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A screenshot of the RT5 Standard Definition engine.
A screenshot of the RT5 High Definition engine.

RuneTek is the game engine used for RuneScape. RuneTek 5 is the current version of the engine which runs RuneScape. RuneTek 5 replaced RuneTek 4 on 2 September 2009. RuneTek 5 combines Standard Detail (SD) and High Detail (HD) modes. The updated SD in RuneTek 5 includes fullscreen and resizeable window modes, distance fogging and sky colour, ground/path blending and smoothing, and underwater visibility. The updated HD includes further shadowing, sky boxes, particle effects, bloom lighting effects, and water reflections.



Andrew Gower, Mod Chris E, and four other Jagex staff have recently finished RuneTek 5. It is unknown what they are working on at the moment.

In a developers' blog, Mod Chris E says that these improvements has been inspired from another Jagex product called MechScape.

The impetus for some of these improvements has come from the development of "Mechscape", and RuneScape is now able to benefit from these too.

Development is still continuing; another member of the Game Engine team has just commenced work on the DirectX RT5 implementation, and we have several awesome features in the pipeline.

For a variety of reasons, this RT5 update also finally allows us to fix the long-standing mis-click bug in the Grand Exchange (unwanted walking/friend adding, etc), along with any number of smaller long-standing issues.

— Mod Chris E, Game Engine: RuneTek 5[1]

It has been stated in a Q&A with Andrew Gower on 3 September 2009 that this update has made RuneScape that much closer to becoming a console game.

Darkdeeje asks: In the last Q&A I think you confirmed that RuneScape will be ported to consoles in the near future. Any news on that?

Andrew: We are currently focussing on making the 3D engine more platform independent, so it is easier to port in the future. Our new 3D engine, RuneTek 5 (RT5), has been heavily rewritten to make this possible.

— Q&A: Andrew Gower's Answers[2]




On the RuneTek 5 images, one can see a blurred out spot which is the Objective system arrow. This image was released before the Objective system update. The text in the chatbox reads: "A starting arrow has been added to your world map", indicative of the existence of the Objective system during the release of this blog.


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