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From Muppet Wiki


Ruby is a yellow monster from Sesame Street who's very curious and loves to conduct experiments. For instance, in one episode, Ruby wanted to find out what it was like to be blind, so she spent the entire day wearing a blindfold. She debuted in Season 19 and appeared on the show through Season 23.

Ruby appeared in the Monsterpiece Theater segment "Guys and Dolls", where she sang about her love for trucks. She also appeared on the bus with Farley in the song "Forty Blocks From My Home".


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Dofus Wiki

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From The Vault

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel character
race: Human
affiliation: Carbon
role: Prostitute
location: Carbon
appearances: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
actor: Vanessa Marshall
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Ruby is a prostitute from Carbon and the first to greet the player character on arrival.

She is available for sexual encounters and asks the player to help her find her cat, Mr. Pussy. Unfortunately, the only known living cat in the wasteland was found dead, killed by monsters in the crater.

Later in the game, her locket is stolen by raiders attacking the town. Ruby asks the player to retrieve it during his attack on the raiders' base, the Mill. She claims to know Harold who travelled through the town some time ago.


Ruby appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.

Major characters of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Ruby may refer to:

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

Item details
Crafting Material

Rubies are one of the rarest crafting materials in the game.




(In descending order of relevance/frequency):


  • Rubies use the same inventory picture as Lilac Eyes.

What salvages into it

The following items may turn into a Ruby when you Salvage them, using an Expert Salvage Kit:

Salvage Items

Collectable Drops


See also

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help

Real Name
First appearance



History of character is unknown.


  • Appearances of Ruby
  • Character Gallery: Ruby
  • Images that feature Ruby
  • Fan-Art Gallery: Ruby
  • Quotations by Ruby

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

An uncut ruby lying on the ground

A Ruby is a red gem used in crafting. An uncut ruby can be cut by a player with 34 Crafting by using it with a chisel, granting 85 Crafting experience and making the uncut ruby into a ruby.

Uncut rubies can be obtained in several ways. Players can get them randomly while mining ores, as drops from monsters or by selecting them as a reward from Random Event gifts. With level 40 mining and Shilo Village quest completed players can mine the gem rocks in Shilo Village. Gem rocks may also appear while playing the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame, where players can mine them 3 times. A slow way to get uncut rubies is Wall safe cracking in Rogue's den, but this requires level 50 thieving.

Rubies may be sold to the Gem Store in Falador west of the castle, or to the gem trader in Al-Kharid. Also, only uncut rubies may be sold to the gem trader in TzHaar for 15 Tokkul, or less, depending upon inventory. The TzHaar gem trader does not carry any uncut rubies in inventory, but will sell one for 150 Tokkul, if he has any.

This looks exactly the same as the blood diamond from Desert Treasure.

Members can also use the Fletching skill to cut a ruby into ruby bolt tips by using a chisel on a 'cut' ruby at level 63 fletching. Cutting a ruby into bolt tips grants the player 6 experience in the fletching skill and gives the player 12 ruby bolt tips.

It is also possible to obtain an Uncut Ruby from a Shooting Star.

Before the uncut ruby/emerald/diamond/sapphire's examine used to say "It would be worth more cut" but now it has changed to "An Uncut/sapphire/emerald/ruby/diamond" because uncut gems are worth more than cut gems.

Ruby Jewellery
Unenchanted Enchanted
Ruby ring Ring of forging
Ruby necklace Digsite pendant
Ruby amulet Amulet of strength
Ruby bracelet Inoculation brace

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the gemstone. You may be looking for the planet in the Rhinnal system.

Rubies were gemstones valued by pirates. They could be worth anywhere from fifty to twenty thousand credits per Coruscant Standard Carat.


  • X-wing: Isard's Revenge (Mentioned only)


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Star Wars Fanon

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The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

Biographical information

42 BBY



Physical description





1.7 meters

Hair color


Eye color

Blue Indigo


none known

Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire +


The Black Saber

Ruby was a sexy woman who's name was mysteriously lost. She worked for Darth Remolf in the Black Saber. She forsook her duty and married the Jedi Calvin Rolav. She later became the mother of Yoola Rolav and Jonathan Valor.



Her life started with the death of her father and her mother had to work as a strip dancer on the planet Ando. She had absolutly no education. When she turned 18, she made some friends and was given a job as a top quality maid with her friends. One day, she was on a transport when her boss (Morgooth the Hutt) went kablooie. She crashed on the planet Noitanigami. She survived and went on to find another life.

A New Life

While on the planet, Noitanigami, Ruby found herself on an entire different surrounding. She found a job as a belly dancer and even won the lottery. It was sometime until she bumped into Roland ter Borcht, and her life went on a huge twist.

The Black Saber

Ruby went to work in The Black Saber as a special agent. She was given the numeric designation Agent SK-42. Her job was to turn Jedi to the Dark Side by making them fall in love with her and then think she was dead. She did this for a while until she met Calvin Rolav.

Her Love Story

Ruby's crush on Calvin Rolav started when she was given the job to infiltrate his life so he could join the Dark Side. After their first encounter on Dantooine, Ruby became obsessed and later disregarded her mission. She instaed, went for a true romantic life with him, and thus later, he would sucome to her desire. She was caught by Ter Borcht and his goons, and would have been killed by Darth Remolf, if Calvin hadn't rescued her. Afterwards, she and Calvin married each other, she found a new place to live on the planet of Alderaan.

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From TibiaWiki

File:Small Ruby.gif
This item is in the Other Items class
Small Ruby
Attributes: StackableEnchantable
Weight: 0.10 oz.
Loot value: 250 or more gp.
Dropped by: Amazon, Valkyrie, Hunter, Mahrdis, Adept of the Cult, Quara Pincher Scout, Quara Pincher, Hellfire Fighter, Defiler.
Buy from: Briasol (Ab'Dendriel) 500 gp

Tesha (Ankrahmun) 500 gp
Ishina (Darashia) 500 gp
Iwan (Edron) 500 gp
Tezila (Kazordoon) 500 gp
Gail (Port Hope) 500 gp
Hanna (Thais) 500 gp
Nienna (Meluna) 500 gp
Odemara (Venore) 500 gp

Chantalle (Liberty Bay) 500 gp
Sell to: Briasol (Ab'Dendriel) 250 gp

Tesha (Ankrahmun) 250 gp
Ishina (Darashia) 250 gp
Iwan (Edron) 250 gp
Tezila (Kazordoon) 250 gp
Gail (Port Hope) 250 gp
Hanna (Thais) 250 gp
Odemara (Venore) 250 gp

Chantalle (Liberty Bay) 250 gp
Notes: Can be enchanted by Premium Sorcerers of Level 30 or higher in Holy Shrines.

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Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow.

Used to complete the Helmet of the Ancients. Obtainable from the Six Rubies Quest.

Spoiler ends here.

See also: Items.
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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki

Image:Salvage Ruby.png


A red colored precious gem.

Recipes Used In

Costume Recipes

  • Costume Piece: Bone Wings 
  • Costume Piece: Cherubic Wings for level 1


Common Enhancements

  • Invention: Defense Buff for levels 45-50
  • Invention: Endurance Modification for levels 45-50
  • Invention: Flight Speed for levels 45-50
  • Invention: Hold Duration for levels 45-50
  • Invention: Range Increase for levels 45-50 (2 needed)

Set Enhancements

  • Adjusted Targeting: To Hit Buff/Rech for levels 41-53
  • Aegis: Endurance/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Blood Mandate: Accuracy/Endurance for levels 41-53
  • Calibrated Accuracy: Accuracy/Range for levels 41-53
  • Call of the Sandman: Sleep/Range for levels 41-53
  • Celerity: Stealth for levels 41-53
  • Cleaving Blow: Accuracy/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Crushing Impact: Accuracy/Damage for levels 41-53
  • Crushing Impact: Damage/Endurance/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Dark Watcher's Despair: To Hit Debuff for levels 41-50
  • Detonation: Damage/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Devastation: Chance for Hold for levels 41-53
  • Doctored Wounds: Healing/Endurance for levels 41-53
  • Efficacy Adaptor: Endurance Modification for levels 41-50
  • Efficacy Adaptor: Endurance Modification/Recharge/Accuracy for levels 41-50
  • Enfeebled Operation: Immobilize/Range for levels 41-53
  • Essence of Curare: Accuracy/Hold for levels 41-53
  • Executioner's Contract: Damage/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Exploit Weakness: Damage/Range for levels 41-53
  • Extreme Measures: Damage/Interrupt/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Force Feedback: Chance for +Recharge for levels 41-50
  • Force Feedback: Recharge/Endurance for levels 41-50
  • Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control: To Hit Buff/Rech/End Reduction for levels 21-50
  • Gaussian's Synchronized Fire-Control: To Hit Buff/Recharge/Endurance for levels 41-50
  • Ghost Widow's Embrace: Accuracy/Hold/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Glimpse of the Abyss: Accuracy/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Kinetic Crash: Knockback/Accuracy for levels 41-50
  • Lethargic Repose: Accuracy/Sleep for levels 41-53
  • Luck of the Gambler: Defense/Increased Recharge Speed for levels 41-53
  • Mako's Bite: Chance for Lethal Damage for levels 41-53
  • Malaise's Illusions: Accuracy/Confuse/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Mocking Beratement: Recharge/Accuracy for levels 41-50
  • Mocking Beratement: Taunt/Recharge/Range for levels 41-50
  • Multi-Strike: Damage/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Nightmare: Accuracy/Fear/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Numina's Convalescence: Healing/Endurance/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Pacing of the Turtle: Range/Slow for levels 41-53
  • Performance Shifter: Endurance Modification for levels 41-50
  • Perplex: Recharge/Confuse for levels 41-53
  • Positron's Blast: Damage/Endurance for levels 41-53
  • Red Fortune: Endurance/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Rope A Dope: Accuracy/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Scirocco's Dervish: Accuracy/Damage/Endurance for levels 41-53
  • Soaring: Endurance for levels 41-53
  • Sovereign Right: Accuracy for levels 41-53
  • Springfoot: Endurance for levels 41-53
  • Sting of the Manticore: Chance for Toxic Damage for levels 41-53
  • Stupefy: Accuracy/Endurance for levels 41-53
  • Tempered Readiness: Accuracy/Endurance for levels 41-53
  • Thunderstrike: Damage/Recharge for levels 41-53
  • Time and Space Manipulation: Range for levels 41-53
  • Titanium Coating: Endurance/Recharge/Resistance for levels 41-53
  • Touch of Lady Grey: Defense Debuff/Endurance Reduction for levels 41-50
  • Touch of Lady Grey: Recharge/Endurance Reduction for levels 41-50
  • Trap of the Hunter: Endurance/Immobilize for levels 41-53
  • Undermined Defenses: Recharge/Endurance Reduction for levels 41-50

Dropped By

This salvage is Common. This is a high-level salvage item. It will drop from enemies between levels 35 and 54. You will have a higher chance of getting this item from Arcane enemies between levels 40 and 54.

Enemies and enemy groups that will drop Arcane salvage only: Banished Pantheon, Bat'Zul, Black Swan, Cabal, Cap au Diable Demons, Carnival of Shadows, Cimeroran Traitors, Circle of Thorns, Coralax, Diabolique, Fir Bolg, Ghosts, Hellions, Infernal, Lanaruu, Legacy Chain, Luddites, Midnight Squad, Minions of Igneous, Mother Mayhem, Psychic Clockwork, Red Caps, Rularuu, Shadowhunter, Shadow Shard Reflections, Slag Golems, Snakes, Spectral Pirates, Tsoo, Tuatha de Dannan, Tyrant, Wailers, Warriors, Winter Horde.

Enemies and enemy groups that will drop both Arcane and Technological salvage: 5th Column, Arachnos, Axis America, Chimera, Clockwork, Council, Council Empire, Devouring Earth, Dominatrix, generic/mission heroes, generic/mission villains, Longbow, Rogue Arachnos, Vanguard Shield, Vanguard Sword, Vindicators, Void Hunters, WISDOM, Wyvern.

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