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Final Fantasy Enemy
HP Attack Intelligence
15,000 88 65
Agility Accuracy Evasion
50 150 30
Defense Magic Def Rubicante (Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls - GBA)
40 220
0 0
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Ice Dia
Resist - Resist Misses
Japanese ルビガンテ
Romaji Rubigante
GBA Name Rubicante
PSP Name Rubicante
Location Hellfire Chasm
Item Dropped Kikuichimonji
Abilities {{{Abilities}}}
Resistant to Quake, Time, Stone, Poison, Death
"I am Rubicante. Let us test your worth, warriors, in the crucible of my flames!"

Rubicante is a boss in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy. The party finds him on the tenth level of the Hellfire Chasm and must defeat either him or Barbariccia in order to leave the dungeon. His sprite is identical to his incarnation in Final Fantasy IVs.


Rubicante's location.

It is a good idea to not battle Rubicante until the party's level is higher than 50. Rubicante's attacks alter between Fira, Firaga, a strong physical attack, and the Scorch move. Scorch is a strong Fire-based attack that targets a single character, and Rubicante tends to focus this on your melee units (Knight or Master). This can do upwards of 450 damage, so equipping the Ice Mail or any other armor resistant to Fire helps immensely. NulBlaze and Protera should be cast by your White Mage whenever healing is not needed. Rubicante seems to have his cloak in effect during the whole battle as opposed to his incarnation in Final Fantasy IV, as he is not weak to Ice. Because of this, your Black Wizard will be most useful casting Haste and Temper on your physical units or casting Thundaga or Flare.


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