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Rune Essence Mine
File:Mine Essence.png
Location See Article
Members only? No
Rocks 4 Rune/Pure Essence
Monsters None
Requirements Rune Mysteries
The Rune Essence mine, available to both free players and members, is the only place that players may mine for Rune essence or Pure essence, apart from the Lunar Isle Mine. This mine, unlike the one located on Lunar Isle, cannot be reached manually, due to it being sealed from all access except a specific but long-forgotten spell. The Rune Essence Mine is said by Sedridor to be located in the Ice Fields of the north, rather than another world, plane or pocket dimension. Both types of essence are used in the Runecrafting skill. Players must complete the Rune Mysteries quest in order to access the mine. Random events are capable of accessing this mine, and are capable of teleporting themselves and others to remote locations from it.


Accessing the mine

One of the four sectors of the essence mine

There are a number of NPCs located around RuneScape that will teleport the player to the mine, after completion of the Rune Mysteries quest. Players can either talk to these NPCs and ask to go to the mine, or right click the NPC and click the "Teleport" option to go directly to the mine.



  • Aubury - Located in Varrock, immediately south of the east bank. This is the most popular spot to teleport to the mine, as this location is the shortest walk away from a bank in free-to-play worlds.
  • Sedridor - Located in the basement of the Wizards' Tower. This location is not recommended as it is a long walk to a bank from here. However, players who have completed the medium tasks in the achievement diary for Lumbridge, and thus may use their ring to teleport to the cabbage patch south of falador, may teleport and have a shorter length to run to the bank.


  • Wizard Cromperty - Located in East Ardougne, northeast of the marketplace.
  • Wizard Distentor - Located in the Magic Guild in Yanille. This location is preferred by many players due to its short distance from a bank, although level 66 or higher Magic is required to enter the guild.
  • Gnome Wizard Brimstail - Located in a cave west of the bridge in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. This location is not recommended as it is a long way to a bank from here.
  • There's one Rune Essence mine in the Lunar Isle that doesn't needs any teleport,but you have to go through suqahs and it is a semi-lengthy walk to a bank from here.


Players mining rune essence.

The mine features four large essence outcrops that the player can mine from. Note that unlike other types of mining rocks in the game, multiple players can mine from the same essence rock at the same time, and a single click will fill the player's inventory with essence. There is also a teleport located around each of the rocks that will teleport the player out of the mine.

There are two types of essence that can be mined here from any of the essence rocks:

Rune Essence

Free players, or members with less than level 30 mining, will mine Rune essence. Each mined essence gives 5 mining experience. Rune essence can be used with the Runecrafting skill to craft elemental runes (air, water, earth, and fire), Mind runes, and Body runes.

Pure Essence

Paying members with a mining level of 30 or higher will start mining Pure Essence from the mines. Pure essence can be used to create any type of rune available with the Runecrafting skill.

You used to be able to go here and see a lot of macroers. But due to the recent trade update, there is no use for gold farming anymore. There are still a few autoers however.


A 'Transparency' glitch in the Rune essence mine. (High Detail)
  • It is possible that the mine was the location of the Stone of Jas, as the Fremennik who discovered it said that when the Stone was removed, the surrounding rock transformed into Rune Essence, which can be seen in the mine. The excavation equipment in the mine may not only be used for mining the essence, but may have alternatively used to extract the Stone of Jas or find any clues to its location.
  • The Shape of the Rune Essence is in the shape that resembles the symbol of Guthix, probably as a tribute to Guthix since he was the one that created the first Rune Stones with the Stone of Jas.
  • The area the Mine is in was snowy, again suggesting that it was near the Fremenniks area since it was the Fremenniks that first discovered both the Stone of Jas and the Rune Essence. In Rune Mysteries, it is said that the mine is actually located in the magically closed ice fields of the north.
  • Entering the mine from a members' entrance, switching to a Free world and trying to leave gives you a warning about not being able to go here on a Free server. Trying again will cause a teleport interception, bringing you to Sedridor.
  • Any teleport, ranging from your Spellbook teleports to cabbage-ports, are perfectly functional within either of the Rune essence mines in Gielinor, though only the teleport spells of one of five known wizards (or free-standing essence mine on the lunar isle) can allow you direct access to them.
  • Many people tend to mine this for money. You can see this in Varrock. this has lowered prices pretty far. Though still profitable, it is becoming overloaded. It seems to be the target of many new bots too.
  • Back around 2005-2006, if you went into the far northwest corner of the mine, you could see some grass and a tree at the edge of the minimap. This was later fixed.
  • After RuneTek 5 was released, a hidden update came, graphically updating the rocks. A rather deep crack could be seen going through the top of the rocks.
  • With the Barbarian Assault improvements update came another hidden update came, showing even more deep cracks in the four rocks. The rocks even looked a bit lopsided. The rock in the Lunar Isle mine were also updated to show cracks. What has caused this deformation is unknown. However, during the same week, Jagex released a Twitter hint saying "Next week in RuneScape: Variety is the essence of life!", which may have something to do with the rune essence updates.

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