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image:USA.gif Rubera
Type: Open PvP
Online Since: July 10, 2003
Location: USA
Server Save: 12:00 CET

Top players by skill area:
Level – Magic Level – Fist – Club – Sword – Axe – Distance – Shielding – Fishing

List of Game Worlds.

Additional Info

  • The name "Rubera" comes from the latin word for "ruby".
  • Rubera is probably the most English-friendly server out there, most of the active leaders and high levels are from North America.
  • Rubera is a really calm and lonely server.
  • There are many PvP tales about this server: nearly all of them include Kimura Takuya (Later name locked and re-named "Kimura Avatar"), Grim Avatar, Mix Master Prodip, Panxor, Kotku, Guniop, Kapedward, Marlenee, Giant Panda, Thee Panda, Mystic Avatar, Nakai, Forbidden (later name locked and re-named "Inconcessus Avatar") and Valient Dragon (later name locked and re-named "Tellytubbie").
  • Remarkable guilds on server history: Shining Force, Legion of Brotherhood, Arashi, Blood Circle, Seraphim, Zodiac Alliance, Second to None.
  • Cira Silverheart was the first player on Rubera to have reached level 100.
  • Kushrynada was the first character to reach level 200, Mithrandir of the Istari was the second.
  • Kushrynada was the first sorcerer, Tellytubbie was the first knight, Giant Panda was the first paladin and Winner Slayer was the first druid to reach level 200
  • Viper The Pox looted the first and unique Demon Legs which was lost while hacked. (Supposedly thrown into the lake in Venore)
  • Dader looted Rubera's first Thunder Hammer from Orshabaal.
  • Rubera's first Pits of Inferno Quest was completed on 06/18/2007.
  • Wesoly Rookstayer was the second player in Tibia to reach level 100 in Rookgaard, he was banned for bot using some months back.
  • Currently there's a war happening between Exclusive and allies against Renegades and In the End they are Known as Mage Core Team.
  • Most of the players from Exclusive are hunted with high payouts, leaving the server to and
  • The newest war is between , a group of hunteds who transfered to Rubera who quickly became hunted here by , Nissaults guild and Gunner-Miggys guild who have now merged to create "Ishoff".
  • Gunner Miggy looted Tibia's first chain bolter from Morgaroth.
  • Mofazeh,Winner Slayer,Makilador and Yegpe was the first team in rubera to complete the elemental sphere quest. In addition, they obtained Rubera's first Windborn Colossus Armor.
  • The Current highest level Royal Paladin is Arioc Scalp
  • The Current highest level Elite Knight is Gunner-Miggy
  • The Current highest level Master Sorcerer is Fel Hitokiri
  • The Current highest level Elder Druid is Mulambo Loko

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