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Ruby Light in Final Fantasy VIII.

Ruby Light (ルビーの光 Rubī no Hikari) also known as Ruby Power is recurring ability in the Final Fantasy universe. It is the signature move of the summon Carbuncle and it usually grants the Reflect status.




Final Fantasy V

Ruby Light is Carbuncle's ability which he casts upon being summoned.

Final Fantasy VI

Ruby Light is again the ability of the Esper Carbuncle.

Final Fantasy VIII

In its summoning animation, the Guardian Force Carbuncle starts by appearing from a hole in the ground. After that, it jumps up and casts "Ruby Light" on the party, granting them the Reflect status before returning into the hole.

Final Fantasy IX

Ruby Light is Carbuncle's default ability in Final Fantasy IX, which can be changed by equipping Eiko with a Diamond, Emerald or Moonstone. When Carbuncle appears in its short animation, Ruby Light only grants Reflect, but its long animation casts Protect as well. Equipping the aforementioned Add-ons on Eiko will change Ruby Light into:

  • Diamond: "Diamond Light" casts Vanish (short animation) or Vanish and Protect (long animation)
  • Emerald: "Emerald Light" casts Haste (short animation) or Haste and Protect (long animation)
  • Moonstone: "Jewel Light" casts Shell (short animation) or Shell and Protect (long animation)

Final Fantasy XI

Carbuncle appears as one of the summonable avatars in Final Fantasy XI, but his Ruby Light ability is replaced with variations: Healing Ruby works as a healing spell, Shining Ruby works as a defensive spell, Searing Light is an offensive spell and Carbuncle's Astral Flow Blood Pact, and Glittering Ruby temporarily increases a random stat.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Carbuncle can use Ruby Balm, which heals all characters in range.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Carbuncle can be summoned to cast Ruby Light on all allies in an area for 30 MP with a speed of 25. It costs 350 Job Points to learn.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Carbuncle appears with both his VIII and XI forms and casts Ruby Light in order to equal the opponents' Brave with the summoner's.


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