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Sayid is caught in Rousseau's snare trap ("Solitary")
The bag of rocks shortly before it lands squarely on Charlie's head ("Exodus, Part 2")
Danielle's dugout explodes behind Jack right after he trips a wire ("Numbers")
Kate warns Sawyer not to trigger the doll trap ("Live Together, Die Alone")
Charlie triggers the tripwire and is shot by Danielle's arrow trap in Desmond's flash. ("Catch-22")

There are a number of traps set throughout the Island to catch or kill the Others - these are presumed to be set by Rousseau as she greatly fears them. The survivors encounter many of these traps.

Although only some of these traps have been confirmed as being Danielle's making, the castaways generally agree that they are hers. Kate and Jack agree on this about the traps in "Live Together, Die Alone" and Sayid and Charlie agree on this about the rock trap in "Special".


Doll traps

A trap in which the victim is lured by a doll lying conspicuously in the brush. Touching the doll causes a net to spring up, catching the victim.


"Caught in a net"

  • When Sawyer asked Jack what happened in the jungle, Jack replied that they were caught in a net. Sawyer interpreted it as sex.
  • Later, Sawyer told Jack that Ana Lucia got his gun when they were "caught in a net".
    • Only the next day, Sawyer understood that Jack and Kate were actually caught in a net.
  • During a flashback in Via Domus, Elliot Maslow used the phrase "caught in a net", implying it to mean sex.

Traps along the cable

When following the mysterious cable, there are at least three traps that the survivors encounter:

  • Snare trap: In "Solitary", Sayid steps over a trip wire but is caught by a rope and strung up by the ankle in a snare trap nonetheless.
  • Pike trap: In "Numbers", Hurley steps onto a pressure switch which would have released a mass of pikes onto him. However, he dove out of the way in time.
  • Arrow trap: In "Catch-22", Charlie steps across a trip wire which shoots an arrow from a hidden launcher. Desmond had led Charlie, with Hurley and Jin, to the location of the trap in an attempt to fulfill a vision, but, though Desmond had foreseen Charlie's death, he pushed Charlie to the ground, saving him from being impaled through the neck. The arrow instead struck right next to his head.
    • Lethal arrow traps are "realistic", since these are known to be an easily-made trap in the wilderness with only basic survival tools, for example being referenced in the U.S. Army's survival Field Manual FM 21-76-1. [1]
    • This trap may be the same tripwire that Sayid encountered earlier.

Rock trap

When trying to trail Rousseau in "Exodus, Part 2", Charlie mistakenly reaches for a bundle of rocks in a blanket made to look like Aaron, who had been kidnapped. When he picked it up, rocks fell onto his head, injuring him.

Dugout self-destruct

As Jack, Hurley, Sayid, and Charlie searched for a battery in "Numbers", they found Rousseau's camp, but it exploded soon after they found it. They agreed it was a self-destruct mechanism.

Beach dynamite trap

Jack and Juliet devise a plan to "blow up" the Others with the dynamite from the Black Rock to stop their plan to capture the pregnant women. ("Greatest Hits")  ("Through the Looking Glass")

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