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The Rubber Suit is a recurring piece of armor in the Final Fantasy series. The Rubber Suit is usually a female-only light armor that protects against Lightning-elemental attacks.




Final Fantasy IX

The Rubber Suit is only usable by Garnet, Freya, or Eiko, and provides +2 Evade. +1 Magic Defense, +3 Magic Evade, and halves Lightning-elemental damage. It teaches the abilities Esuna and Eye 4 Eye, and can be gotten through Synthesizing a Minerva's Plate and an Egoist's Armlet or by stealing one from the Earth Guardian.

Final Fantasy XII

The Rubber Suit is a level 10 Light Armor that can be purchased at Balfonheim. It grants the wearer immunity to Lightning damage.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Rubber Suit is on of the strongest light armors in the game. It is a rare poach from Hydra. It grants immunity to Lightning-elemental damage and gives the wearer a bonus of 150 HP and 50 MP.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Rubber Suit is a rare clothing that can only be worn by Viera and Ritz.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Rubber Suit is only usable by females and makes them immune to Lightning-elemental attacks. It provides +36 Defense and +18 Resistance.

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