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Rosa wielding the Rune Staff, a piece of Rune Equipment, in Final Fantasy IV DS.

Rune Equipment (ルーン Rūn) is a recurring type of equipment in the series. In most games that it appears in, it is usually one of the stronger types of equipment, though some Rune equipment can be found mid-game. Rune equipment is related to magic, often either deals with using MP for automatic critical hits or dealing extra damage to Mage-type enemies. The most common recurring type of Rune equipment are the Rune Blade, Rune Axe, and Rune Staff.




Final Fantasy

The Rune Blade was originally the only Rune equipment in the game, until the Dawn of Souls remake where the Rune Staff and Rune Axe appear as well. The Rune Axe is capable of casting Curaga when used as an item, while the Rune Staff could cast Healara when used as an item. The Rune Blade simply did extra damage to Mages.

Final Fantasy II

The unique piece of Rune equipment in Final Fantasy II is the Rune Axe deals extra damage against Mages and also casts Fog when used as an item, and is also the strongest axe in the game if you exclude Guy's ultimate weapon, the Gigantaxe.

Final Fantasy III

The Rune Staff is a high level staff that can cast Erase. The Rune Bow is a mid-level bow while the Rune Axe is a mid-level axe that both provides +2 Intelligence and Mind. The Rune Bell is the second strongest Bell in the game. The Rune Bracers are the first armor type of the Rune Equipment, and is a mid-level armor that provides some resistance to status attacks.

Final Fantasy IV

The Rune Axe is the 2nd strongest axe in the game, and deals critical damage against mages. The Rune Staff also deals critical damage against mages, and can also inflict Silence when used as an item. Rune Armlet provides resistance to Silence, as well as being a mid-level armor.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Rune Axe, Rune Staff, and Rune Armlet return from Final Fantasy IV with the same stats.

Final Fantasy V

The Rune Axe inflicts critical damage in exchange for MP, and is one of the Sealed Weapons. The Rune Chime also consumes MP for a critical hit, and is the second strongest Bell in the game. Rune Edge is a mid-level sword that also consumes MP for a critical hit, though it is not found till late in the game.

Final Fantasy VI

The Rune Blade consumes 10 MP each attack for a critical hit, and can only be used by Terra, Edgar, and Celes.

Final Fantasy VII

The Rune Blade and Rune Armlet represent Rune Equipment in this game. Both pieces of Rune equipment have Double Materia growth abilities.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Rune Armlet is an accessory that boost Max MP by 80% and prevents Silence.

Final Fantasy VIII

Though it cannot be equipped, the Rune Armlet appears in the game as an item that can teach the ability "Spr +20%" to any GF.

Final Fantasy IX

The Rune Tooth is a mid-level weapon for Zidane that teaches him the ability "Lucky Seven", and has innate Poison. The Rune Blade is a high-level sword that only Steiner can equip that teaches him the ability Iai Strike, and has innate Darkness. The Rune Claws are Amarant's strongest weapons that teaches him Spare Change, Demi Shock, and Revive, and also have innate Darkness.

Final Fantasy X

Several weapons can get the "Rune" moniker by having the ability "Magic +5%" as the dominant ability. Tidus can also get the weapon Runemaster by having all 4 "Magic +%" abilities on a weapon.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Rune Bracer is an accessory that double the wearer's max HP.

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI has a set of high-level Rune Weapons. These weapons each have different effects which activate when the weapon is drawn and consume MP over time. In addition to the special effects the Rune Weapons can mostly be equipped by Black Mages and Summoners regardless of the weapon class.

Final Fantasy XII

The Runeblade represents the Rune equipment.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The Runeblade appears again as a mid-level weapon for Vaan. The Rune Bracelet is an accessory for Penelo that increases the effectiveness of Dance abilities.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Runeblade is a high-level sword, and is the only Rune Equipment in the game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Rune Hammer is a mid-level weapon with an Attack power of 25. The Rune Shield is a high-rank shield that provides +18 Defense and Spell Range +20. Both the Rune Bell and Rune Staff are Magic-raising artifacts, raising magic by 3 and 1 respectively.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

The Rune Saber, Rune Rod, and Rune Spoon all represent Rune Equipment.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time

Rune Ax, Rune Bell, Rune Spear, and Rune Spear make up the Rune Equipment in this game.


Rune Blade in Final Fantasy V.

Rune Axe in Final Fantasy V.

Rune Chime in Final Fantasy V.

Rune Blade in Final Fantasy VII.

Rune Armlet in Final Fantasy VII.

Runeblade in Final Fantasy XII

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Rune claws are a two handed melee weapon that are members only. To wield them, a player must have at least 40 Attack. They also have the Impale special attack, which uses 25% of the special bar and is 10% more accurate and powerful than a normal attack, but slower. This is the only melee rune item to have a special attack, and one of only two rune items that have special attacks; the other being the rune throwing axe. They are also one of few smithable weapons with a special attack. They are the second strongest set of claws available to members, the strongest being Dragon Claws. Rune claws give the highest defence bonuses of any rune weapon.

Rune claws can be obtained either by using the Smithing skill to make a pair, or trading with another player. The requirements for making them, is completing the Death Plateau quest, along with 98 Smithing. To make them use a rune bar (with another in the inventory) on an anvil, with a hammer in the inventory. This will grant the player 150 Smithing experience. For some reason you wield 2 claws but only use 1 in combat, in exception of the Dragon Claws and Rune Claws special attack.

Hover over image for type
A player uses the Impale special attack
A player uses the Impale special attack
  Attack bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged
+26 +38 -4 +0 +0
  Defence bonus  
Stab Slash Crush Magic Ranged Summoning
+10 +19 +5 +0 +0 +0
Other bonuses
Strength Ranged Strength Prayer Magic Damage (%)
+39 +0 +0 ?
Speed: File:speed4.gif

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