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Rune equipment is equipment stronger than adamant equipment. As with all runite items, they exhibit a darker form of the colour teal.



Rune weapons require an Attack level of 40 to wield. They were formerly the strongest weapons available to free players until the introduction of Corrupted dragon equipment which came with the PvP worlds update, however, they are still regarded as the best F2P weapons as they do not disappear like corrupt dragon. Rune equipment is often criticised as being too expensive, especially to free players.
Rune Weapons as seen in RuneScape Classic.

Runite Weapons

Name Members Only Attack Bonus
Rune dagger

A rune dagger

No (unless poisoned) +25 +12 -4
Rune claws

File:Rune claws.png

Yes +26 +38 -4
Rune hatchet

A rune axe

No -2 +26 +24
Rune mace

A rune mace

No +20 -2 +39
Rune sword

A rune sword

No +38 +26 -2
Rune longsword

A rune longsword

No +38 +47 -2
Rune scimitar

A rune scimitar

No +7 +45 -2
Rune spear

File:Rune spear.PNG

Yes +36 +36 +36
Rune hasta

File:Rune hasta.png

Yes +36 +36 +36
Rune warhammer

A rune warhammer

No -4 -4 +53
Rune battleaxe

A rune battleaxe

No -2 +48 +43
Rune two-handed sword

A rune two-handed sword

No -4 +69 +50
Rune halberd

File:Rune Hally.PNG

Yes +48 +67 0
Rune pickaxe

A rune pickaxe

No +26 -2 +24
Rune defender

File:Rune defender.png

Yes +20 +19 +18
Rune cane

File:Rune cane.png

Yes 0 -2 +39


A player wearing rune armour.

Rune armour is the highest-quality non-degradable armour that free-to-play players can wear, and the second-highest quality armour on the standard metal armour spectrum (bronze to dragon). Rune armour requires 40 Defence to wear and Dragon Slayer to wear the rune platebody, but only 40 Defence (45 for rune berserker) to wear all other pieces (thus, Dragon Slayer need not be completed.) With a full set costing around 195000 coins, it provides excellent defence for its price. Rune armour is the best choice for warriors with level 40 defence, or non members who can't or choose, for various reasons(mainly due to cost), not to wear corrupt dragon armour.

Pieces of Armour

Rune Armour as seen in RuneScape Classic.
Name Image Exchange Price Store Price
Rune med helm File:Rune-med-helm-inv.png 11,400 coins 6,280
Rune full helm File:Rune full helm.png 21,000 coins 8,400
Rune chainbody File:Rune-chainbody-inv.png 30,000 coins 50,000
Rune platebody File:Rune-platebody-inv.png 69,492 coins 65,500
Rune platelegs File:Rune-platelegs-inv.png 57,500 coins 64,000
Rune plateskirt File:Rune-plateskirt-inv.png 42,900 coins 64,000
Rune square shield File:Rune-sq-shield-inv.png 22,933 coins N/A
Rune kiteshield File:Rune-kiteshield-inv.png 57,000 coins N/A
Rune spikeshield File:Spikerunesqshield.gifFile:Rune spikeshield 0.gif 64,300 coins (in uncharged form) 200 FoG tokens (in charged form)
Rune berserker shield File:Rune berserker shield 100.pngFile:Rune berserker shield 0.gif 197,100 coins (in uncharged form) 300 FoG tokens (in charged form)
Rune boots File:Rune boots.png 60,500 coins 12,500
Rune gloves File:Rune gloves.png N/A 5,000 coins
Rune gauntlets File:Rune Gauntlets.png 139,000 coins 200 FoG tokens


The full set has the following statistics

Hover over image for type
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
0 0 0 -65 -21
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+207 +209 +192 -12 +205 +102
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
0 0 0 0
A prototype for Runite Armour in RuneScape Classic by Jagex.

Obtaining from the Champions' Guild

Rune Armour is the best type of armour in a non-member's world, the only armour that's better is the corrupt dragon armour, which crumbles to dust after 30 minutes. The rune platebody can only be worn after the completion of the Dragon Slayer quest, though all other pieces of rune armour can be worn even without its completion. Rune platelegs, rune plateskirts, rune chainbodies, rune swords, rune maces, etc. can be bought in Scavvo's Rune Store on the second floor in the Champions' Guild just south of Varrock, or the Grand Exchange.


Ornamental rune armour, trimmed rune armour, God armour, and Gilded armour have the same bonuses as standard rune armour. These can be obtained from the member's only Treasure Trails.

Note: Other players cannot trim armour, no matter what scammers say.


A player wearing full Rune Armour (t).

Gold Trimmed

A player wearing Rune Gold Trimmed armour with a skirt.



A player wearing Saradomin armour with a skirt.



Rune Armour in RSC

Long ago, in the early development stages of RuneScape Classic, rune armour didn't exist. Prior to its release, Jagex planned on making the colour of rune purple. There are images floating around the internet of a Purple Rune 2 Handed Sword in a trade screen from RuneScape Classic. Then when Rune was released it was changed to a cyan colour. Once RuneScape 2 was released the cyan colour of Rune armour was toned down into a more shaded colour.


  • All the god armour, trimmed armour and gilded versions of rune have the same exact stats as regular rune; it is only a different colour.
  • Players can't trim rune armour, or any armour for that matter. This was a common scamming method before the trading update.
  • When you pull a Christmas cracker from the 2001 event, you receive a party hat and a random piece of rune armour. The party hats, (now 260M+) were often disregarded, as runite armour at the time was worth millions.

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