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Uzer (pronounced oo-zer) is all that remains of an advanced desert civilization situated east of the River Elid and south-east of Al-Kharid. Adventurers within the ruins of Uzer will suffer from the desert effect. It is a members-only area.





Before Thammaron

Late in the Third Age Uzer was an advanced civilization whose inhabitants were expert magical craftsmen. It was also the only city to have created and used golems. According to carvings on the temple, the citizens of Uzer worshipped Saradomin, Zamorak, Armadyl and there is also symbols of Thammaron; although they were ultimately aligned with Saradomin. This was ended by the demon Thammaron.

Battle for Uzer

Sometime toward the end of the God Wars, Thammaron, Zamorak's chief lieutenant, opened a portal from his own domain underneath the temple, bypassing the city's defences. Although the forces of Uzer drove him back, either a second attack by Thammaron or other Zamorakian forces destroyed the city. But before the city was destroyed an elite force of golems raided Thammaron's lair, mortally wounding him. A single, heavily damaged Clay golem was the sole survivor of this assault.



The ruins of various buildings and large kilns are in the vicinity of the temple (the large kilns were used to manufacture golems). The temple and the golem are all that remain above the desert sands. It is also where you can start The Golem quest.

Temple Basement

Uzer's temple basement resembles a smiley face.

Underneath the city lies the temple basement. To the north-east of the entrance black mushrooms spawn, while in the north-west one can find a strange implement. Statues of craftsmen adorn the halls while golem pieces litter the ground. A few ghosts lurk in the hallways. At the far end lies a portal to Thammaron's realm. This basement, being underground, is safe from the desert-heat effect.

Throne Room

The realm of the demon Thammaron is red and grey, while a causeway of horns breaking the ground leads to his throne. To the right of the entrance lies the remains of Thammaron. Members can use a chisel on the throne to receive gems. This room is also a focal part of the Shadow of the Storm quest.

The Very Few of Uzer


  • If one uses a chisel and hammer with the demon's throne they will get 2 uncut sapphires, 2 uncut emeralds, and 2 uncut rubies.
  • If one goes to the underground part of Uzer and looks at the middle part on the minimap it resembles a smiley face.


  • The Golem
  • Throne of the Demon
  • Grip of the Talon

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