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Final Fantasy VII Superboss
Ruby Weapon
Level HP MP
59 800,000 2560
Attack Magic Defense
100 200 480
M. Defense Dexterity Evade
500 253 100
45,000 50,000 3,000
Elemental Affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
Absorb Absorb Absorb Immune
Earth Wind Gravity Poison Holy
Absorb - Immune - -
Japanese ルビーウェポン
Romaji Rubī Wepon
Location Corel Desert
Steal Nothing
Item Dropped Desert Rose
Morph N/A
Abilities Big Claw, Big Swing, Comet2 Whirlsand, Ruby Flame, Ultima, Ruby Ray, Shadow Flare, Right Revenge, Right Thrust, Left Revenge, Left Thrust
Enemy Skill Shadow Flare
Status Immunity Death, Sleep, Poison, Confusion, Silence, Frog, Small, Slow Numb, Petrify, Death Sentence, Manipulate, Berserk, Stop
Other Information Abilities whose names are not shown when used are highlighted in italics.
The party cannot escape when the tentacles are present.
Can only use Big Claw, Big Swing and Comet2 if tentacles are not present.
Can only use Right Revenge, Right Thrust, Left Revenge and Left Thrust if tentacles are present.
Tentacles have no attacks, they count as Ruby Weapon's.
Ruby Weapon also absorbs the Hidden element.

Ruby Weapon is one of the two Superbosses of Final Fantasy VII, along with the Emerald Weapon. In Final Fantasy VII, it is one of the two Weapons added in the American, PAL and International version of the game. Ruby Weapon is one of five Weapons that the planet has produced and dispatched to cleanse any threats to its continued existence.

Ruby Weapon on the World Map

This is not the final boss, but rather an optional boss which has a lot of HP, which is somewhere in the range of 800,000-850,000 (about 7 times as much as the final boss). Ruby Weapon is a huge monster, which resides in the sand around the Gold Saucer in the later discs of the game. You can only approach it by airship or chocobo. It can instantly and unpreventably kill any character with one of its attacks, unless you're at a high level with high stats, making it an extremely hard boss. And yet, with the right strategy and equipment, a player will be able to defeat Ruby Weapon in 10 minutes or less, given that Cloud's stats are maxed out.



Artwork of Ruby WEAPON by Tetsuya Nomura.

Strategy 1

This strategy requires Cloud to be completely maxed out in stats. He should have Ultima Weapon equipped and have the following materia:

  • Master Magic paired with Quadra Magic (mastered)
  • A second Master Magic paired with All (mastered)
  • W-Magic (mastered)

Start the battle with Cloud being ready to use Omnislash, having 7677 HP and having the two other party members knocked out (yes, they should be knocked out, this is not an error). Start off the battle by targeting the tentacles with Omnislash. Ruby Weapon should now "retreat" its tentacles because of the damage dealt to them. Use a potion to get Cloud's HP up to 7777. This will activate Lucky 7's which will deliver a lot of blows to Ruby Weapon, each blow dealing 7777 damage. Once Cloud has snapped out of his "Lucky 7's berserker drive", all you have to do is use Comet2 on Ruby Weapon and its tentacles. So whenever it "sprouts" its tentacles, use Comet2 on the tentacles, and whenever it retreats them, use Comet2 directly on Ruby Weapon. Keep doing this until it is defeated (The entire battle should take about 10 minutes and you won't receive damage even once).

Strategy 2

Another strategy that takes advantage of the Lucky 7's mode is the use of Barret Wallace. Max out Barret's stats (especially his luck and speed stats) and equip him with a Ribbon and a mastered Mime Materia. Make sure he has his Level 3 Limit Ungarmax/Angermax and that it is full and ready to go in battle. Finally, make sure he has 7677 HP. Kill off your other characters and get into the fight. Ruby, on account that the other party members are dead, will put his hands into the sand, making him vulnerable for the rest of the battle. On Barret's first turn, have him use a Potion on himself. This will bring his HP to 7777, thereby setting off the Lucky 7's effect. Barret during this berserk mode will take off about a little over half of Ruby's HP. After the berserk mode finishes, use Ungarmax on Ruby. Then mime it twice more to finish him off. During this battle, if Ruby does any other attacks beside extracting MP, reset (Time for this strategy is a little over or around 4 minutes).

Strategy 3

This is a rather simple strategy and isn't all that hard to do. First you'll have to get your hands on Knights of the Round, Hades, W-Summon, and Mime. Final Attack and Revive aren't necessary but couldn't hurt. Now, kill off two of your party, and place the previously mentioned materia on the last member, any extra slots can be whatever you'd like, but don't put Counter Attack on because that could possibly disrupt the Mime Chain you're going to be doing if Ruby manages to get a hit in. Now, make sure you're party member has at least a few thousand Hit points just to be safe. Though at this stage of the game you should definitely have that many without worrying about it. Once the fight starts immediately use W-Summon and summon Hades, then Knights of the Round in that order. There you have it. When your turn comes around again just mime yourself until he's dead. Hades will paralyze the main body so he can't counter your Knights of the Round, and after 8-10 rounds depending on how much damage you're doing you should win. He should only get two attacks, and you only need level 1 Materia. A recommended level would be around 70.

Strategy 4

For a really easy way to beat Ruby Weapon, have one character have HP Absorb, Knights of the Round, Mime, and W-Summon. Have HP-Absorb paired with KOTR, and command counter paired with mime. Kill off two of your characters before you go in, and have Cloud (or whoever), Cast Knights of the round twice (if possible, if not use it once and another powerful summon), then sit back and watch the fight progress, Ruby will retaliate with Ultima almost every time, dealing approximately 7000 damage, but KOTR will heal you for 9999 every time. You can actually start this chain then leave for twenty minutes and come back and he will be dead. Easy as pie. Best thing about this plan is, immediately after you defeat Ruby like this you can go right to the Emerald Weapon and use the same strategy!

Alternatively, instead of Counter-Mime, you can manually Mime every turn. This gives you the advantage of being able to control the deathblow. If you calculate it just right, you can W-Summon Phoenix + KOR, reviving your fallen characters and killing Ruby Weapon at the same time, giving everyone the EXP and AP of the battle.

A variant of this strategy is to W-Summon Hades and Bahamut ZERO, if Knights of the Round is unavailable. Hades will exploit Ruby's weakness to Stop, while Bahamut ZERO will deal max damage because the Bahamut summons ignore defense. Linking ZERO with HP Absorb will heal you, usually to full while Ruby is stopped. Obviously, maxing your magic is advised, and Mime does not need to be linked with Counter, though it would help. Casting Haste on yourself and Slow on Ruby is also strongly advised. Keep your HP high and equip a Mystile to deal with Ultima and Shadow Flare, and Ruby should fall without KotR. A recommended level for this strategy is above 75, though with the proper Materia it can be done earlier.

Strategy 5

You should be level 99, have Master Summon, Master Command, Mime, 2 W-Items, 1 W-Summon, all ultimate weapons, 2 Mistyles, 1 Ehrgheiz, enough HP and MP Pluses to get your HP and MP at maximum, Master MP-Turbo, 99 Dazers, 99 Megalixirs.

Once that is done, choose a party, give W-Summon to Cloud and link Master Summon with MP-Turbo. The rest of his Materia doesn't really matter. Then give your other two members Mime/Master Command and W-Item. Give them Phoenix just in case. Start the battle with just Cloud alive. When Ruby sticks his tentacles in the ground use W-Summon Hades and Phoenix. He should now be paralyzed. Have your other two members use W-Item Dazers and Megalixirs and Cloud should cast W-Summon Knights of the Round the whole time.

Strategy 6

Should have 1 W-Summon, Hades (at least level 2), Knights of the Round, and 3 Mimics. Start with the 2 dead people having a mimic each on them. Have the character who starts out alive cast Hades immediately. This will freeze Ruby weapon and immobilize him. Then, resurrect your other 2 characters. Have your main character summon Hades, then Knights of the round. Then everyone just mimic that until death. Hades will deal damage and keep Ruby immobilized, while knights of the round deals the damage. While it may take a few more rounds than the above, it requires less set up and is a very easy way to neutralize what is considered to be a difficult boss. The main advantage of this strategy is that all three characters will benefit from the EXP and AP rewards for winning the battle.

Strategy 7

This strategy requires one character at level 99 with Strength max, Luck max, Dexterity max, 50 Elixers, 5 Hero Drinks, Slash All (not max), Slow, Haste, 5 Counter Attacks Max and Ribbon. At the beginning of the fight is cast haste and use all 5 Hero Drinks. Use Elixirs when attacked. Attack the tentacles, followed by the main body. This should take about 3-4 min.

Strategy 8

This method requires one character with maximized Magic power, preferably Cloud, wearing the Zeidrich, and the materia combinations Master Magic=MP Turbo, Contain=Quadra Magic, Counter=Mime, W-Magic and HP Plus. Cloud should start the battle in a state of 'Sadness', and the Config settings should have battle speed at maximum, Wait mode on, and Cursor set to 'Memory' rather than 'Initial'. At the opening of the battle, cast Haste and Slow on Cloud and WEAPON respectively, before using any restorative spell (FullCure is fine) on the caster and Tornado on Ruby. Tornado should hit four times for about 250 damage each hit. Keep miming the attack, or simply leave the cursor over the Mime command and use an Auto-fire pad to keep selecting the command. Cloud will keep fully restoring himself, dealing 1000 damage to Ruby, each turn and each time he is hit by one of Ruby's attacks. Because Mimed magic does not require MP (unless it is not the first mimed move in a series of counter-attacks), Cloud will repeat ad infinitum. Leave Cloud to it, and eventually Ruby WEAPON is guaranteed to fall.

Strategy 9

This method requires some actual skill more than just holding down circle or using knights of the round. First off, Cloud should be about level 80-85 at least. Have him equipped with a Master Magic Counter linked to a Master Restore, Double cut that's at x4, Enemy skill (with at least Big Guard, White Wind, and Pandora's Box), Counter Attack, HP Plus, and Phoenix. Have Cloud with Ultima Weapon, Ziedrich, and Ribbon. For this strategy to work you'll need at least 20-30 turbo ethers. X-Potions and Elixers are recommended. Start the battle with Cloud alone, and begin the battle with Phoenix. With all three members alive, get Cloud buffed up with Big Guard, Regen, and a Hero Drink. At this point you kill off your other two members and attack ruby's arms. It usually takes 1 or 2 4x attacks to to make him bring his arms back up. Once his arms are up start pelting him with Pandora's Box and Omnislash. If you make sure you keep your barrier and regen up, you should be able to recover from most of his attacks without even taking an action. After pounding away at him for awhile, his mp will eventually run out. At this point you can forget about your barrier since his remaining attacks ignore it anyways ( make sure he doesn't have enough for a final shadow flare, try a magical hammer or two.) Once his MP is gone he's a cake walk, just make sure you don't revive your other members and watch out for his massive physical attack. This strategy will take about 1-2 hours.

Strategy 10

This method is a spin off of Stragegy 6 where you link Hades and KOTR using W-Summon materia, the difference i used is starting with using Pheonix and Hades, reviving your party and stunning Ruby Weapon. then use the combonation of KOTR+HP Absorb and Hades. Ruby Weapon will rarely counter attack with his devastating Ultima spell and you heal even when he does. I also switched around my order of attack, i used KOTR first THEN Hades and it worked well. All thats left is to mimic every attack and have patience. Final Attack+Pheonix is very useful as well.

Strategy 11

This method requires: Items: 99 Dazers 99 Hero Drinks and 99 Elixirs Materia: HP Plus (Mastered) Double Cut (Mastered) W-Item (Mastered) Time (Mastered) Armor: Mystile Weapon: Ultima Weapon Limit: Omnislash Stragegy: When Ruby puts his tentacles into the ground use a Dazer on Ruby and a Hero Drink on Cloud. then cast Haste on Cloud and whenever Ruby starts moving again use a Dazer on him and use an Elixir if he attacks you. Use about 10 hero drinks on Cloud once you've done that just keep using Dazers on Ruby whenever he starts moving then use 4X-Cut on Ruby and use Omnislash whenever you get a limit break. This strategy will take about an hour maybe two but its a safe way of doing it (And he wont counter with Ultima or use it as much because you won't be using Knights Of The Round)

Strategy 12

This method requires: Barret at whichever level (79?) gives him ~7900 HP A level 3 restore materia (Regen) A master sneak attack materia 7 Mastered Counter materia 7 Mastered Mime materia his ultimate weapon (missing score) A wizard bracelet His level 3 limit Angermax ready.

Prep(in this order): equip Barrett with Missing Score and the Wizard Bracelet. Get his limit ready. Get his HP to about ~3400 Pair the sneak attack and restore materia in any 2 joined slots. Fill the rest of the slots with mime-counter pairs. Set Battle Speed to minimum(for safety)

Battle: Barrett has an 80% chance of using Sneak attack to regen himself. If he doesn't, reset. Right after he regens himself, use Angermax on Ruby's main body. It will do 0 damage. Hopefully, Ruby's tentacles will attack for MP damage. Barrett will counter with his Angermax limit 7 times. By this time, his HP will be at 7777, activating Lucky 7's Watch the carnage unfold!!

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