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The Runecrafting Teleport Tablets are untradeable Teleportation spell tablets obtained at the Great Orb Project Minigame by exchanging various amounts of tokens ranging from 15 to 45 with Wizard Elriss. In order to use any particular tablet, you must have the required runecrafting level/quest completion first.

Cosmic, Chaos, Astral, Nature, Law, Death, and Blood Teleport Tablets are members only.

Runecrafting tablets add yet another transport system to RuneScape. Each single-use tablet teleports the user outside the respective rune altar's ruins, or the Runecrafting Guild, and thus require a talisman, tiara, or runecrafting staff to use the altar. This makes it the quickest way to runecraft.

Though Level 50 Runecrafting is an absolute requirement for obtaining these tablets, they are, like the other teleport tablets, can be used by players of any Magic level, be it 1 or 99.

Unlike regular teleport magic tablets, these cannot be made with lecterns in the study room of a player-owned house.

One way of using the tablets effectively is to get many Runecrafting Guild tablets and tablets to an altar, while carry a pickaxe and a tiara. Players can use the tablet to the altar, then teleport to the Runecrafting guild,and return to the Wizards tower to mine more essence. While this may seem complicated and expensive in terms of tokens,it is a bit faster,and there is no banking required.

No Runecrafting Teleport Tablet can be brought into the Fist of Guthix minigame.

Any Runecrafting Teleport Tablet cannot be used over Level 20 Wilderness.

Types of Runecrafting Teleport Tablets

There are currently 14 types of Runecrafting Teleport Tablets:

Name Tokens Members Other uses
File:Air-altar-teleport.png Air Teleport Tablet 30 No Varrock, the Grand Exchange, Gertrude's house
File:Mind-altar-teleport.png Mind Teleport Tablet 32 No Asgarnian Chaos Temple to obtain Wine of Zamorak, Goblin Village, Dwarven Mine, Green Dragons in the Wilderness; closest Free player teleport to the Wilderness
File:Water-altar-teleport.png Water Teleport Tablet 34 No South-west Lumbridge Swamp mine, access to Zanaris through shack.
File:Earth-altar-teleport.png Earth Teleport Tablet 36 No Sawmill.
File:Fire-altar-teleport.png Fire Teleport Tablet 37 No Duel Arena rune mechanics and the Al Kharid Mine.
File:Body-altar-teleport.png Body Teleport Tablet 38 No Dwarf Mining Caves, Edgeville, Monastery and Barbarian Village.
File:Cosmic-altar-teleport.png Cosmic Teleport Tablet 39 Yes Zanaris.
File:Chaos-altar-teleport.png Chaos Teleport Tablet 40 Yes Chaos Tunnels and the Wilderness.
File:Astral-altar-teleport.png Astral Teleport Tablet 41 Yes Lunar Isle and the Astral altar to change to or from Lunar spells. Requires Seal of passage or tablet will not work.
File:Nature-altar-teleport.png Nature Teleport Tablet 42 Yes Karamja.
File:Law-altar-teleport.png Law Teleport Tablet 43 Yes Entrana. User must have no weapons or armour equipped or in their inventory or tablet will not work.
File:Death-altar-teleport.png Death Teleport Tablet 44 Yes Dark beasts.
File:Blood-altar-teleport.png Blood Teleport Tablet 45 Yes Mutated bloodvelds for slayer assignments/Meiyerditch Dungeon
File:Runecrafting-guild-teleport.png Runecrafting Guild Teleport Tablet 15 No Wizards' Tower, the Fairy ring network, Runecrafting Guild, and the Rune Essence mine.

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