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Image:Quote1.png "If I say I'm going to be somewhere - I'll be there in a Flash." Image:Quote2.png
--Bart Allen

Appearing in "Run"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Hanison

Other Characters:

  • Linda (Behind the scenes)




Synopsis for "Run"

A teenage thief named Bart Allen meets with a fence named Hanison in a secret location in Metropolis' Suicide Slums. The argue over the value of some stolen merchandise, so Bart decides to take both the money and the purloined valuables. He runs out of the building at super-speed before Hanison and his henchman can even see what is going on.

Minutes later, Jonathan Kent and Clark are leaving the Metropolis Day Center. Jonathan complains about all of the heart medication he needs to take, but Clark tries to lighten the mood by discussing the upcoming Metropolis Sharks game. A drunken driver turns the cover and nearly runs Jonathan down. Bart Allen races up from out of nowhere and pushes Jonathan to safety. Clark is stunned to see someone who is as fast as he is. Bart's actions do not come free of charge however. After pushing Jonathan out of harm's way, he swipes his wallet (which contains his credit cards and the football game tickets). Jonathan and Clark return home and Clark says that he is going to have Chloe try and track down the credit card activity.

Meanwhile, Jason Teague learns about the tattoo on the small of Lana's back. When he questions her about it, Lana grows extremely defensive. She tells him that as much as she loves him, she is not ready to share some things with him just yet.

Clark meanwhile has Chloe trace Jonathan's credit card activity. He learns that Bart has rented a suite at a posh Metropolis hotel. Clark runs there and sneaks into the hotel room while Bart is in the shower. He finds his backpack as well as several fake IDs. Bart comes out of the shower and Clark accuses him of stealing Jonathan's credit card. He tries to grab the card, but Bart snatches it first and runs out of the room. Clark gives chase, but Bart is clearly faster than him. Bart runs across the lake and Clark loses him. Disgruntled, he returns home to the farm. When he arrives, he finds Bart sitting in his kitchen drinking a glass of orange juice. The two go out to the barn for a private talk. Bart is impressed to meet someone who has super-powers like him. Clark likewise is suitably impressed, but he cannot condone Bart's chosen lifestyle. Bart tells him that he only steals from those can afford it. Through the course of conversation, Bart learns about Clark's vulnerability to Kryptonite. Bart convinces Clark to relax a little bit and have some fun. The two race each other down to Miami, Florida and spend the day on the beach.

That evening, they return to Smallville and go to the Talon. Bart meets Chloe and begins hitting on her. Clark speaks with his mom who gives him a message from Lex. Lex needs to see Clark at his mansion. Clark is reluctant to leave Bart alone, but Chloe appears to have garnered his attention - at least for a little while.

Clark goes to Luthor Mansion where Lex shows him an antique manuscript. The print is from a 14th century manuscript which was reputedly owned by Rasputin. The illumination on the page contains symbols similar to those found in the Kawatche caves. As Clark is the local authority on everything having to do with the caves, Lex feels that he might be able to give some valuable insight as to the meaning of the symbols. While Lex talks, Clark uses his x-ray vision and discovers that a map lies hidden beneath the page of the manuscript. Lex and Clark arrange to meet back up the following day to study the page in detail. Clark walks down the hall to leave and sees Bart. Bart is suitably impressed with Lex's mansion, and Clark warns him to leave. Before Lex can see him, Bart runs off.

Clark returns home and tells his father about the manuscript with the Kryptonian symbols. Minutes later, Bart shows up and Clark and he go to the barn. Despite his flighty behavior, Bart is grateful for the time he has spent with Clark. He likes knowing that there is somebody else in the world with powers like him. To show his gratitude, he gives Clark an MP3 player. Clark cannot accept the gift because he knows that it is stolen. Bart accuses Clark of treating his powers like a curse, when he should be using them to get what he wants. Frustrated, Bart runs off. Clark follows him and finds that Bart has broken into Luthor Mansion to steal Lex's manuscript. After swiping it, he sets off the alarms, leaving Clark standing in the middle of the room looking guilty. Clark awkwardly tries to explain to Lex why he was in the mansion at such a late hour. As Clark clearly doesn't have the stolen manuscript on his person, Lex doesn't accuse him of anything beyond odd visiting hours. He promises however, that he will use all of his resources to track the thief down.

Later, Lana goes to the Talon after hours. Martha is just getting off the phone after telling Jonathan that she will need to stay late. Lana can see that Martha is under some stress. Martha confesses that keeping busy at the Talon is the only way she can keep her mind of Jonathan's health issues. Lana reminds her that by avoiding Jonathan, she is slowly losing him. Martha appreciates Lana's candor and goes home.

In Metropolis, Bart tries to fence the stolen manuscript to Hanison. What he doesn't know however, is that Hanison has already spoken with Lex Luthor. Hanison stands to earn more money by selling the item back to Lex than he could moving through it through underworld channels. Further, he is tired of Bart's attitude. Hanison's henchman strikes Bart from behind, stunning him. Lex Luthor arrives, but upon seeing that this so-called "dangerous criminal" is nothing more than a teenage boy, orders Hanison to leave him alone. Hanison and Lex argue over the matter and they begin to fight. Hanison knocks Lex out then trains his gun on Bart. Suddenly, Clark bursts into the room and disarms the criminal. He throws Hanison through the roof of the building and he lands on a nearby motor home.

Bart gets up and grabs the manuscript. He knew that Clark would probably try to stop him, so he came prepared. From his pocket he withdraws a lead box containing a chunk of Kryptonite found at the Kents' barn. Opening the box, he places it before Clark and prepares to leave. Clark pleads with Bart and tells him that the Kryptonite will kill him. He knows that Bart isn't a killer. Bart reconsiders his actions and closes the box. He then runs off at super-speed with the manuscript.

The following day, Clark tells his father about everything that happened. He still has faith in Bart and says that he is simply misguided. Martha returns home after a long evening at the Talon. She tells Jonathan that she won't be keeping late hours anymore.

At the Kawatche Caves, Lana and Jason inspect the various carvings. Lana shows Jason one of the symbols, which is identical to the mysterious tattoo on her back. Jason asks her what it means, but Lana doesn't know.

As it turns out, Clark's words finally reach Bart. He returns the manuscript to Luthor Mansion without Lex ever realizing how it go there. Clark visits the mansion to make sure that Lex is okay. Lex shows Clark that the manuscript has been returned. What he doesn't tell Clark however, is that he knows about the hidden map beneath the page.

Later, Bart arrives at the Kent farm. Clark thanks him for returning the manuscript, and Bart thanks him in turn for believing in him and being his friend. Clark asks him what his next course of action is, and Bart says that he wants to see the world. He invites Clark to go with him, but Clark makes a counter-offer for Bart to stay in Smallville. Bart makes him a wager: If he can catch him - he'll stay. The two start racing each other down the highway. They run neck and neck, but then Bart winks and pours on the speed. Clark finally stops when he realizes that there is no way he can catch up to the impulsive youth.


  • A possible allusion to Bart Allen is shown in the pilot episode. An internet news site from that episode features an article about the "Fastest Man Alive". Closer inspection of the article reveals that the subject in question is named Scott Higgs. Whether Scott Higgs is another alias of Bart Allen is unknown.
  • Bart is in possession of several fake IDs in this episode which include the names Barry Allen, Jay Garick and Wally West. In mainstream continuity, all three of these men are heroes who once operated under the guise of the Flash.
  • At one point, Bart utters the salutation, "Smell ya later", a line made popular by another famous boy named Bart - Bart Simpson.
  • A yellow lightning bolt appears on the front of Bart's backpack. The yellow lightning bolt is the trademark insignia of the Flash.

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Character Actor
Clark Kent Tom Welling
Chloe Sullivan Allison Mack
Jonathan Kent John Schneider
Martha Kent Annette O'Toole
Lex Luthor Michael Rosenbaum
Lana Lang Kristin Kreuk
Jason Teague Jensen Ackles
Bart Allen Kyle Gallner
Hanison Benjamin Ratner

Recommended Media

  • Smallville Episode: Crusade (1st appearance of the Mark of Transferrence)
  • Smallville Episode: Spell (1st appearance of Margaret Isobel Thoreaux)
  • Smallville Episode: Justice (2nd appearance of Bart Allen)

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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy IV party members Escaping a random encounter.

Escape is a forced command in the Final Fantasy series, which, when employed, causes the party members to try and escape a random encounter.

The most common way to escape a random encounter is by pressing down two buttons on the game controller or the console. For the titles on the PlayStation, this is done by pressing both the R1 and L1 buttons at the same time on the game controller. The Game Boy Advance titles require pressing both R and L buttons. In Final Fantasy XII, however, the command is issued by holding down the R2 button while running away from the enemy, and in the Final Fantasy IV Nintendo DS remake, it is issued by holding down the R button.

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, there is a special option which causes the team to escape at the battle menu. After escaping, the mission will fail or the battle will be lost.

As with Flee, Escape can only be employed in random encounter with normal enemies. The player cannot escape from storyline enemies and Bosses, but there are few exceptions.

Escaping varies from game to game. In some games, when one member flees, the others will. In other games, the members flee individually and the battle will not end until any remaining party member flees or gets Knocked Out.



Final Fantasy

Individual characters may choose whether to Flee or not while others can still fight. If the shoulder buttons are pressed, the entire team automatically chooses to Flee. If one character is successful in Fleeing, the entire party Flees with them.

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Final Fantasy II

This has the same process as the original Final Fantasy.

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Final Fantasy III

The Thief Job has the command "Flee" which acts as a normal command to escape, but with a higher chance of success.

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Final Fantasy IV

When escaping from battles, there is a chance of the party dropping gil equal to 1/4 of the amount that they would have received if all of the initial enemies in the battle would have been defeated. This is not affected by the spell Teleport or the Ninjitsu ability Smoke. Using the ability Cry in the non-DS versions reduces the amount of time it takes for the party to escape from a battle.

In the DS remake, you can escape non-boss battles by holding the R button. Edge can also learn a move called Smoke, which enables the party to successfully escape from non-boss battles upon use. Again, the amount of gil lost when running is the same as in the previous versions.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

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Final Fantasy V

Escape can be done by simply holding the L and R buttons together, or by using the Thief ability Flee, the Time Magic spell Teleport, or the Ninja ability Smoke to escape instantly. If all party members were to use the Hide command, then the party will instantly flee from the battle, unless it is an unescapable battle. The weapon Chicken Knife has a 25% chance of forcing the party to flee whenever the user attacks with it.

Final Fantasy VI

Holding the shoulder buttons will cause all characters to proceed with running animation. But unlike the other games, each character escapes individually until there are no characters on the screen. This is determined by a "run difficulty value" for each character (this value is 0 in side attacks; otherwise, the value is equal to double the number of enemies present, though some enemies add 6 instead of 2 to the equation). Each character's "run difficulty value" is as follows.

  • Terra: 4
  • Locke: 5
  • Cyan: 3
  • Shadow: 5
  • Edgar: 4
  • Sabin: 4
  • Celes: 4
  • Strago: 3
  • Relm: 5
  • Setzer: 4
  • Mog: 5
  • Gau: 5
  • Gogo: 4
  • Umaro: 3
  • Banon: 2
  • Leo: 3
  • Vicks: 4
  • Wedge: 4

Once every 2 seconds, the game will check to see if the the party is trying to run. If they are, then each character's "run success" value increases, depending on the character and a random number between 1 to a value listed above. If a character's "run success" value is greater than or equal to the "run difficulty" value AND if the character's ATB gauge is full, then that character will escape. If not, they will keep trying to escape and their "run success" value will increase 2 seconds later.

Final Fantasy VII

To escape from a battle, the player has to hold the R1 and L1 buttons at the same time to attempt an escape. The animation has the players facing the opposite way and running on the spot. If the player's have success in escaping, they will then flee off the screen and the character models will then fade. Characters in certain statuses will not flee, these are Death, Paralyzed, Petrify, and Stop. Players in the Confusion status will be running while spinning. Players cannot flee from bosses. A player cannot escape an Ambush until all enemies on one side are defeated.

The game uses the Global Timer to decide when you can escape. The Global Timer is the timer for the entire battle, and the speed of this is based on the the Battle Speed in Config. The default Battle Speed is 128, and at max it is 255. A Global Timer Unit is earned for every mark of 8192 the Global Timer reaches. On the fastest Battle Speed setting, it would take just over 30 ticks for a single Global Time Unit, but on the slowest it would be about 152.

At the end of each Global Time Unit, the game checks if you have been running for at least half the unit's time. If you have not there is no chance of escaping until the next Global Time Unit has finished. If you have, then further mathematics has to be checked.

The battle will end once the Run Difficulty reaches zero. Depending on the encounter, the Run Difficulty will vary. Usually it is one, but for back attacks, it is usually two, and if encounters include certain enemies it is also higher. Every Global Time Unit that you have been running for at least half the time of, there is a 25% chance of reducing the Run Difficulty by one. If the battle was a Preemptive Strike, or you enclose the enemy via a Side Attack, the Run Difficulty will always reduce by one.

Final Fantasy VIII

The player can escape random battles by holding the L2 and R2 buttons. Experience point can still be acquired if damage has been dealt to at least one enemy. However, the player will not get AP and items will not be dropped.

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Final Fantasy IX

The player can use the L1 and R1 buttons to escape, or use Zidane's Flee skill to escape instantly.

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Final Fantasy X

In Final Fantasy X, characters run away individually, and are not replaced by another character when they do; once all three characters participating in battle are either KO'd, ejected from battle or have escaped, the battle ends. All characters can flee from an escapable battle at once through the use of the ability Flee.

Final Fantasy X-2

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Final Fantasy XII

By pressing the R2 button, the party will put their weapons away and you will be able to flee without any characters making a move. Pressing the R2 button cancels all actions being made.

Final Fantasy XIII

In Final Fantasy XIII, you may no longer escape from battles, and such function was replaced by by a function called "Restart" where you can press Start, then Select to bring the party back to the previous screen before you engage the enemy, effectively act as a replacement to the Escape system.


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Guild Wars

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In Guild Wars, Running is traveling quickly to a target location. This is accomplished by avoiding or moving through mobs rather than engaging them in combat. A foreign character to a continent wanting to unlock lower level towns may choose to run as fighting is viewed as a waste of time. Running another player, usually for a fee, is the most common use of the term. The runner plays through the map while the other party members usually remain idle. A run differs from a ferry in that runs take players to locations that can be reached physically, rather than through special access areas.

When runners enter the portal to a new area (i.e. zone), all party members (whether dead or alive) are moved to the next area. The same thing happens at the end of a cinematic. If the goal is to resurrect the other party members, the runner can activate a resurrection shrine and then die within its range to have all party members resurrect at that location.

The general MMORPG term "run" can also mean what most people refer to in Guild Wars as farming, (i.e., killing certain monsters for items or clearing certain areas repeatedly to gain experience or other bonuses).

Note: The availability of runs between outposts is largely restricted to Tyria, as in Elona and Cantha most outposts are closed until you have completed the primary quests or missions to reach them.



Players want runs for different reasons. Some of the more common are gaining access to end game towns/outpost, crafters and skill trainers, capping elite skills, and power leveling.

Potential benefits for low-level charaters include having maximum armor in a low-level area, capturing elites early on, or skipping ahead in the storyline. However, these players usually end up in a higher-level area, making it difficult for them to participate in a group.

Players can also run to complete certain quests or missions (e.g. deliver an item or perform infusion) without fighting monsters along the way. This can be a quicker alternative to fighting through a zone.

Common Runs


Many runners require payment for their services. The payment amount and timing varies depending on the run. The runner may request that the money be shown (i.e. in the trade window without actually giving the money) before the run is made to prevent scamming. Whether hiring another player to run you, or running a group of players yourself, you should watch out for scams.

Keep the following points in mind when you decide to charge/pay for a run:


  • Asking players to pay "on arrival" is inviting the opportunity to be scammed. Insist that players pay at an early zone prior to the destination or, on longer runs, halfway. Once you have reached an outpost, there is no incentive for the player to pay besides honesty and good will. (If the one being run refuses you pay, you can report the matter to ANet for dishonest trade, but this is unlikely to result in any gain for you.)

Players seeking runs

  • Do not pay up front for a run. If you pay up front, the runner has no incentive to run you to your destination. Insist that payment be made in the explorable area prior to the destination, or if possible, at the destination. At most, offer to pay half at a half-way point.
  • Familiarize yourself with the going rates for a run to your destination. If you've regularly seen a run priced at 1000 gold, do not pay 3000 for it. Sometimes simply looking at the other runners advertising at that time might not tell you a normal price.
  • "Guaranteed arrival" and "pro-runner" are subjective terms that shouldn't be taken literally. A runner may be very skilled at making a particular run, but do not pay more just because arrival is purportedly "guaranteed." At the same time, just because a runner is giving a "test-run" doesn't mean that they aren't skilled and won't get you where you want to be.
  • Beware of claims that a particular run now costs more because the running build was nerfed. Check the game updates to see if a build has been rendered less effective. If the runner is unwilling to run for what you're willing to pay, wait for another runner.
  • It is often a good idea to inform your runner if you are working towards the Survivor title. Some runs, such as the popular "Droks" run, require special measures to ensure that the players being run do not die en route.

Tip: Dying while others run you offers a convenient way to watch the runners and see how they do what they do. Simply click on the surviving runner's name in the Party List and observe. You can see what skills they're using if you watch the bar at the center of the top of the screen. Be sure to check with your runner prior to dying, as some runs, particularly in missions, require payment shortly before completion.

Additional notes

  • "Run" is occasionally used in a broader sense to refer to a single trip through a mission, explorable area, or quest, such as a "farming run".
  • "Run" is also used to describe the build that you are using (i.e. "I'm running (this build)").

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This article is about a player's ability to run rather than walk. For information on a player's health, see Hitpoints.
The energy icon looks like a boot to indicate running
The energy level is displayed next to the minimap.

Energy (sometimes also called Stamina or Run) is a player's ability to run rather than walk around the landscape, and is measured as a percentage. Players all run at the same rate, unless their energy is at 0%, in which case they cannot run at all. Running is exactly twice as fast as walking. A player running covers 20 squares per 6 seconds, while a player walking covers 10 squares per 6 seconds. Energy gradually depletes whilst the player is running, and recovers whilst they are not.

The energy level is displayed in the game's options screen and is displayed (along with Summoning for members, Hitpoints and Prayer) on the left-hand side of the minimap. These values show how much longer a player can run. Players can switch this option on to run everywhere they go, or they can run to one particular destination by holding down Ctrl when they click to move (see Game controls). Free players and players with agility level of 1, have a recovery rate of 1% energy per 6 seconds.

There was also an unused rest option that was recently released with the text "Coming Soon..." On 1 April 2009 the "rest" option was removed. It was re-implemented on 9 June 2009 along with the run energy update, where clicking rest will allow the player to sit down and recover run energy at a much faster rate (2.8 energy per second instead of 0.45 for agility level 1).


Using energy

A player running, depleting energy

Energy starts at 100% by default, but decreases as the player runs around. The rate at which it goes down increases with the weight of the items they are carrying (i.e. items in the inventory and any items they are wearing or have equipped). The rate at which energy decreases by running can be improved by having a negative weight (by wearing weight-reducing equipment such as the boots of lightness) instead of 0 kg.

When the energy reaches 0%, the player can only walk until their energy recovers. The "run" option is also automatically switched off.

Recovering energy

A player walking, recovering energy

Energy gradually recovers (increasing up to a maximum of 100%) any time that the player is not running, i.e. walking or standing still, except at certain times when the player is doing something else, such as crossing an agility obstacle. The rate at which it recovers increases with the player's agility level, but does not recover at all when the player is logged out of the game. The natural recovery rate at level 1 agility is 1% per 2.25 seconds.

Energy can be recovered more quickly by using a number of items:

Name Percentage-points of energy recovered
Papaya 10
White tree fruit 16
Energy potion 20 (per dose)
Purple sweets 20
Summer pie 20 (per bite)
Super energy potion 40 (per dose)
Strange fruit 60
Bandages (only usable in Castle Wars) 30
Bandages (only usable in Soul Wars) 50
Mint cake 100
Gout tuber 100
Sq'irk juice Winter: 5, Spring: 10, Autumn: 15, Summer: 20
Abyssal Whip's special attack Energy Drain

25% of the opponent player's energy. (doesn't work on NPCs)

Explorer's ring 50% (Can be used 1, 2, or 3 times every 24 hours for bronze, silver and gold, respectively)
Tireless run scroll (when a Spirit terrorbird is summoned) 50% of the players Agility level, rounded up (using a scroll costs 8 special move points)
Unburden scroll 50% of the player's Agility level, rounded up. Using the scroll will cost the familiar 12 special move points.
Resting With 1 agility; approximately 2.85 every second (35 seconds to restore from 0-100)
Listening to a musician With 1 agility; approximately 4 every second (25 seconds to restore from 0-100)

One can partially restore another player's energy using the Lunar spell Energy Transfer.


Main article: Musician

Listening to musicians help restore run energy faster. These NPCs were introduced with the run energy update.


Main article: Rest

Useful tips

The rest option under the run button.
  • Players can temporarily run even when this option is switched off by holding down the control (Ctrl) key on the keyboard when they click the mouse to select a destination. This can be very useful when an item appears on the ground; if the player holds down control and clicks on the item, then their on-screen character will automatically run to the item and pick it up.
  • Players may also find it beneficial to have the "run" option switched on training 'gathering' skills such as mining, woodcutting and fishing, as the small amount of energy they lose when running from one resource to another is more than regained while they are standing still gathering it.
  • Players who have completed As a First Resort... can dive in the salt-water spring in Oo'glog. Their energy will deplete more slowly than normal by restoring itself every 3 points that are lost for a limited amount of time, and energy is restored to 100%. Players will receive an in-game message when the effect has worn off.
  • Although run energy does not continue to restore while running, agility level does increase the squares traveled per energy point.
  • On the 19 August 2008, a hidden update was made so that the "run" option can now be turned on and off via the run percentage icon next to the minimap in the top right of the screen.
  • After a duel in the Duel Arena or a game in Fist of Guthix, energy will be restored to 100%. Dying will also fully restore energy (as well all other reduced stats)
  • After entering a game of Stealing Creation, the player's run energy, prayer and health will all be fully restored upon leaving, even if they quit before the game has ended.
  • After the updates of 25 March 2009, if you right-clicked the Run icon, an option would appear saying "Rest". Clicking on it would give you the message "Coming Soon". On 23 April 2009, a Developers' Blog was released informing players of the new "rest" option that they are working on which allows players to restore their run energy quickly without the use of potions or spirit terrorbirds.
  • It takes 35 seconds of resting to get from 0% energy to 100% energy.
  • It takes exactly 1 minute and 2 seconds to get from 100% to 0% energy with 0 kg or negative weight achieved through weight-reducing items.
  • There is a glitch with the run button when the run icon next to the minimap is highlighted but the player is walking, not running. This happens when all run energy is lost and then, with 0 energy, turn run on. This will show run as on but the player will be walking. Jagex has yet to fix the glitch.
  • Thanks to the 9 November 2009 updates, run energy should now continue to be restored when charging various orbs.
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