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A Rune chainbody is the second strongest chainbody in free play below Corrupt dragon chainbody, and the third strongest chainbody in members, succeeded by Vesta's chainbody and Dragon chainbody. Most players consider it to be less powerful than the Rune Platebody; however, it has a higher crush defence bonus, smaller negative bonuses, and wearing it does not require completion of Dragon Slayer. It's most commonly worn by free players who have not finished Dragon Slayer. It might also be an option for hybrid mages or rangers who wish to increase their defence, without sacrificing too much attack, as the chainbody has a relatively stable price, and is not as expensive to replace when killed, making it a good choice for pvp worlds. A player with 96 Smithing can make the chainbody by using three runite bars on an anvil while carrying a hammer, granting 225 Smithing experience. It can also be bought at the Champions' Guild, or, for members, at Seddu's Adventurers' Store in Nardah. They are somewhat difficult to sell on the Grand Exchange, even at minimum price.

It is fairly common in the pvp world among free to play rangers. Since the chainbody does not sacrifice any ranged attack bonus it makes the piece of armour almost equal to the Adamant Platebody. The only difference is a slightly higher armour and less reduced ranged bonus.

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  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
0 0 0 -15 0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+63 +72 +78 -3 +65 +40
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
0 0 0 0%
A player wearing a Rune chainbody along with other rune equipment.

Shop locations

This item can also be bought or sold at:

  • Scavvo's Rune Store though it is less expensive on the Grand Exchange. However, they are difficult to buy on the Grand Exchange.

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