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The Rune Blade in Final Fantasy VII.

The Rune Blade (ルーンブレイド Rūn Bureido), also translated as Runeblade, Rune Sword, or Rune Edge, is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. It often is related to the user's magical abilities.




Final Fantasy

The Rune Sword can found in the Chaos Shrine and deals extra damage to enemy magic users.

Final Fantasy V

The Rune Edge consumes the user's MP upon attacking for an automatic critical hit. It can be stolen from Stingrays.

Final Fantasy VI

The Rune Edge consumes the user's MP upon attacking for an automatic critical hit. It can be found in the Narshe mines, and bought later in the World of Ruin, although by this time it is largely useless.

Final Fantasy VII

The Rune Blade can be found on Mt. Nibel, and can be bought in Junon late in the game. It has four unlinked Materia slots and gives Double Materia growth.

Final Fantasy IX

The Rune Blade teaches the Iai Strike ability to Steiner.

Final Fantasy X

Any of Auron's katana can become the Rune Blade with the "Magic +5%" ability.

Final Fantasy XI

The Rune Blade is a Rune weapon of the one-handed Sword class. Like all Rune weapons, it has additional effects as long as the weapon is drawn. In the Rune Blade's case, it increases dexterity and raises its base damage.

Final Fantasy XII

The Runeblade has 85 Power and costs 60 LP to use.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The Runeblade increases Magic by 25 and has 50 Attack power.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Runeblade powers up the user's Strength and Magic abilities and can be bought for 20,000 gil.

Vagrant Story

Rune Blade is a high-ranked Great Sword that boost Strength by 33 and Range by 5, but lowers Agility by 5.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Rune Blade is a strong sword that can be forged by Clavat for 700 gil with a Master's Weapon scroll, a chunk of mythril, and a chunk of alloy. It has a Strength of 30 and is one of two weapons with the powerful Soulshot focus attack. The only other weapon that can use Soulshot is Excalibur.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Rune Blade is a level 25 sword that provides +29 Attack and is bought for 240 Gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Rune Blade is a level 57 sword that increases Attack by 40 and increases base Bravery by 20% at the start of a battle.

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