combination runes without the use of the opposing talisman.
  • Crafting combination runes has a 50% chance of success. A Binding necklace allows 100% success for crafting combination runes 15 times.
Rune Combination
File:Dop.PNG Dust rune Earth + Air
File:Lava rune.gif Lava rune Earth + Fire
File:Mist rune.gif Mist rune Water + Air
File:Mud rune.gif Mud rune Water + Earth
File:Smoke rune.gif Smoke rune Air + Fire
File:Steam rune.gif Steam rune Fire + Water

Obtaining runes

Monster drops

Many monsters drop runes in RuneScape, but some more than others. These are some of the more notable and relatively easy monsters that drop runes:


Main article: Runecrafting

Runecrafting is the skill of crafting runes from rune essence or pure essence. Through this skill, players can create their own runes for use in Magic.

Rogue Trader

Main article: Rogue Trader

Runes can be obtained by completing Ali Morrisane's Rogue Trader minigame, which players may complete after finishing The Feud quest.

After completing the minigame, players are able to obtain runes for a cheaper price.

Rune Cost per rune
File:Fire Rune.PNG Fire rune 9 coins
File:Water Rune.PNG Water rune 37 coins
File:Air Rune.PNG Air rune 13 coins
File:Earth Rune.PNG Earth rune 16 coins
File:Mind Rune.PNG Mind rune 9 coins
File:Body Rune.PNG Body rune 8 coins
File:Chaos Rune.PNG Chaos rune 88 coins
File:Death Rune.PNG Death rune 285 coins
File:Cosmic Rune.PNG Cosmic rune 154 coins
File:Law Rune.PNG Law rune 306 coins
File:Nature Rune.PNG Nature rune 233 coins
File:Blood Rune.PNG Blood rune 275 coins
File:Soul Rune.PNG Soul rune 357 coins

Respawn locations

Here is a short list of respawn locations of runes throughout RuneScape.

Note- the best place to get rune respawns in f2p is in the Dark Warriors Fortress. The northernmost room contains respawns of 5 Earth, Water, Air and Fire runes. The room directly west of this contains 5 Chaos, Mind and Body runes. Players should be wary when approaching this area: Although this a good place for a rune spawn, revenants have a patrol route in this castle, and will attack and very possibly kill players who are within their combat level. Its not usually crowded and can be a good place for low leveled players to gain a few magic levels on the Dark Warriors!

Rune Location
Air rune West Of Lumbridge and behind Luthas' house on Karamja Island, Dark Warriors Fortress.
Water rune Chasm Mines in Al Kharid, Dark Warriors Fortress.
Fire rune Chasm Mines in Al Kharid, inside Karamja Volcano, in Camelot Castle, and the Dark Warriors Fortress.
Earth rune North of Varrock, in Varrock Sewers, and Dark Warriors Fortress.
Body rune Varrock Castle grounds, Varrock Sewers, in the Al Kharid Scimitar Shop, scattered in Level 6 - 8 Wilderness, Dark Warriors Fortress and Lava Maze.
Mind rune Southern Stairway in Lumbridge Castle, Varrock Sewers, Wilderness, Dark Warriors Fortress.
Chaos rune Levels 36-40 Wilderness, and Dark Warriors Fortress. Two spawns near the Trollweiss patch on the Trollweiss Mountain.
Death rune South-west of Yanille in the Feldip Hills. Members only.
Blood rune Treasure chest in the Chaos Druid Tower and next to Demonic Ruins in the Wilderness. Members only. A thieving level of 59 is required to open the chest.
Cosmic rune Ice Plateau in Level 48 Wilderness.
Nature rune Level 45 Wilderness, Treasure Chest in East Ardougne and an island north of Rellekka. A thieving level of 28 is required to open the chest.


There are several shops around RuneScape that sell runes. These are identified with the Magic shop icon (Magic icon) on the minimap.

Shop Location Runes Sold Notes
Ali Morrisane Al Kharid All except Astral Requires The Feud and Rogue Trader Minigame
Betty's Magic Emporium Port Sarim Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Chaos, Death Non-members
Aubury's Rune Shop South-east Varrock Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Chaos, Death Non-members
Wizards' Guild Yanille All except Astral and Cosmic 66+ Magic required, or 62+ with a magic potion
Baba Yaga's Magic Shop Lunar Isle All except Cosmic Must have started the Lunar Diplomacy quest. It also is the only shop in-game that sells Astral runes.
Mage Training Arena North of Duel Arena All except Astral, including all Combination runes Uses Pizazz points instead of coins as currency.
Mage Arena Level 50-55 Wilderness All except Astral and Soul Located in the mage bank, a non-wilderness area.
Mage of Zamorak Level 5 Wilderness, north of Edgeville Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Chaos, Death, Blood
Tutab's Magical Market Marim (Ape Atoll) Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Law Don't forget to be wearing a monkey greegree and a M'speak amulet.
Void Knight Magic Store Void Knights' Outpost Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Chaos, Death It is not recommended to buy from here because it is usually 10 coins higher than market price.
TzHaar-Mej-Roh TzHaar City Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Chaos, Death South east from the entrance to Tzhaar

Note: Only the shops in Mage Training Arena and Magic Guild stock combination runes.


Main article: Barrows

The Barrows minigame provides large numbers of combat runes (mind, chaos, death and blood) from the chest, though very high combat skills are required in order to be successful at the Barrows.

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From TibiaWiki

Runes can be further sub categorized into 5 basic component forms.

Image:Burned Icon.gifAttack Image:Electrified_Icon.gifField Image:Dazzled Icon.gifHealing Image:Cursed Icon.gifSummon Image:Freezing Icon.gifSupport

A rune is essentially a magic spell, stored in a stone. Runes cannot be made by knights, but can be used by any profession.

Each type of rune requires a different minimum level and magic level to use (e.g. an Ultimate Healing Rune requires level 24 and magic level 4 to use). Therefore, if a knight wants to use an Ultimate Healing Rune, they will have to get level 24 and train their magic level at least to 4. A higher magic level increases the effects of the rune.

In order to make a rune, you need to have that rune's specific rune making spell. For example, to make an Intense Healing Rune, you need to buy the "Intense Healing Rune" spell for 600 gp, not just the "Intense Healing" spell bought for 350 gp. When making runes you will use your soul points.

To create a rune, take a blank rune into your hand and speak the spell words.

Rune spells always start with Ad.

Image:spellbook.gifIf you are interested in a developed study of spellwords, take time to check the Magic Syllables page.

The immovable object Spell Rune works like a rune.

Be aware there is a small delay when using a rune. They do not fire instantly.

List of Rune Spells

The following spells can turn a blank rune into a spell rune.

Name Words Subclass Dmg. Type Voc Prem Spell Price Mana to Make Lvl to Make Rune Price SP ML to Use Charges Effect
Animate Dead Image:Animate Dead.gif adana mort Summon Druids, Sorcerers. yes 1200 600 27 375 5 4 1 Transforms a corpse into a skeleton.
Antidote Rune Image:Antidote Rune.gif adana pox Healing Druids no 600 200 15 65 1 0 1 Cures the target from Poison.
Avalanche Image:Avalanche.gif adori mas frigo Attack Ice Druids no 1200 530 30 180 3 4 4 Image:Freezing Icon.gif Shoots an Ice attack that covers a large circular area centered around the target, this is the Druids' equivalent of the Great Fireball.
Chameleon Image:Chameleon.gif adevo ina Support Druids no 1300 600 27 210 2 4 1 Turns you into an item. The effect lasts for 200 seconds (3 minutes, 20 seconds).
Convince Creature Image:Convince Creature.gif adeta sio Summon Druids no 800 200 (+ some to use) 16 80 3 5 1 Convinces a creatures to help you.
Desintegrate Image:Desintegrate.gif adito tera Support Druids, Sorcerers, Paladins. yes 900 200 21 80 3 4 3 Destroys movable objects.
Destroy Field Image:Destroy Field.gif adito grav Support Druids, Sorcerers, Paladins. no 700 120 17 45 2 3 3 Destroys fire, poison and energy fields, from any distance as long there's nothing blocking the path.
Energy Bomb Image:Energy Bomb.gif adevo mas vis Field Energy Sorcerers yes 2300 880 37 325 5 10 2 Image:Electrified Icon.gif Creates a 3x3 area of Energy Fields.
Energy Field Image:Energy Field.gif adevo grav vis Field Energy Druids, Sorcerers. no 700 320 18 115 2 3 3 Image:Electrified Icon.gif Creates an energy field, initial damage of 30 and followed by 25 addtional damage once the field is left.
Energy Wall Image:Energy Wall.gif adevo mas grav vis Field Energy Druids, Sorcerers. no 2500 1000 41 340 5 9 4 Image:Electrified Icon.gif Creates a 1x7 Energy Fields Area if shot straight from the body. If shot on an angle, a total of 13 energy field squares will be made spanning 7 sqm vertical and 7 sqm horizontal.
Explosion Image:Explosion.gif adevo mas hur Attack Physical Druids, Sorcerers. no 1800 570 31 190 4 6 6 Image:Physical Damage Icon.gif Makes a small explosion in the shape of a plus-sign (+) around the target.
Fire Bomb Image:Fire Bomb.gif adevo mas flam Field Fire Druids, Sorcerers. no 1500 600 27 235 4 5 2 Image:Burned Icon.gif Creates a 3x3 square of Fire Fields.
Fire Field Image:Fire Field.gif adevo grav flam Field Fire Druids, Sorcerers. no 500 240 15 85 1 1 3 Image:Burned Icon.gif Creates a Fire Field
Fire Wall Image:Fire Wall.gif adevo mas grav flam Field Fire Druids, Sorcerers. no 2000 780 33 245 4 6 4 Image:Burned Icon.gif Creates a 1x5 Fire Fields area if shot straight from the body. If shot on an angle, a total of 9 fire field squares will be made spanning 5 sqm vertical and 5 sqm horizontal.
Fireball Image:Fireball.gif adori flam Attack Fire Sorcerers yes 1600 460 27 150 3 4 5 Image:Burned Icon.gif Shoots a Fire Attack, this is the Sorcerers' equivalent of the Icicle.
Great Fireball Image:Great Fireball.gif adori mas flam Attack Fire Sorcerers no 1200 530 30 180 3 4 4 Image:Burned Icon.gif Shoots a large circular flame attack based on the center of the selected area, this is the Sorcerers' equivalent of the Avalanche.
Heavy Magic Missile Image:Heavy Magic Missile.gif adori vis Attack Energy Druids, Sorcerers. no 1500 350 25 120 2 3 10 Image:Electrified Icon.gif Shoots an attack that inflicts Energy Damage.
Holy Missile Image:Holy Missile.gif adori san Attack Holy Paladins yes 1600 300 27 80 3 4 5 Image:Dazzled Icon.gif Shoots an attack that inflicts Holy Damage.
Icicle Image:Icicle.gif adori frigo Attack Ice Druids yes 1700 460 28 150 3 4 5 Image:Freezing Icon.gif Shoots an Ice attack, this is the Druids' equivalent of the Fireball.
Intense Healing Rune Image:Intense Healing Rune.gif adura gran Healing Druids no 600 120 15 95 2 1 1 Heals target better than Light Healing.
Light Magic Missile Image:Light Magic Missile.gif adori min vis Attack Energy Druids, Sorcerers. no 500 120 15 40 1 0 10 Image:Electrified Icon.gif Shoots a weak attack that causes Energy Damage.
Magic Wall Image:Magic Wall.gif adevo grav tera Support Sorcerers yes 2100 750 32 350 5 9 3 Makes an indestructible wall.
Paralyze Image:Paralyze.gif adana ani Support Druids yes 1900 1400 54 700 3 18 1 Paralyzes target. Any healing on this target will cancel the spell.
Poison Bomb Image:Poison Bomb.gif adevo mas pox Field Earth Druids yes 1000 520 25 170 2 4 2 Image:Poisoned Icon.gif Creates a 3x3 area of Poison Fields.
Poison Field (Rune) Image:Poison Field.gif adevo grav pox Field Earth Druids, Sorcerers. no 300 200 14 65 1 0 3 Image:Poisoned Icon.gif Creates a poison cloud which deals an initial damage of 5 per hit. Total damage is 105 hitpoints (5 turns of 5 hp, 5 rounds of 4, 7 rounds of 3, 10 rounds of 2 and 19 rounds of 1) untill damage stops (when not healed).
Poison Wall Image:Poison Wall.gif adevo mas grav pox Field Earth Druids, Sorcerers. no 1600 640 29 210 3 5 4 Image:Poisoned Icon.gif Creates a 1x5 Poison Fields Area if shot straight from the body. If shot on an angle, a total of 9 poison field squares will be made spanning 5 sqm vertical and 5 sqm horizontal.
Soulfire Image:Soulfire.gif adevo res flam Attack Fire Druids, Sorcerers. yes 1800 420 27 140 3 7 3 Image:Burned Icon.gif Causes the target to catch on fire.
Stalagmite (Rune) Image:Stalagmite (Rune).gif adori tera Attack Earth Druids, Sorcerers. no 1400 350 24 120 2 3 10 Image:Poisoned Icon.gif Sends out an earth missile (like HMM), it deals Earth Damage.
Stone Shower Image:Stone Shower.gif adori mas tera Attack Earth Druids yes 1100 430 28 150 3 4 4 Image:Poisoned Icon.gif Shoots an earth attack that covers a large circular area around the target, this is the Druids' equivalent of the Thunderstorm.
Sudden Death Image:Sudden Death.gif adori gran mort Attack Death Sorcerers no 3000 985 45 325 5 15 3 Image:Cursed Icon.gif Shoots a powerful death attack on a single target.
Thunderstorm Image:Thunderstorm.gif adori mas vis Attack Energy Sorcerers yes 1100 430 28 150 3 4 4 Image:Electrified Icon.gif Shoots an energy attack that covers a large area around the target, this is the Sorcerers' equivalent of the Stone Shower.
Ultimate Healing Rune Image:Ultimate Healing Rune.gif adura vita Healing Druids no 1500 400 24 175 3 4 1 Heal the target a large amount of HP. The amount changes with the magic level and level of the user.
Wild Growth Image:Wild Growth.gif adevo grav vita Support Elder Druids yes 2000 600 27 320 5 8 2 Creates a rune that can only be used by druids to cast a tree when used. It can only be used by druids with level 27 and magic level 8 or higher.
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