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Jim Henson made four 20-second commercials for Royal Crown Cola in 1966. The ads featured two Muppets, Nutty Bird and Sour Bird. Three of the ads are summarized below; the fourth ad was called "Swallow".

Video Title Description
Nutty Bird strums on a guitar.

Nutty Bird: (sings) I sing the praises of Royal Crown Cola!

Sour Bird: I hate folk singers with a message.

Nutty Bird: It is such a wow, you should buy some now!

Sour Bird: Great lyrics.

Nutty Bird: Royal Crown is its name, it's got quick-fresh energy, and you'll love RC like me!

Sour Bird: Is that the end?

Nutty Bird: There is no end to the praises I sing of Royal Crown Cola!

Sour Bird shakes his head as Nutty Bird keeps strumming.

Nutty Bird downs a bottle of RC Cola.

Sour Bird: That Nutty Bird is always drinking Royal Crown Cola.

Nutty Bird: Oh, boy! Was that great! Talk about quick-fresh energy! Wow!

Sour Bird: Hey, Nutty Bird. Why do you always drink RC Cola?

Nutty Bird: I don't always drink RC Cola. Only when I'm thirsty. But you know what?

Sour Bird: What?

Nutty Bird: I'M THIRSTY!

Nutty Bird cracks open another bottle of RC Cola, laughing hysterically.

Nutty Bird rummages happily through a pile of Save-a-Seals.

Nutty Bird: Oh, these Save-a-Seals are great!

Sour Bird: The Nutty Bird there is excited because he gets a Save-a-Seal under the cap of each Royal Crown Cola, the quick-fresh energy drink.

Nutty Bird: Oh, rapture sublime!

Nutty Bird falls backwards into the heap of Save-a-Seals.

Sour Bird: Each Save-a-Seal is worth a penny. You save 'em up, and send 'em in for cash.

Nutty Bird: Look, I'm rich! RICH!

Sour Bird: How'd you get so many?

Nutty Bird holds up a bottle of RC Cola.

Nutty Bird: I drink a lot!

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  • Video of YouTube with the Guitar commercial
  • Video of YouTube with the Thirsty and Rapture commercials

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Final Fantasy

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The Royal Crown (ロイヤルクラウン Roiyaru Kurauno), also known as Regal Crown or Crown of Laurels, is a recurring item in the series.



Final Fantasy III

The Royal Crown is obtained from the Legendary Smith once you master the Evoker Job. It can only be equipped by the Evoker.

Final Fantasy V

The Royal Crown is found only in the Advance version, in the Abyssal Falls section of the Sealed Temple. It is the strongest hat in the game.

Final Fantasy VI

Called the Regal Crown in the SNES version, it is found in Figaro Castle in World of Ruin, and is equippable only by Edgar and Sabin and grants +28 Defense, +1 Vigor, +1 Speed, +1 Stamina, +1 Magic, and +23 Magic Defense.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

The Laurel Crown is an accessory that allows Zack to have 0 AP Cost.

Final Fantasy VIII

The Royal Crown can be refined by Edea's card using Quezacotl's Ability Card Mod and teaches a GF the ability Magic+60%.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Regal Crown boosts Magic and Magic Defense by 40.

Final Fantasy XI

The Laurel Crown is a special headgear that was obtained via the "Ballista Royale" special event. It had an enchantment that could teleport players to Ru'Lude Gardens.

There exist a number of other crowns, such as the Opo-opo Crown, which grants major stat bonuses if a player consumes a Pamama.

Final Fantasy XII

Crown of Laurels is a high-ranking light headpiece that grants +680 HP and +42 Magic Resistance. It costs 14,500 gil to buy and requires 50 LP to use.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Royal Crown is an accessory for Fran that increases survival chances for the team.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Royal Crown is a level 99 hairpin that increases Bravery by 370 and reduces HP by 307.

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