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Internet Relay Chat, usually referred to as IRC, is an online chat protocol that bears some resemblance to instant messenger protocols. The main difference is that IRC is oriented around channels that allow a conversation involving dozens or hundreds of people to take place, rather than the two-person conversations that usually take place with instant messaging. (Note, however, that IRC also has a private message mechanism, but its main use is its channels.) Each IRC user is usually running client software on their computer, which enables a connection to an IRC server. Groups of servers are usually set up to communicate with one another, sharing channels and users, and forming networks. There are hundreds of publicly accessible IRC networks today.

The RuneScape Wiki has its own IRC network, RuneScape-Wiki. Anyone is welcome to join the network; no special permission is needed. There are two gateways set up for easy access, the CGI:IRC gateway, and the Java gateway. Simply enter a nickname to use and connect through the web-based interface.

Users who are on the IRC network regularly might find it more useful to download a more complete client onto their computers. mIRC and XChat are two of the most popular. If you would like to use one of these clients, point it to irc:// to connect to our channel (command: /server -j #wikia-runescape).


IRC help

Users who are unfamiliar with IRC are advised to use one of the two gateways, linked in the sidebar and in the second paragraph above. Both lead to the same IRC channel, #wikia-runescape by default, though other channels can be joined within them. These gateways are designed such that you only need to enter in a nickname to use within the channel, preferably your wiki username, and click connect. Sometimes, however, problems can be encountered:

  • It may take some time to establish a connection to the server. When this is finished, however, the channel's tab should appear.
  • The nick you chose might already be registered or in use. In this case, you can type "/nick new nick" into the input box to change to a new nick.

Once you join the channel, chatting itself should be self-explanatory. A list of users currently in the channel can be found on the right side of the screen. (Note that "ChanServ" and "RuneScript" are bots, not users.) Sometimes the channel can be empty or nearly empty, or users may not be watching the discussion—if this is the case, you might want to try coming back at a different time of day. In particular, the channel is most used during the afternoon and evening in US time zones, or about 22:00 through 05:00 UTC.

Channel rules

These policies are to be followed at all times on the RuneScape Wiki IRC network when in an official channel or a channel with censoring enabled (chanmode +G). Punishment for breaking the rules vary from being kicked from a channel to being banned from the network, depending on the offense.

  • All RS Wiki rules apply.
  • All RuneScape/JaGEx rules and terms apply.
  • No impersonating another user! No exceptions.
  • No nick-change spam, or nicks that have any suggestive or sexual reference. Stick to one or maybe two names. Also, please do not repeatedly enter and leave the channel purposefully in a short period of time.
  • Administrators have the ability to enforce these rules by kicking users from the channel, and in severe cases, setting bans on channels or the entire network. However, because it is sometimes difficult to establish a link between an IRC user and a wiki user, conduct on IRC will not necessarily lead to any action taken on the wiki (see RS:NOT#OFFSITE). In severe cases that involve the endangerment of one or more person or legal violations, IP addresses can and likely will be used to link users.
  • Talking about anything of a sexual or illegal nature is prohibited.
  • Warez, cracks, etc. are also prohibited.
  • Please do not spam your YouTube videos or other links. Excessive spamming in general will result in a kick. Do not use RuneScript or another bot to spam the channel. You are responsible for both intentional and unintentional misuse of bots. For assistance with RuneScript, please see its dedicated article.
  • #wikia-runescape is not for marketing; please join an appropriate channel for such matters.
  • Excessive swearing or inappropriate discussion will result in a kick and possibly a ban if you cannot keep your language appropriate. Please remember there we do have younger users on the wiki. Evading censoring mechanisms will likely result in a ban or mute.

Nick registration

While it is not required to use IRC, there is a service in place that allows users to register the nicknames they use. This prevents other users from using that nickname unless they provide the password for it, given at registration. It also confers a number of other benefits; in particular, registration is required in order to make use of administrative rights on the channel. Nickname registration on our IRC network is handled by a bot named "NickServ". To register your nick, follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure you are connected properly, and are using the nickname you wish to register.
  2. Type, without the quotes, "/ns register password e-mail", where password is a word that you will use to "log in" with, and e-mail is your e-mail address (which can be hidden from other users, see below). If NickServ fails to register your nick, it may be because you left out the password, or because the nickname is already registered. Simply choose another nickname and repeat.
  3. Check your e-mail and follow the directions listed in the confirmation message. This will likely entail entering a command such as /msg NickServ CONFIRM 9f8SDJF9HG

From now on, whenever you connect back to the network, simply enter "/identify password" to "log in." Note that if you do not identify within a user-set time limit, your nickname will be forcibly changed.

Be sure to check out the nick name cheatsheet for a list of nicks that editors often use. Please add yourself once you have registered. You should use your wiki or RuneScape names, however, you may ask an administrator if another name is acceptable.


IRC supports a number of commands, with varied uses. An incomplete list of commands is found below. Note that the commands should be typed exactly as is, with the slash in front, replacing the parameters (if any) for their values.

  • /nick nickname - Changes your current nickname to the provided nickname. This fails if another user is already using that nickname. Also, your registration DOES NOT change over to the new nickname.
  • /join #channel - Opens a new chat page containing the provided channel. You MUST include the # before the channel name. This may fail if the channel requires a key to enter—in that case, if you know the key, just type it in after the channel name in the command—or if the channel has been set to invite-only, or if you have been banned.
  • /part #channel - Causes you to leave the provided channel. If you are using the CGI:IRC gateway, you should manually close the actual chat page using the grey X in the top-right of the page. Don't click the RED X that closes your internet browser!
  • /me emote - Causes you to send to the current channel an emote, along the lines of "Mynick emote". Example: if I am Oddlyoko, "/me dances!" writes "* Oddlyoko dances!"
  • /whois user - Gathers the information of the specified user, including their ident, hostmask, and whether they are identified with NickServ or not.
  • /quit [message] - Disconnects you from the network. A quit message is also optional.

Chanop commands

All channel operators, please read this section thoroughly. To make use of any of these commands, you must have half-op access in the channel, which is not given by default. Authorized users (chanops who have registered with NickServ and have been added to the access list at level 5 or higher) can give themselves op access using the "/cs op #wikia-runescape" command. Likewise, halfops can accomplish this using "/cs halfop #wikia-runescape" while identified. This should only be done when you need to make use of an administrative command, and should be undone with "/mode #wikia-runescape -o your nick" when this is complete. Replace -o with -h for halfops.

  • /kick nickname [reason] - Removes a user from the current channel. Optionally can take a "reason".
  • /remove channel user [:reason] - Removes a user from the current channel, similar to /kick, but it circumvents any auto-rejoin commands the targeted user may have. Optionally can take a "reason", but the : character must be placed at the start of it.
  • /invite nickname #wikia-runescape - Invites the given user to #wikia-runescape.
  • /mode #channel flag - Sets the given flag-mode. Flags are either channel flags or user flags; see table. All flags can either be set (using a preceding + sign) or unset (using a preceding - sign). A full list of user and channel modes as well as their functions can be found here. Used for banning and muting, among other things.

Please use the invite and ban modes sparingly. Mute may be used in certain cases to prevent spam before kicking the users who are spamming. Use all the administrator commands only in appropriate situations. Only kick users who have broken the chat policies. Only ban users who have repeatedly broken the chat policies, show no signs of improving, and do little but break the chat policies. Misuse of the administrators commands violates the RuneScape Wiki's User treatment policy, and abusers will be warned or demoted accordingly.

IRCop commands

IRCop commands are powerful and potentially dangerous. Please thoroughly read all relevant portions of the official UnrealIRCd documentation before attempting to use any.

See also

  • RuneScript, a bot that is usually in the channel

This article uses material from the "RuneScape:Chat" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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