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Roy Phillips
race: Ghoul
affiliation: Ghouls
role: Ghoul leader
location: Warrington Station
Tenpenny Tower
family: Bessie Lynn Girlfriend
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Tenpenny Tower
actor: Mike Rosson
base id: 1D7B0
ref id: 1F983

Roy Phillips is the leader of a group of Ghouls living in Warrington Station, a ruined subway station underneath Warrington in the south of the Capital Wasteland.

He wears Leather Armor and has a Chinese Assault Rifle. He frequently attempts to achieve permanent, or at the very least temporary residence in Tenpenny Tower. Unfortunately, the affluent residents of Tenpenny Tower abhor ghouls, considering them to be worthless and unpleasant.



Before the Great War, he was a cop.[1]


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Leather Armor Chinese Assault Rifle Brahmin-Skin Outfit -

Tenpenny Tower (quest)

Many of Tenpenny's inhabitants justifiably fear that Roy is plotting to launch a full scale attack on Tenpenny Tower with his small group of followers and a horde of feral ghouls. The Lone Wanderer can either choose to kill Roy and his followers, assist them in seizing the Tenpenny Tower or convince the Tenpenny residents to allow the ghouls to live with them.


  • The name Roy Phillips most likely comes from a combination of two musicians on the Galaxy News Radio soundtrack, Roy Brown and Sid Phillips.
  • Killing him and his gang will prevent the slaughter of the tower residents.
  • Despite the fact that he is an anti-human bigot and willing to massacre all the residents of Tenpenny tower even after being let to live inside peacefully, killing him awards bad Karma.
  • Roy's bigotry against humans, while probably derived from how he has been treated by Tenpenny Tower's residents, runs so deep that he does not object to wholesale slaughter of humans. If the player completes the Tenpenny Tower quest before doing The Power of the Atom, and chooses to destroy Megaton in the latter, Roy will have a short discussion with Mister Burke where, after expressing shock at Burke's ability to infiltrate Tenpenny Tower, warms up considerably when he learns of Burke's plan to blow up "that smoothskin shithole".
  • If you get Roy in to the tower peacefully he will eventually kill everyone inside (besides the ghouls) this includes Mr. Tenpenny, Mr. Dashwood and the security personel. Locking away their bodies in the celler making it impossible to retrieve any loot from the corpses
  • Roy cannot be mezzed


  • If the player kills Roy Phillips when they first encounter him (when he has just finished the conversation with Gustavo over the intercom), the body will remain there for a long time and eventually disappear leaving behind only two chunks of meat and two eyeballs. (This will only happen if the player leaves something on the corpse after looting it)
  • If the Player manages to trick the guards into opening the door with a speech challenge and then waits for Roy to approach the intercom, he will stop a few feet from it and begin talking. He will remain in this spot forever until killed.
  • If killed and stripped, Roy Phillips will appear to have a regular, non-ghoul body except for his head.
  • At some times when talking to Roy Phillips he can be stuck in drinking a Nuka Cola.
  • If Feral Ghouls follow you back into Roy's room, he and his followers will turn hostile, thereby allowing you to kill them with no karmic backlash. (Proven Xbox360, PS3 untested PC)

Related quests


Roy has only appeared in Fallout 3.


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